There Are Some Things I Don’t Regret

This was inspired by the current 6-word story prompt, but like I did last time, I wrote 6 lines of 6 words each, in order to make it into a poem. Also for FOWC: Repugnant, MVB: Reread, and the Blogtober prompt about “A Memory.” By the way, I know it’s day 17 of Blogtober, and I’m just now starting to participate, but my motto is “Better late than never.” If you want to hear my thoughts about yesterday’s prompt, too, I can post about that! 🙂

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A Realization

When I refused to eat at my family’s table,
I was refusing the only way my father knew
To show love, feeding him a “Screw you.”

Anger ate me up inside, there was no room
For life, and happiness was crowded out.

Thank God I learned it was okay to take up space.

Not sure about sharing this one, but it’s what I’ve got today. Linked to FOWC: Table.

On This Day

Today, October 7th, is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in the Catholic Church. It is also known as Our Lady of Victory (which — fun fact! — is the name of the parish I went to when I went to Hawaii with my family a couple of years ago). The name comes from the commemoration of the Battle of Lepanto, which took place on this day in 1571. The Christian forces won the battle through the intercession of Jesus’s mother, Mary, through the fervent prayer of the rosary. Click here to read more about it.

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Renewed Sight

For Ronovan’s décima challenge for this week, before he releases a new one tomorrow. My thoughts are turning rather bright today. 🙂

What a present of renewed sight,
A gift to find that hopes aren’t dead
Nor quashed; slowly yet surely led
Back into the morningtime bright!

Being itself feels much more light,
Worrying about so much less.
Remember this for happiness:
Life can be far from the zenith
And be positive, looked at with
Wonder and depth, and openness.

An Affirmation

Linking up with FOWC: Figment, even though I have actually been working on this for 3 days. For whatever reason, it was rather challenging for me to finish.

In this moment all is well,
Calling me to peace.
All my worries letting go,
Tension can release.
Now is no disaster near,
Figment of my worries.
Dealing with anxiety
Is part of the journey.
What’s to come? A mystery.
But for now breathe peacefully.

peace word carved in wood
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I barely wrote any poetry today, which is extremely rare. Maybe, after yesterday, the majority of my creative juices were used up. That’s disappointing, but I respect the fact that I can’t have that kind of output every day. Here’s a sestet that I just finished.

How much has changed, at times extreme,
In the course of just a few years!
So optimism’s tough: it seems
Few options lead to good. Fear sears
And burns as dream to nightmare turns,
Too often nonexistence yearns.