Bored to Death

There once was a pumpkin so bored,
It allowed itself to be gored:
Someone's knife carved a smile, 
There was pain all the while, 
While the poor gourd's orange guts were poured.

I couldn’t resist getting into the Halloween spirit (pun intended). This limerick was inspired by Ronovan Writes’s haiku challenge. Not a haiku but I’m still linking up.ย 

jack o lantern halloween decor
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Pythagoras Approves!

For today’s One-Liner Wednesday, I have another Midweek Meme! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve known of this one for quite a while but haven’t gotten over it and probably never will.

“Every triangle is a love triangle when you love triangles.”

The tortilla chips that my family bought the other day reminded me of this because they were described on the bag as “Hint of Lime Flavored Triangles.” I do love those triangles.

Helping Hand

When I saw Sadje’s WDYS picture for this week, I immediately thought of this meme (this is just the template):

Meme Generator - High fiving drowning person - Newfa Stuff

It took me longer to come up with anything to write for it. By that I mean that I had nothing until this morning. My poem doubles as a late response to SoCS: Key. It is “Stream-of-Consciousness Sunday” this time. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was supposed to be a rondeau, but after the first 2 lines I realized the rhyme scheme was wrong, and with SoC you can’t edit, so… voilร .

No way to swim alone, you see
For life ahead, help is the key.
Drowning in the ocean, he pleads
But silently, for no one hears,
A helping hand is what he needs
But he is left with only fears.
We’ll drown if we’re alone, you see
For life ahead, hope is the key.


I made a note in my little poetry notebook to respond to today’s SoCS prompt. As usual, I want to write a poem, but it’s not happening. I’m writing poems about something that will take a lot of bravery to do…. which I won’t post because evenย I don’t want to share it with potentially the whole internet (even though there are only, like, 20 of you that consistently read my stuff — thank you, by the way!).ย 

I make many notes about poems to write “one day.” Most of those ideas do eventually become whole poems. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I should make a note to write about making a note, or just write right now. (“Write right” — homophones, LOL [that was weird, but this is SoCS])ย 


writing many notes --
how many will become poems
having a purpose?

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Little Penguin

I just remembered the Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip prompt on MLMM from last Saturday! I actually wrote 3 (now 4) responses to the prompt but didn’t like them enough to post. So now, I have intentionally written a stupid poem, just have something to post, as the prompt expires in an hour or so. It was inspired by the front of my current poetry notebook. ๐Ÿ˜† Also linked with FOWC: Scene.

Behold, the little penguin ๐Ÿง
Little Penguin guards my book,
Looking very cute --
What if there's a snowy scene, 
And it played a lute?

Penguins colored black and white, 
Like a music staff -- 
I hope that this silly poem
At least made you laugh! 

My Two Cents

A stream-of-consciousness which I found fun and … interesting.

For this prompt I could add in my two cents,
To use those homophones to form a poem
Off the top of my head, a task immense.
Wait! Nevermind, ideas now are sent
From that nebulous space where they are born,
Yet now for these next lines I’m slightly torn:
For how to usher in a use for “scent?”

I’ll leave this meta-verse now and go home.