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My effort for this week’s Sijo prompt, for which we are to use REALITY as our inspiration.

Much as this writer also loves to peruse many genres,
And she could read and write for hours each day, she does wonder if
She should do more living, instead of only writing about it.

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Décima: Future Uses

Even though Ronovan Writes no longer hosts a décima challenge, from time to time I still like to write in that form. Today I used “future” as my jumping-off point, and the MVB and FOWC one-word prompts helped to inspire the rest of the poem.

It turns out that this is only tangentially related to “future” — this is the future that doing all that stuff in high school was supposed to prepare me for and make better. For a long time, I’ve felt like I’ve wasted all of that, and what I hadn’t wasted all by myself was stolen from me. 😦 😦 😦  But maybe that wasn’t wasted. Lou’s comment on my sijo made me rethink, just a bit. I’d never actually thought, “Maybe it wasn’t wasted!”

I write all that as a way of saying, I didn’t have to force this somewhat-optimistic ending today.

My academic achievements
Could not prepare me for real
Difficulty, nor help to heal,
For the pain of waste is intense.

Did that hard work have recompense?
Not in the way one likely guessed
But it was wise to do my best.
A certain success foreshadowed,
But forced down a different road,
Worked hard to pass another test.


woman checking eyesight with modern testing equipment
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.comAs for this picture, I just think it fits somehow.

I liked calculus and was pretty good at it — but I always hated real-life change.

One Possible Future

The future is far from my favorite topic, but that’s where we’re supposed to draw our inspiration from for Ronovan Writes’s Sijo prompt this week. I hate how far I am from where I thought I would be at this point… and at the same time, I think maybe my younger self was naïve. Not to mention, no one expected all the craziness of the past few years!

Married with 3 kids by 26, being a teacher,
Maybe even a published author — that obviously
Did not happen according to plan from hopeful 12-year-old Me.

I might write a second one.

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Some Days, and Others

A short little poem for FOWC; MVB; and Same Same, But Different. That prompt is about finding synonyms, and our words for this week are:

  1. run (which is today’s MVB prompt word 🙂 )
  2. yell
  3. blue
  4. wrap
  5. smoke


Spirit so sad it makes me
                    want to sprint away,
     (If i had the energy) --
Body so tense it makes me
                 want to scream,

I am enveloped in mist,
Squinting to see through this haze,
                 and sometimes I do,
Today being one of those days.
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June Birthdays

For DVerse Poetics’s ekphrastic poetry prompt, inspired by the picture below, I’ve written a haibun:

Yesterday, my grandma called my mom that the doe in her backyard, which she could see from her window, had just given birth. The doe was still licking the fawn, which was trying to stand up on its gangly, spindly legs. What a privilege to witness this beautiful, newborn life!

A short time later, Grandma called my mom back and said, “You’re not the only one who can have twins.”

life comes surprising,
an adorable duo
two fawns on the lawn

Carl Zimmermann, Deer in a Summer Meadow


Here is another “zesty” free-verse poem. I almost forgot to mention that it uses today’s FOWC.

When life gives you lemons,
With no apology, no promise
Of ever getting better,
Use the lemon zest.

That’s an ingredient in
Many recipes, isn’t it?

Couldn’t you make a
Delicious dish, and spit that
Sour taste, back in life’s face?

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At Least

Having been too busy yesterday to write much or to post anything, I want to write a lot today and maybe even post multiple times (this is your warning!). This poem was partially inspired by Brian’s prompt about “fleeting beauty” from last week. Also, it’s been hard because I’ve been eating a lot this week and ate a ton yesterday at my cousin’s wedding (how can you resist CAKE???).  I hate to admit it, but the eating-disorder “voice” never really goes away…

One thing that I notice when I do eat more is, at Sunday Mass, I actually sing better, and my voice is stronger. 🙂 That makes me happy.

At least I could sing strongly.
There’s a certain zest for life
That’s missing when you won’t eat
Wedding cake, or what
Your body really needs.

There’s a certain beauty
That doesn’t fade.

“At least” I could sing strongly?
That’s everything.


wk 262 zest

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Writing that felt gut-wrenching. Pun intended. Eating disorders are very symbolic. 🙂 Okay, have a good day, all.


For FOWC: Thrifty and MVB: Detergent, I wrote in a form called Juuichi (the Japanese word for 11), but I wrote 2 stanzas because one wasn’t enough. This is possibly cheating, but oh well. 🙂

Washed —
Not with detergent,
With Christ’s sacrifice,
With waters of

Not thrifty pricing:
Blood and suffering
To bestow new

religious artwork
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