Keep the Empty Spaces

This micro-poem was inspired by this challenge at Real Toads and the photo below, found at Fandango’s flash-fiction #29.

Why must a wide road

Cut // through the forest?

Sentinel-trees line the highway

Watching people destroy

The natural spaces // and themselves.

We try to fill the empty parts

With painted, dead asphalt,

But Nature whispers to return

To Nature, and to her Creator.


The Happiness of a Sunflower

Her face turns, the petals stretch toward the sunlight,
She stands tall, and ready for the nascent day,
Already seeing that the possibilities are bright —
She teaches me by showing, as her silent words say,

Stand, bloom, let worries not destroy,
The true light on your face will impart joy.



I could not resist writing a poem about this sunflower that I saw in the garden this morning. Shared with the Tuesday Platform.

Water’s Messages

For the weekend prompt here, we are writing about water. The original post included the research of Masaru Emoto, who observed the effects of positivity and negativity on water molecules. I was inspired by that. 

Such pretty crystals

Form from

The word “Love” —


And the molecules


“You disgust me,”

Even look unhappy.


Water is necessary

For all of life,

And each living creature


To know love.


Evening Pastoral

This is a pastoral poem about the evening, in response to this challenge from Real Toads.

Evening comes and people
Close the blinds but
Open the windows.

Evening comes and dinner
Is served, steaming, made
With love, ideally —

Evening comes and around
The dining table is idle

Evening comes and the
Smallest children yawn, tired
From their day outside.

Still Life

This was written in response to this prompt from Real Toads’ and was inspired by an old photo of me. 

The little girl sits tranquil

At five years old, looking out

At a placid lake, looking vast

As the sea, surely, to her young

Eyes —


A beautiful snapshot of a beautiful

Spot, that photo was taken

Twenty-one years ago, a mere echo —

Does her mother wonder how time

Traipsed by; does she tell her daughter

In her mind

“I like for you to be still?”


Response Often Unknown

Shared with the Tuesday Platform, on a Wednesday. I tried to find something to share that wasn’t too depressing, not sure I succeeded. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

Sometimes I feel alone,
Though needed help is near,
Response often unknown,
So help me then to hear —
I call with all my heart.

I call with all my heart,
So Savior, fast reply,
I will to do Your will,
So Savior, hear my sigh,
My heart is breaking — still.

Green Olive Tree

Shared with the Tuesday Platform.

“For I am like a growing olive tree,”
Declares the psalmist in his ancient words,
“I trust forever in God’s great mercy” —
Even today his poem of praise is heard
And echoes in the hearts of faith-filled ones,
With the same root, they too grow tall and strong,
Not as mere trees but as daughters and sons
Of the Most High, who shall not lead them wrong.
They may feel pressed like precious olive oil,
But with lamps lit there’s rest after the toil.