Full Bookshelves

For FOWC: Rue and My Vivid Blog’s prompt: Library. I volunteer weekly at my local library and love it when little kids come in with their families! ❤

May every child know the wonder of a library:
Stories bound beautifully, everywhere to see.
I do not rue the advent of e-books,
Yet nothing compares to how a full bookshelf looks,
Nor the opportunity to browse throughout —
Who knows what one may come to read about?
To the community, these books are such a boon,
But much more than one can read anytime soon!


Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Mary in Heaven

Today, on Sunday, I am writing for the Saturday Mix at MLMM. This week we are challenged to write a nonet, which I had done before but not for a while. It is similar to an etheree except one line shorter. Since today is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, that was the topic I chose for my nonet today.

Jesus’s precious Blessèd Mother,
At the end of her earthly life,
Was taken up to Heaven,
Her body glorified.
Mary, Queen Mother,
Crowned with 12 stars,
Pray for

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Ode to My Old Phone

Inspired by FOWC: Blunt, my vivid blog prompt: Precious, and the fact that I had to get a new phone the other day.

Faithfully serving for over six years,
Needing a new one almost brings tears.

Though to be blunt it was certainly dying,
It was equally such a precious thing.

We had been through so much together,
The camera snapping memories; whether

Or not I wish, an upgrade is necessary,
A new cell phone, more memories to carry.

Wee Sweets

A wee little poem for SoCS: “-wee-“

I remember the Sunday brunch buffet
With a million wee little sweets:
Many different kinds of cakes
And my favorite, crème brûlée,
Not to mention the fountains
Of rich chocolate ready for dipping.
One time there were tiny beignets.
Can it come back?
Wish it could stay.

SoCS: Coloring

Today’s SoCS prompt was “the last photo you took.” At the time when I saw the prompt, my most recent photo was of a coloring page that I finished 2 days ago, so I thought of coloring in general.

The picture already created,
Simply waiting for the coloring,
A steady hand choosing
Whether with care or haphazardly
The hues to make it pretty —
Surprising ways they can combine
To make the empty spaces filled,
Wonderful refuge to find.

Summer Villanelle

It was a real challenge to finish any poems halfway decently, although I started about 7 of them today. However, at last I have finished Linda’s paint-chip poetry challenge, which was to write a villanelle this week, using at least three of the phrases on the paint chips below. I like villanelles and writing them, but it was hard to write a whole one in a single day. I still appreciate the prompt because I don’t often write villanelles on my own. Most of my poems are much shorter.

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