can I say with faith

“Let the waves come?”

I’d hope Yes,

but how


do they

Beat? how deep

the seas’ waters?

How deep mutual love?

I am sharing this for Forgiving Fridays, since sometimes I get upset with myself for not having a “strong enough” faith. I need to let it be what it is and not try to pretend like the life of faith isn’t difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to know that God is in control, even though I have seen God do amazing things before. Nevertheless, I think, “This time God has pushed me past my limits.” How this relates to forgiveness is that it is important to forgive myself for those times when I feel weak in faith and weak in general. 

Rich In Love

For DVerse’s quadrille, a poem of 44 words and containing a specific word. This week, we are all “rich.” Also shared with Forgiving Fridays because I think that forgiveness is being rich in love, for yourself and other people, and unforgiveness blocks love.

Material wealth can be true poverty,
Without in love becoming rich:
Possessions can a cage begin to be,
If someone clings to them, is selfish,
Believing he needs no one else.
To let another in, to share is sweet,
and it makes life complete.

New Beginnings

Shared with Forgiving Fridays. Also, this poem is to celebrate the first day of NaPoWriMo 2019!

Scorn not the sunrise, 

Mourn not the morning,

For to eager open eyes

New joy is forming.


Tear not to pieces

Hopes for new beginnings,

Despite the creases

On the face, smiles are winning.


Hold not the hatred,

Let go of resentment,

Grudges are never sated,

But soon can come contentment.


So scorn not the sunrise,

Mourn not the morning,

For to eager open eyes

New joy is forming.

The Chain of Blame

For DVerse’s Poetics on blame and forgiveness and Fandango’s one-word challenge, chain. Also, I am sharing this with Debbie for Forgiving Fridays.

It is not right for people to cause hurt,
Nor to use words that they know will cause pain.
Immeasurably better is comfort,
However one’s reaction makes more rain:
The chatter in one’s head can drive insane.

Blame is a chain which binds in misery,
Forgiveness is the key to be set free.

Love Creates

It is time again for a quadrille, and the prompt this week is kiss. Quite appropriate for this month. I am also sharing this with Forgiving Fridays because love is forgiving; to love someone for any length of time is to forgive.

Love creates:
Knowing we are loved makes
Us less afraid to be who we are,
Love may not be able to erase
The scars but makes them more
Beautiful, and love is the only
Power that can make us whole.
Love’s kiss gives life.

white and red plastic heart balloon on sky during daytime
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My offering for this week’s Forgiving Fridays.

Mercy  illuminates:
The reason for life is love,
And love means community
With others, forgiveness
With the faults one sees —

Maybe —

There is more than meets
The eye, and in each
Person there is richness.
Seeing the gleaming gold
Is real happiness.

Open Heart

I will open my heart to you.

Even if you — or I — will leave,

I will open my heart to you knowing

This, because that is true

Courage. I accept the pain.

I have cheated death and change

Of any profit. This necessary price

To pay is painful — but worth it.

Shared with DVerse Poetics because I think that if people had courage like that, we could create a utopia. Also shared with Forgiving Fridays because the poem is about loving people, even at the risk of experiencing pain. 

The Winding Path

For this week’s Forgiving Fridays. I am struggling with unforgiveness in a certain area but am continuing to choose to forgive and try to open myself to love. I know that one must forgive “seventy times seven times,” so I keep on trying.

Forgiveness is a time-consuming road,
One which I must repeatedly explore,
Since it is necessary to lay down the load,
I journey down the winding path once more.