This is for the 26th installment of paint-chip poetry. Our topic is supposed to be What a Relief, so I made an extra effort to be positive. *smiles*

What a relief!
Smooth sailing soon, doom not concrete,
Gives us relief.
Fear, shark-like, is a sneaky thief —
There are straw hats to help the heat
An icy drink and comfy seat:
What a relief!

A Child’s Imagination

This is a décima for Ronovan’s challenge this week. The word he gives us is “story.”

Little girl’s creativity
Knows no bounds, fears not even seen,
She’s not learned to be timid, mean
To herself — she writes her story.

Perhaps it is written poorly,
Yet its adorable delight
Is evident; and she just might
One day become a great author,
Though some underestimate her:
Growth in imagination’s sight.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image


A Savored Moment

For the Writers’ Pantry, here is a quatrain that I wrote 2 days ago after spending some time in my back yard.

She stares transfixed at the garden full of life,
She, full of feelings mixed, childlike delight
Planted between pressures of grave responsibility —
Yet the silent butterflies seem to speak prophecy.

5_22 Butterfly!!
Photo taken by me last month

Cheerful Coloring

Hoping to spread some cheer with my coloring!

I had to choose between 2 pictures this month, and I continue to color more pictures, as this chapter of staying at home and social distancing is not yet finished. I hope the world is not too chaotic and that things can get back to normal (or better than “normal!”) soon.

Coloring 5_13

What Is the Hunter Hunting?

This was inspired by this week’s paint-chip poetry. Linda asks us to write about the key to happiness using at least 4 of the colors’ names.

Orion hunts after sunset,
Rising in his night-sky dwelling:
He tries to find a balm for scars,
And aloe vera doesn’t go too far.
He tries to find fame in a red carpet,
But he is made of other stars.
Around him he sees darkness,
But this is no total eclipse.
He does not know he casts a long
Shadow because he’s already
So close to the light.


This is for MLMM’s Tale Weaver, “I Remember Once.” I am also sharing it with the Writers’ Pantry. I’m not really sure if it’s done and maybe will add another couplet later.

I remember once, being called Tree Climber,
Based not on ability but on dreams and desire.

I remember once being called Jen-Jen,
A cute moniker from a much-missed friend.

Once recently I was called Ladybug,
Not sure what it means, but it felt like a hug.





Picking Blueberries

This poem is a true story. Here is a picture that I took this morning of the bounty! 


How beautiful, the fruity blue

Clusters in the sun, the sweetness

Of the berries bursting among leaves —

I underestimated the potentiality

Of their spring fruit-bearing,

Filling entirely a purple bowl,

With ripe orbs so quickly full.

Come With Me to Maui

For NaPoWriMo day 29, I am responding to DVerse’s prompt, Take Me With You!, and Poets and Storytellers United’s challenge to use enjambment. I didn’t use it for even close to every line, but hopefully there is enough of it.

Come with me, back to last summer:
I had not wanted to take a 5-hour plane flight,
I had not wanted to be with my family for a whole week —
But come with me, to the Lava Java shop
Or the sweet and savory pie place;
Come get a facial and massage at a spa
Smell the salty air and feel free
Even in the humidity, to embrace
Many beaches (with no need for any face
Mask) — In Kihei there were so many
Chickens in the roads, it seemed like a joke.

I wonder if the roosters rule the town now.
Come with me to see, some other summer.