The fight against being hangry

This décima is for Ronovan Writes’s weekly prompt and also for FOWC: Hangry. I’ve been writing some silly poems lately. :/

Lunchtime seems much too far away,
Hunger makes tempestuous mood
And irritable attitude,
But it will not ruin the day!

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SoCS: Ode-ious :)

Today’s stream-of-consciousness Saturday prompt is “ode.” Find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.” I know that Anode and Diode are words, but I don’t know what they mean, so maybe I will write an ode, or write some code (I’m not that computer-savvy). Recently I wrote an ode to my old phone, but that’s not stream-of-consciousness writing. I have no ideas and also am leaving my house in just a few minutes, which exacerbates my sort-of-anxiety about this.

Please help me, I must write an ode,
Before heading out on the road,
Give me an idea,
So I can say “see ya”
Okay, looks like now I can go-ed.

Note: this prompt was not actually odious. 🙂

Bad and Good Luck

Today’s SoCS from Linda G. Hill is the word “luck.”

A rabbit’s foot isn’t so lucky for the rabbit.
Why would we steal a horse’s shoes?
Stepping on cracks — does that cause issues?
I’d break a mirror to be rid of it.

Walking under a ladder, bad luck?
What about encountering a black cat?
I don’t believe any of that —
No matter what, you could get hit by a truck.


For today’s SoCS, “-roc-“ the first thing I thought about was “rock” (rather straightforwardly), and I also think about St. Roch. He is the patron saint of plague victims, I think, so last year, because of Covid, he was a popular saint. *laughs*

There once was a green crocodile,
Who left his clothes all in a pile:
When he needed to find
An outfit well-designed,
It took him a very long while!

Limericks work pretty well for the stream-of-consciousness format because they can be nonsensical and ridiculous!

Ill-Fated Dessert

For SoCS, our prompt is to find a word or words that contain “-oop.”

Getting out a spoon to scoop
Some ice cream — oops!
Across the room it flings,
Hitting the window coverings
And sliding to the floor.
Happy ice cream turns to Poor
Me needing to clean up.
Then I fill another cup.
This silly poem is inspired by the fact that ice cream straight from the freezer is impossible to scoop and is loosely based on what happened when I (tried) to dish out ice cream a couple of nights ago.