A Question

Fandango’s response to Jim Adams’s Thursday Inspiration prompt used the above picture, and it punched me in the gut. That inspired me to immediately post the following poem, which I did not write today but did write yesterday. I am much more than moderately sad but am actually doing better than the last few days. Sharing with DVerse OLN this week.

Did you truly love me,
Or did you just love
How I made you feel?

I found out through tears
That I truly love you, 
Irrespective of your answer.

I am a broken shell
Missing the sounds
Of the ocean

Tsunami Stuck Inside

Just some anxiety tonight… written for FOWC: Tsunami because I thought it would be better to post than not.


A tsunami of feelings
Is trapped inside of me,
Too big for this body.

It pushes against
The inside of my skin --
Pressure from the water within.

There is too much truth
Getting ready to show itself,
Even if no one wants to know.

Three Words

I love you
More than words can say;
I want to try reminding
You each day, each short phrase repeating
Has meaning.

Unexpectedly, I actually checked prompts today and read some blog posts from fellow writers. Sorry that I have been so remiss with that during the past month! They did inspire a poem, but I am still working on it, so here is a type of cinquain for now. Cinquains and other forms of syllabic poetry are prominent in my repertoire, and I write them in my notebook just about every day. 🙂

Bitter Tears

This is for NaPoWriMo day 7 and is inspired by FOWC: Dismay and the fact that today is Good Friday. It is a reminder for today but also for every day of my life.

truly bitter tears
yet no need for pure dismay —
eagerly await
the space of a couple days
bridged because of patient love


there is only one of you
in all existence —
there is only one of me,
we are made purposefully

This is a pretty simple poem, but I wrote it today inspired by some prompts and thought I would share it. 🙂

I took this photo while on a walk

A Kindred Spirit

I wrote a cherita for FOWC: Hinder, MVB: Melancholy, and MLMM’s Sunday Confessionals. It’s not about a yearning from that long ago, not specifically, but on a deeper level I guess it is about the longing for hope and being deeply loved.


Your melancholy nature does not hinder you from laughing,

From leaning over wheezing from so much merriment; and
My melancholy nature does not hinder me from finding

So much hope in the mere presence of such a man -- When
Our eyes meet it is as two hearts are beating in unison; come,
Help me find the words to songs heretofore unsung.

An Important Date

Mr. Goodbar.

He was my Valentine’s date last year, a king-size chocolate bar from my mother, although you did give me a card and a box of 4 dozen golden-wrapped Ferrero Rochers on another day. I couldn’t help missing you, however, on that most romantic of holidays.

I couldn’t help missing you in the past 6 months since we ended our relationship. The past few weeks, though, the pain has largely eased.

Tomorrow I have planned nothing. Maybe my mother will bake heart-shaped meat loaf, or I’ll receive a vase of flowers from my father, both family traditions. Some happenings never change, but this year’s a different thing — I’ll not think of you.

For FOWC: Past and DVerse’s Prosery, for which the given line is, “This year’s a different thing, — / I’ll not think of you” from Charlotte Mew’s poem “I so liked Spring.” I wasn’t going to share this but have decided, “Why not?” 

My mom’s Valentine’s gift for me last year 😆