The writing part of my brain (which is most of my brain, at this point), has been active today, so I’ve got this reverse etheree to share. I might even post twice today — working on a poem that requires a bit of  research! 😀

Risen Christ
Opens Heaven,
Rejoice and be glad
To know this endless day,
Leaving no place for shadows.
Upward movement: dead live again,
Corruptibility having been
Restored to everlasting radiance.

white clouds and blue sky
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Easter Monday

I shoved myself out of bed late this morning and wrote this:

He is risen from the dead,
She is risen from her bed.

Miracles look different 
To different people, 
For example

I haven't died yet. 
Not even once. 

Puppies Make Me Happy

My day 17 poem is below. Today was a wonderful day, but now I’m getting anxious again — clearly, the “holy high” I felt earlier, during the morning, has worn off! So now I’m trying not to get stuck in the not-so-great feelings. I was going to write a poem about my family’s dog, which we had from the time I was 7 until age 18, but it would make me sad to write about that dog (I’m still not over it). So, I have something a bit lighter! 🙂 Continue reading

A Quiet Day Leads into Darkest Night

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is fantastic: to write a “curtal sonnet,” à la Gerard Manley Hopkins. The prompter explains, “A curtal sonnet has eleven lines, instead of the usual fourteen, and the last line is shorter than the ten that precede it.” I LOVE Hopkins! My words are completely irrelevant next to his immortal verse, but I’d be honored to try this. 😀 Okay, fangirling over!  Now, let’s see if I can write anything.

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On Palm Sunday Morning

I normally don’t like to post more than twice in a day, but I remembered this poem, written this morning, and wanted to post it while it was still today. 🙂

This Lent I’ve learned
That I’m worse than Judas,
Would sell out Christ for much less
With no lasting satisfaction

Yet – I hope to finish strong,
May today’s hosannas stay
Even through Holy Saturday,
For no past wrong has traction.

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Wilting Lily

I wrote this in response to Angie Trafford’s Writing Wednesday and also because my Easter lily really is looking sad (picture is from a few days ago). 

Notice this wilting Easter lily,
Sad during such a happy season,
Yet there were weeks it brought levity —
Monitor its soil for a reason.

Lack of sun or water could cause
This plummet of vitality,
Or, the plant ought to take a pause —
It could just be its time, clearly.

He Is Risen, As He Said

This is a décima for Ronovan Writes’s weekly challenge. We are still celebrating the Easter season, so it’s not too late to share this. 🙂 In fact, the Sunday after Easter is also known as Divine Mercy Sunday.

Resurrexit sicut dixit:
Through many sorrows, there are joys,
Let us sing and make joyful noise,
Death has suffered lasting defeat.

Those who are lost shall again meet
With loved ones, nevermore to leave,
As an everlasting reprieve.
Joy shall be known, all beautiful,
So celebration’s plentiful:
Blessed are all who have believed!

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

Mary Magdalene

I am sharing my day 12 poem with the Writers’ Pantry. This was inspired by the fact that today is Easter, as well as John 20:11-16. 

When it was still dark,

I went to the tomb.

For even the darkness

Is lighter with you:

You know the darkness too.


I stood there weeping,

With you taken away.

With weeping was praying,

Which you heard — and I turned,

Since you know my name.