Human Connection

Jerome loved his computer and spending time on the internet, but after playing his favorite game for an entire day straight, he knew he needed some real human connection. Where to find it, though? Remembering how he often used to play chess as a teenager, he decided to join the local chess club, which, according to the information he found, was meeting only a few days from then.

The day of the meeting, Jerome arrived at the community center early in order to meet other club members, but he didn’t see many people around at all, let alone other chess enthusiasts. Finally he spotted someone else, sitting alone at a table with a chessboard. Jerome found, to his horror, that the president of the chess club was a robot.

A six-sentence story inspired by Fandango’s flash-fiction challenge #187.

6 Sentences: Knot

Pretty straightforwardly. this is my 6 sentences for this week’s link-up. I wrote it as a 6-line poem, also in response to FFFC #185, so I hope it works.

No, this is a knot which no one can untie.
There’s no point looking back, no use asking why.
How did a perfect dream become a nightmare?
Could she not see the signs, avoid the snare?
No, she fell right in, fell for his charms.
There seems no way to escape more harm.

Seas, Islands, and Sharks

Even when I have difficulty, or when it’s been a long day, responding to prompts and posting to my blog is a hobby of mine (as you know), so here is a little poem.

Of trial —
Words are the islands
On which I find safe shelter


For FOWC: Sea and partially inspired by DVerse’s Habun Monday because I used the idea of “shelter,” but I’m not linking up because this isn’t a haibun.

Here is FFFC: #182. The picture reminded me of my ex and me because we would do jigsaw puzzles in the park together (that’s another of my hobbies — puzzles). Before we were dating, we would use that as an excuse to sit really close to each other or “accidentally” brush our hands together. It was one of those cute but ridiculous things. One puzzle had a bunch of different sharks on it, so that is what this cherita is inspired by.


I thought the pieces fit together, didn't you?

A couple dozen sharks with so much ocean between them,
Several times we tried to finish the picture

We never did finish that thousand-piece puzzle.
Now it's too late, for time flows forward.
There are plenty of other "sharks" in the sea.


All week I’ve had a vague idea of what I wanted to write in response to FFFC #173 and WDYS #138, and this morning I wrote this cherita for it. This is based on reality. 🙂 As a kid I would go camping once a year or so, but it wasn’t my favorite vacation, especially since I hated nighttime.

She likes the great outdoors, but camping

Isn’t her thing; and, unable to swim well,
She feels a bit sick and nervous in small boats.

If she must be dragged camping, she might
Go hiking, but she prefers to find adventures
Within pages, of the novels she escapes in.

Tree Branches

I just wrote this “Parallelogram de Crystalline” poem (a new form for me!) for MLMM’S Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip and Photo Challenge #414, as well as for FFFC #169. I wanted to post my response before the new one is posted tomorrow, hence the late hour. Yes, 9:30 is late for me. 😆

I will try this form again tomorrow!


Tree branches
Stark against the blue sky -- 
Observer's eyes looking up, reaching

This world I'd
Too big for one tree to
Reach -- even if it were a banyan

The world of 
One coffee shop, open
Via phones to all people online

Connected in a web,
But can you reach beside you, two feet? 


Photo credit: Tanya Grant

Photo from abi ismail at