I Need A Hug

I wish you’d hold me closely,

Do not begrudge me a hug

I live, exist so lonely.

Is everyone suspect, risky?

When it is deemed to be safe

We’ll need to undo conditioning,

And that’s maybe most dangerous:

Isolation. Deprivation. Silent chorus.

Maybe this poem makes me sound pathetic, but gosh all I want is a hug. I don’t live by myself but am still so isolated, especially emotionally. Thanks to Fandango for the prompt word, and I am also sharing with the Writers’ Pantry. Will post this before I change my mind.

Sunday Sevenling

For FOWC: Thanks and yesterday’s Saturday Mix about opposing forces, and also shared with  this week’s Writers’ Pantry. This poetry form is called a sevenling .

Thank you for the absence
Of oppressive heat, of sickness
In my vicinity, of being busy.

Thank you too for the presence
Of friendship over long distance,
Of voices, and to balance them — silence.

Gift of timing comes with everything.

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Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

Hopelessly Romantic

This week’s quadrille prompt is “fix.” Inspired by true events. *laughs*

She often reads intentions
Which do not exist
In her male friends’ actions:
This hopeless romantic
Might be melted by a smile
Or any surprising kindness,
The distance twixt her daydreams
And the truth being miles.
Her sometimes-silly
Unguarded heart needs to be fixed!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sometimes Wants Become Needs

This was inspired by Linda G. Hill’s SoCS, with “want” in the first 3 words of our post.

Want or need?
Friends nearby
So love is shown,
And so emotions
Of all weights are freed.
Knowing that fruit
Will flourish
After times of planting
Futile-seeming seeds.
The promise of liberty,
Never again rescinded
By undue fear
Nor unlawful decree.


For Poets and Storytellers United’s “lie to me” prompt. I wrote this because I think that sometimes I trust people too much and/or too easily….

I try
To tell you I’m fine
I’m happy,
But for some reason
When you ask me
I cannot lie.

Sorry if that bothers you.

Excuse me
If I believed
You asked in sincerity
Seeking for truth.

Morning to Night

Today at DVerse Poetics, Bjorn asks us to write about solitude. He adds, “Solitude to me is a tool to handle loneliness,” an insight that I really liked. This poem was inspired by the fact that I tend to do most of my writing in the morning, yet I also wrote this poem just now.

It is early in the morning,
No one to greet except Jesus
And the sun, prayers rising,
And pen bringing more words,
Companions into my world.

It is getting late at night,
With the moon out to play
And many people sleeping, less light,
With pen vivifying more verses
To get through this darker time.

Silly Putty

Today at DVerse, we are mixing a bit of silliness into our quadrilles.

When anxiety hits,
Silly Putty is my weapon:
Taken in my hands
And squeezed, it frees
All that emotion.

Once, a friend, said
“Can I see it
For a minute?”
He drew a smiley,
Which transferred to the putty,
Put smiles on my face.



This is for MLMM’s Tale Weaver, “I Remember Once.” I am also sharing it with the Writers’ Pantry. I’m not really sure if it’s done and maybe will add another couplet later.

I remember once, being called Tree Climber,
Based not on ability but on dreams and desire.

I remember once being called Jen-Jen,
A cute moniker from a much-missed friend.

Once recently I was called Ladybug,
Not sure what it means, but it felt like a hug.