My response to the current LiSb prompt about hope: a juuichi, also for NaPoWriMo day 22 (I skipped day 21 because I got hope late and didn’t even write anything until past 10 p.m.).

Lives in heartbeats,
One after another,
Countless treasures of


I finished a décima just now and am sharing it for NaPoWriMo day 11.


Give glory to God, all peoples,
He has restored my soul to life,
Rewarded me after all strife,
So that my joy may soon be full.

In deep darkness I felt a pull
To life, was rescued from Death's jaws --
So I would like to take a pause,
My great Deliverer to thank,
Helped me to float when my boat sank.
Give all of Heaven some applause. 


there is only one of you
in all existence —
there is only one of me,
we are made purposefully

This is a pretty simple poem, but I wrote it today inspired by some prompts and thought I would share it. 🙂

I took this photo while on a walk

My Lights

It’s time for my Tuesday-evening Sijo! This week’s theme is temptation. The first topic that I thought of is Jesus’s temptation in the desert, which was the Gospel reading on Sunday, but I wrote about something else:

When the darkness descends, when it invades, taking me captive,
I am tempted to think there is no light — yet I keep searching,
Until after excruciating pain, I find it right by me.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Life is a Story

Kriti at the blog “Life is Beauty” asks us this question: “Life is a story. What does yours say?”

I can’t tell you what my life says so far… but what I want it to say, what I hope it will say, is that a person can triumph over his or her difficulties and suffering and, to quote the great Fulton Sheen, “Life is worth living.” In order to convey such a message with my life, I first need to believe it myself. I am not shy in admitting that my medication helps me to see that life is worth living and to find hope in every day. It seems like a miracle to me, after having been literally suicidal for so long, and now I want to get a better job and drive, and I believe that there is a possibility that I can actually flourish, not only survive but thrive.

Of course, this post would be incomplete without pointing to my Savior Jesus Christ, to whom I give credit for the lifesaving miracle of modern medicine and the deep love of my friends. However, I hope to inspire people of all faiths because no one is excluded from this hope. Depression kills, but it doesn’t have to.

writing down each day
reasons now to stay alive
a lengthening list


Just wanted to share a little something, for FOWC and MVB prompts, since I didn’t post yesterday. Maybe I will come back later. 


The paths of life are hardly straight
But wander all the way, 
I walk with my unsteady gait
Arriving at Today. 
Unsure which way I ought to turn
I stand completely still,
All of my being wondering
What might happen, what will. 
The path ahead remains uncertain,
As does the time of final curtain. 


Life is hardly ever ideal, but it can always be good.

— one of my happy thoughts from yesterday

Yesterday was not an ideal day, and I didn’t even post for JusJoJan (although now I’m using the word). However, there were several aspects to be happy about, and by the end of the day, I felt very loved. Fun fact: I only wrote 2, very cruddy poems yesterday, but today I have 5 1/2  already.

For One-Liner Wednesday.

Life’s Orchestra

The prompt for JusJoJan is “complaint.” Also for MVB: Melody. Depression really is an illness, because I don’t have any real complaints about my life (other than the fact that I can’t yet drive, and it’s going to take me forever to learn well). However, I wrote this poem, thinking about how depression sucks the life out of life. If that makes sense.

All the beauty depression dims, 
Makes me sleep, when I should
Keep my eyes open:
Lack of an attention span
Truncates melodies, where
Once I would listen fully,
Sensing more than discordant 
Harmonies, and appreciating 
All the different instruments 
In life's amazing orchestral piece. 
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com