Which Pet Is Better?

For FOWC: Amuse and the MVB Prompt: Meow (because I wrote about cats). My family probably won’t get any new pets anytime soon, but maybe I will get my own dog or cat later. I like both for different reasons.

If my family gets another pet,
Should we welcome a dog or buy a cat?
It’s been some years but we are not sure yet.

Yet we are sure that either will amuse,
Despite most cats and dogs differing much.
Cats are not likely, are they, to chew shoes?

Dogs are much more effusive with their joy,
Yet cats have royal presence and more peace.
Either type would be a good girl or boy.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

I find this picture pretty hilarious for some reason, so it seemed perfect for this post!


For this weekend’s Saturday Mix from MLMM, the poetry form we are challenged to try is the Epulaeryu (don’t ask me how to pronounce that). It is a syllabic form that “is all about delicious food.” Because my family spent yesterday afternoon and evening celebrating Father’s Day and three birthdays, we ate a ton of delicious and special food, including, as this post’s title says, burgers. This was a fun form to tackle. 🙂

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