This is short and simple, but I decided to share my response to FFFC #83 with the Writers’ Pantry. I tried to write something hopeful / whimsical to combat these “ominous times.” 

This is quite a magical place:
Green grass, several paths, blue sky.
Untold adventures to embrace,
As clouds are sailing way up high.



Look at all the beauty
At the end of the world:
Carefully walk upon the rocks
And see, one tenacious tree;
Continue along those rocks
Following the mesmerizing moon,
The weakly-glowing, yet beckoning
Orb — the rocky path,
The end of the world,
Becomes a gate to mysterious more.

Thanks to FFFC #74 for the image and inspiration!

The Interior Corner

This is for Fandango’s flash-fiction challenge #72. Join in here! Our picture is below.

To me, this looks like Hogwarts or almost like a cathedral, but my poem has nothing to do with that. *smile*

You keep to your corner,
Hiding inside,
There’s light all around you,
In dark spots you hide
While light streams through windows
On the left and right —
It seems too hard to move,
Yet the goal is in sight.

The Metal Bubble

This poem is inspired by FFFC #70, the image below:

They are gazing outside the train,
Outside the windowed metal bubble;
He wonders what is to be gained
By staying stuck; it may mean trouble
To leave may be terrifying.
But there remains a world outside
Inner fear might be decrying —
Fight it, flee fear, and cease to hide.


The Hideaway

A cherita in response to Fandango’s flash fiction challenge #69. The photo is below.
This hideaway is hidden amidst the greenery:

Embraced by nature, nestled in the hillside,
A wonderful place for a quiet escape.

A person could hide there and no one would
Find him — if it weren’t for the sky-blue door,
Making attempts at camouflage irrelevant.


Beautiful and Terrible

For NaPoWriMo day 28, here is a poem inspired by the photo below, for Fandango’s flash-fiction challenge this week.

Photo from Tim Short at the USA Today Network.

An orange flare in the sky —
Does anyone ask why?
Or do they gaze at what they see
With impotent curiosity,
Saying nothing but, “Oh, pretty!”
An orange flare sent into the sky —
And nobody is asking why.


This was inspired by this week’s flash-fiction challenge as well as FOWC: Top. Follow the first link to see the picture. 

The day the foreign spaceship came


I was caught up, abducted —

But looking through the UFO’s windows


I saw the tops of buildings, tiny.

There was so much beyond my knowledge,

So much above the limits I had seen.


This is for Fandango’s flash-fiction challenge #30. I wasn’t going to share this but figured might as well. 🙂

The hourglass is glued to the table.


It has blue sand all fallen through,

Unable to be flipped anew.


This sea of sand, these waves of time

Will rest one day; take some time to mind

Its passing, its tides, its blue beautified.


Keep the Empty Spaces

This micro-poem was inspired by this challenge at Real Toads and the photo below, found at Fandango’s flash-fiction #29.

Why must a wide road

Cut // through the forest?

Sentinel-trees line the highway

Watching people destroy

The natural spaces // and themselves.

We try to fill the empty parts

With painted, dead asphalt,

But Nature whispers to return

To Nature, and to her Creator.