Driving Dreams

It's nighttime, and I 
Am in the back seat --
Suddenly realize there is no
Driver. How is this thing
Going? How are we not
Crashing? And where
Is the destination?

It's daytime, amid much traffic.
I am driving, swerving,
Worried about crashing
But narrowly averting 
Every obstacle -- until I arrive
Safely, somewhere.

Once again daytime, and I 
Am both inside and outside 
The car, seeing a busy 
Intersection. After some
Successful swerving, we
Crash, and I'm both
Dead and alive.

Did I mention I can't drive? 

This was inspired by / in response to Paula’s dream interpretation #10 at MLMM. I have driving dreams a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t drive in real life, and most of them don’t turn out well, or at least they are very stressful.

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Sound Sleep?

Fandango has a “story starter” challenge, and this is the first time I am trying it. His words are in bold.

I woke from a sound sleep up with a start, turned on my nightstand light, and…

Wondered about the meaning of the dream that had just invaded my subconscious. Really, it was more of a nightmare, so I didn’t want to think TOO much about it. Having such difficulty finding a peaceful place. Peaceful places, interrupted by sudden Fiery Explosions. Then realizing that I was in a dream, so I did not have to get hurt by the explosion, even though everyone around was obliterated.

Does this dream have a happy ending or not?

I turned off the lamp and tried to fall back asleep, hoping not to enter into that same precarious and disturbing scenario.

P.S. I had a dream like this last night.


For MLMM’s new weekly feature, Sunday Confessionals, I wrote this poem today. Actually, I wrote it starting with the last line and worked forwards. I still haven’t written this week’s Sijo about dreams but happened to include that theme in here.

Poems got pretty dark today. So did a lot of my thoughts. However, I spent approximately 5 hours at work today, which was how much I was supposed to work — i.e., I did not have to leave work early. That’s a success today!

How many childhood dreams come true?
How many nightmares do we need to view?

Can future Me a message of hope send?
Is it all worth the pain in the end?

Is there a way out? It's hard to tell.
What if we're all dead, and this is Hell?

Duplex: An Attempt”

The prompt for day 27 was to write a “duplex” poem, similar to a sonnet in that there are 14 lines (but not in any other way that I could see). I was excited to try this form and happy to have been able to write one, whether or not it is even good. 🙂 Also linked to MVB: Voice and FOWC: Forgo.

There are too many possibilities, and none.
What if parallel universes existed?

In which universe would our lives intersect again?
Is there a way I could have stayed happy?

I’m happy about this poetic voice, even if
It means there was much else I needed to forgo.

What is meaning, and what is need? Is it
Only what we dream, or is it concrete?

I used to dream. Now emotional concrete greets
Every attempt at flying. Now all I can do is

Attempt to place cushions where I often hit
Bottom. This is one time in a succession of many,

Succession of twenty, maybe thirty years if I’m (un)lucky —
There are too many possibilities, and none.

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Sonnetina for Dead Dreams

A sonnetina (like a sonnet but only 10 lines) in response to MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Opposing Forces. I have actually written a few poems in different forms on this same topic, reusing the first one or two lines multiple times. I find that entertaining. 🙂

What’s all else worth, if greatest dream is dead?
Even with wealth, one craves and hungers still,
Without a way to find his daily bread:
Having nothing to live for kills the will.

A quiet heartbeat yet the pain is loud:
A frozen passion nevermore to melt,
Humbling the artist’s eyes that had been proud
Of such great work — that joy no longer felt.

What use is popularity and cash,
If one’s reason for being’s burned to ash?

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Do Dreams Count?

The Sevenling poetry form is pretty good for surprising / shock endings, (EVERYONE FOLLOW BRIAN’S BLOG — the prompts are fun but no one besides me links up!!) so I’ve got one of those to share today. I wanted to write something better, but we’re running out of time for the prompt, and as Linda’s challenge says, “Just jot it!” Based on a true story that happened this morning. 🙂 I needed to get up early and was worried that I would smash the snooze button on my alarm and go back to sleep for an hour (which is what usually happens). Continue reading


Brian’s prompt this week is to use the poetic device “Anaphora,” which is when lines begin with the same words. My poem was inspired by that, plus a “Weekend Writing Prompt” to include the word Goodnight in a piece of exactly 45 words. It’s too late to link up that one (especially because it was from 2 weekends ago!), but without further ado, here is my post for today! Linked with JusJoJan.

Goodnight, no more lullabies.
Goodnight, no more stories before bedtime.
Goodnight, I still hope for sweet dreams,
“Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”
And try to get 8 hours of sleep.
Hoping to Dreamland peacefully to go,
Goodnight — also hoping for a happy tomorrow.