At the End of the Year

As probably everyone is writing about today, it is New Year’s Eve, the last day of this dumpster fire called 2020, and tomorrow is the first day of the new year 2021. I wasn’t particularly excited for this day because it’s not like everything is going to go away at midnight, like what happened to Cinderella at the ball, only good. New Year’s Eve seems unnecessarily weighty, especially this year. However, of course there is hope; there is a sense of newness and possibility, which inspired this tanka for MLMM’s Heeding Haiku. The photo is from exactly one year ago. Let’s hope we can start writing in cafés again! 😀

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This is a tanka for Chèvrefeuille’s latest haiku challenge, and the theme is changing. When I wrote this, I was thinking of growth — changing from weak to strong.

support for growing
strengthening sapling tree’s trunk
never meant to stay:

you can stand straight on your own,
even when branches’ leaves sway

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This tanka is inspired by this week’s Heeding Haiku  about raindrops, as well as this morning’s weather. 

Grey skies prophesy,

Honesty in that blank face:

Rain’s going to fall —


Cloudful suspense in the sky

Released above the garden.

see the darkness in the light

A haibun for this week’s first-line Friday, for Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille, and for today’s Weekly Scribblings on the theme of “contagion.”


Everyone breathed easier at the first signs of spring. the sun seemed a little bit happier to get up in the morning. People began to shed the extra weightiness of winter coats.

Everyone breathed easier — until they didn’t, thanks to the contagion that oppresses so many, no matter the weather: depression.

Groundhog sees shadow
Six more weeks of winter left
Despite the snowdrops


First Flower

My response to Heeding Haiku this week, first flower

We take for granted
In sunny California,
Color’s abundance

We take for granted
Flowering variety,
Unsure what was first

In sunny California,
No flower is first,
Snow does not live here

Color’s abundance:
Winter seeming close to Spring
Nearly all year round