Source and Summit

There’s no excuse not to write something for the last day of Just-Jot-It January. 🙂


God with us,
Both human and divine,
Remaining until the end of time

God with us,
Emmanuel by name,
"I AM," always merciful, the same

Thanksgiving for the gift,
Source and summit healing every rift

Never Giving Up

I will never throw in the towel when it comes to writing. I may not blog every day (despite wanting to participate daily in JusJoJan), but I write every day, both poetry and in a journal. Also, at this point, I will never throw in the towel when it comes to praying the rosary, as I have done so every day for probably 6 years (thanks be to God). It seems more likely that I will throw in the towel on all of life before stopping those 2 things! Nevermind that giving up on life does sometimes seem likely….but that is a whole other topic!

I am never giving up:
Standing in the storm,
Underneath is solid rock,
Something keeps me warm.

Throwing in the towel is no
Option now for me,
I’ll use it to dry my tears
When sun comes to me.

(Just realized I rhymed “me” with “me” — that’s stream-of-consciousness writing for you)

A Poem From 2020

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, I have a poem written on this day in 2020. I titled it “Succulent,” and it was in response to the JusJoJan prompt of that day. Linking with today’s JusJoJan prompt.

I wake, and does it seem a normal day?
Yet dazzling moments need not be in lack.
Let gratitude and open eyes allay
All fears of scarcity which hide in back
Of mind; let little, happy moments stack:
Begin with sunlight streaming through this pane
Of glass, and greenery in stark terrain.

green cactus

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Hide and Seek

Playing hide-and-seek with God:
If I cannot find
Him each moment of the day,
He is not unkind.

Have I sought with my whole heart?
He will soon reveal
Loving presence, Spirit’s gift,
Come to me, and heal.

Today’s prompt for JusJoJan is “family.” Family can be a tricky concept because my friends and church people feel more like a family than my actual family does, much of the time. For example, on Christmas, I was most looking forward to going to Mass and seeing my “church family,” rather than the family that I am blood-related to. I am glad to have found such a loving group of people who have accepted me and love me for who I am, since I sought that for a long time.


Ronovan gives us the inspiring prompt “Overcome” as the theme for sijos this week. It was hard to write about in only 1 sijo, but I decided to write about overcoming an eating disorder.

Food was the enemy; there was nothing more terrifying,
It was quite a war, even now there are times when I’m still fighting,
You never get through the door, to the new world — you are the door.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

A Promise

As I often do, I have a sijo to share on this lovely Tuesday evening. Our theme this week was “Promise.”

I will spend every day, of the rest of my life with you,
I will treat you with kindness, love as befits this sacred union
Of body-soul composite: This promise I make to myself.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

The word for JusJoJan was “periwinkle.” I know that’s a flower, as well as a color, but I always think about the color, particularly the Crayola crayon and how every kid in elementary school wanted that cool crayon box with 64 colors.

I’m also fascinated by the symbolic meaning of flowers, and according to this site, periwinkles have been a symbol of hope and “have a long history of representing love, protection, and loyalty.” For that reason I think they fit well with my sijo above.

spilled milk decorated with flowers with leaves on table
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Today I decided to share a short and sweet Chaucerian stanza that I wrote the other day.

Through sun and rain, it is a shining day
Because of all the jewels unearthed therein,
Smell petrichor, and see the rainbow ray
Even when some colors remain hidden.
Joy is not binary, all loss or win.
Give thanks to God the Father through the Son,
Perhaps not for all things, but through each one.

But Bright

I would not normally have posted this, but I don’t want to break my resolution to participate each day in JusJoJan, so here you go. 🙂 Please share your thoughts!


Overcast is the sky
But bright, the day happy:
Although I may not see

~ A future lies in store ~ 

One with much happiness
Even with rough patches,
Dark will not overcome

I am often very inquisitive about my moods and what causes them. I noticed that having a couple of hours to read today really helped! However, too much of that and I can get stuck in myself, like, “Oh no, I can’t read anymore, what do I do now, what if I take another nap?” The truth is, even if I once again take a nap in the middle of the day, that doesn’t mean I’ve lost. 🙂