Chaos Is Fun!

A poem about chaos for JusJoJan day 31, which doubles as an example of alliteration and consonance / assonance for DVerse MTB. Bjorn instructed us not to use too much of it, but I didn’t see that until after writing the poem, so too late. 🙂 I was going for a humorous piece, anyway. 



Pissed Pandora’s plaything,

Ushering in unfailing angst —

Please! Peace!


A Safe Place

A poem about dreams for DVerse Poetics. Thanks to Lillian for the prompt! Please follow the link to read other great and dreamy poems. I’m also posting to JusJoJan day 29. The last stanza can be my one-liner. 🙂 

You’re back in high school.

It completely slipped your mind

That it’s exam time.

But the teacher doesn’t mind

If you fly out the window.


There’s a tsunami warning.

You can see the humongous wave coming

And you cannot hide.

But when it hits you remember

You can breathe underwater.


Dreams are a safe place,

Where illusory fear fades.



This is in response to FOWC: Scarce and JusJoJan day 27 (I can’t believe that we are in the final week!).

I wake, and does it seem a normal day?
Yet dazzling moments need not be in lack.
Let gratitude and open eyes allay
All fears of scarcity which hide in back
Of mind; let little, happy moments stack:
Begin with sunlight streaming through this pane
Of glass, and greenery in stark terrain.


green cactus
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This poem was inspired by Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip poetry #3, and I am linking it with Linda G. Hill’s JusJoJan day 24. Linked to DVerse OLN.

Imagine this:
Walking along a dirt road,
Underneath the halo
Of the springtime sun,
Flowering plants flanking
Both sides of the path,
Following their aromas
And arriving at
An open, inviting meadow.

Am I wearing rose-colored
Glasses if I ask, and believe,
That the world has such beauty?


The Sea

For Poets and Storytellers United, Sanaa prompts us to write salt-water poems. I am also sharing with JusJoJan day 23 and FOWC: Clear.


The sea’s clear waters call —
I’m driven to its sands,
Which cast a gloomy pall
As grains whoosh through these hands:

With time and rhythm beat
The waves upon the shore,
Nature’s beauty replete —

Will we see it much more?


Hope’s Secret

This short poem is for DVerse Poetics, where we are writing about secrets. I am also linking to One-liner Wednesday.

Who knows why suffering exists?

Some is open, some is kept secret.

Some believe in future redemption,

But even they will admit:

Only God knows the details

And timing, and He keeps it secret.


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

– Romans 8:28 (KJV)