This is shared with DVerse Open link, and I am also linking it to Heeding Haiku because I wrote this while trying to come up with a haiku about clouds.

Clouds highlight aqua sky :

Cirrus wisps whisper

Strings of gifts across

The broad expanse —

Under which imagination drifts

And daydreams dance.

I suppose I can rewrite this into a haiku!

white clouds and blue sky
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Cirrus wisps whisper

Gifts of daytime reverie:

Clouds highlight wide sky

Land of Sweet Dreams

Linked to JusJoJan day 15, which is also one-liner Wednesday. However, this was inspired by Chevrefeuille’s prompt about sweet dreams and Poets and Storytellers United myth-placed. I hope it’s okay that I basically made up my own mythical place.

Candy tall as trees
A chocolate river flows
Sugar spun to clouds :
The substance of children’s dreams
A place with life always sweet


high angle view of multi colored marshmallows
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Winter Transformation

Here are two tanka poems on the theme of transformation, for Heeding Haiku

Ordinary pine
Evergreen bedecked with lights,
Festive sentiments
Ornament memorials —
A shelter for wrapped presents

macro shot photography of christmas stockings ornament on a christmas tree
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Thermostat heightened,
Scarves adorn shiverers’ necks,
Apple cider held
In hands ready to receive,
Leaning into winter’s day


This week, Chèvrefeuille invites us to write about friendship. Also, today happens to be the birthday of one of my dearest friends. 

Sprung from daisy chains
And friendship bracelets, spending
Girlhood together —
Becoming women beside
One another, love still strong.

Summertime and a Spiderweb

The first haiku is in response to Heeding Haiku, which is about spiderwebs, and the haibun is for Frank’s fragrant breeze prompt. 

Strong intricacy:

Potential, patterned beauty

In a spider’s home

There was a two- or three-day heat wave, when even the breeze, warm as it was, brought little relief. It still feels like summer, but it’s more manageable now. Maybe I will spend time in the garden, among the flowers.

Feeling fragrant breeze

‘Midst summertime loveliness:

Happiness and peace