People who won’t let you ride the struggle bus alone

My friend, after I warned him that I might have a crisis (this was a couple of weeks ago):
“Is this your normal crisis or your ‘I’m getting a year older’ crisis?”

Why do people still hang out with me? 😅 I’m grateful for those who will ride the struggle bus with me. 🙂

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Uplifting Ramble

For E.M.’s Sunday Ramble, on Tuesday. 🙂 Better late than never to write about “Uplifting Chatter.”

I was reluctant to post yesterday, even though I ended up writing 6 poems (“Reluctant” was yesterday’s MVB prompt word, and I didn’t even know that until this morning, since I didn’t read blogs either, yesterday). Thankfully, my fervor seems to have returned. I’d been thinking last night, “Just don’t post at all for this week; it doesn’t matter. 😦 😦 😦 ”

Okay, on to the Happy!

  • When you feel negative, what techniques do you use to bring yourself up to feeling positive?

I try to reach out to friends but also don’t want to bring my friends down. Hugging my stuffed animals, especially my brand-new cute little crab. Going to see the ducks in the park. Looking at flowers. I don’t even have to go anywhere to look at beautiful flowers because my brother has filled our backyard with beautiful flowers and other plants. He has the greenest thumb you will ever encounter! I like to joke that he took all of my gardening ability in the womb, since I can’t garden to save my life, and he is the Plant Whisperer!


  • What is a smell that made you smile when you woke up today?

It would be too easy to say “coffee,” although that is true. I suppose it was nice that my room wasn’t stuffy. Also, the lotion I used smelled flowery and fruity.

  • An owl is known for its wisdom, what are you known for?

Being cute, for some reason. Even strangers call me “sweetie” all the time. In high school, I was known for being smart. I have probably gotten dumber since then, but that’s okay because I like myself more. 🙂

  • Do you know any good recipes? If so, can you share one? (If you don’t cook, tell me your favorite food recipe that someone else makes for you.)

My family makes this chicken-broccoli casserole with rice, and it’s one of our favorite dishes!

  • How do you console the people around you? (Online or in-person)

If it’s online or via text, I do love the hugging emoji. I also love actual hugs. I also try to be a good listener, and people have said that I am. If the person is a Christian, it’s also nice to pray together.

Empty Words

A last-minute post before I go to sleep. For FOWC: Platitude. I really feel this. I wrote this poem appropriately one minute ago. 

Don’t say only, “I’ll pray for you,”

Which I don’t mind as long as you

Follow through, but make it more than a 

Platitude: Don’t you think these tears

Could be alleviated by proximity, more than

Secret, hidden intercession with Divinity?

Please don’t leave me alone. 



I am a Christian who believes that prayer can help things. I equally believe that we are called to do more than “just” pray, if we can. EVEN THE BOOK OF JAMES SAYS THIS. 

The caps lock was accidental, but I’m keeping it because it’s actually perfect! 

That is all. Good night. 

Tree Branches

I just wrote this “Parallelogram de Crystalline” poem (a new form for me!) for MLMM’S Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip and Photo Challenge #414, as well as for FFFC #169. I wanted to post my response before the new one is posted tomorrow, hence the late hour. Yes, 9:30 is late for me. 😆

I will try this form again tomorrow!


Tree branches
Stark against the blue sky -- 
Observer's eyes looking up, reaching

This world I'd
Too big for one tree to
Reach -- even if it were a banyan

The world of 
One coffee shop, open
Via phones to all people online

Connected in a web,
But can you reach beside you, two feet? 


Photo credit: Tanya Grant

Photo from abi ismail at


Yesterday was a great day! I got to hang out with friends and even see pictures of one friend’s new kitten and in-person tiny ducklings! This morning was also great, as I got to go to Mass and see people, even my priest’s dog (and he’s also really cool without the dog).

That’s why I can’t figure out why I feel like this:

less than half a day
cuteness and companionship
evaporating —

this is not my will
this is the monster’s bidding,
his chilling fingers

blindfolding my eyes,
blanketing my memory
life’s heat extinguished

descending circles
I am Persephone tricked,
taken to Hades

woman under the water
Photo by Life Of Pix on

Journal… Have fun reading

I’ve been nervous for today. I’m going to be all alone all day, and it’s really bad timing because satan hates me. 😅

In addition, my phone reminded me that three years ago today was a really tough day. Long story short, my friend knew that I was in a horrific mind-place, so she all but kidnapped me and forced me to hang out with her and some friends, watching Legally Blonde, eating pizza, and playing with a little dog. Then, she didn’t let me go home until I was 95% asleep. 

My phone reminded me of this by bringing up the photos of that dog. 

I’m trying to make this day good, though! At least I am reminded of how much that friend loved me. 😊 We’ve pretty much lost touch, but I pray for her every. Single. Day. What she did is really the pinnacle of friendship, even though I was pissed about it at the time. 

A poem will be posted later today. 

This has No Title, and it feels Too Short

Just had to share this one I just wrote… Many thanks to grapeling, who included a video of a piece of music that led me to have space to write this poem (follow the link 🙂 )

And now you’ve been dead for as long as you were alive.
“Were alive” – that past tense, as if anyone ever truly stops
Living – I can’t imagine why I still think of you after all this
Time, when we were never

A friend of a friend, yet your memory is not ended.
“Not ended” – like my life; I think of you when I’d wish to quit
Living – it just goes to show, you never know how many
People’s lives you

Update: shared with DVerse OLN 4/14/2022.