How could the heart be limited

This is for DVerse’s Quadrille Monday “We {heart} Poems”, and also for the MVB prompt, since that is “Monday.” 🙂 Our word is “heart” this week. It surprises me that that hasn’t been a quadrille prompt yet!

How could the heart be limited to 44 words only?
Explain how to condense ineffable complexities and wordless yearnings, beyond
rteries and veins keeping pumped blood coming and going?
are beyond telling is each beat’s uniqueness, especially
he wonderful being that each beat animates.

A Fire-F(l)ight of Ideas

One of my favorite pursuits is writing poems, and I love to try new forms. One such form is the Mirrored Refrain, which is our challenge at DVerse Poets. However, I don’t always make time to write for every prompt that I want to try! It can be overwhelming at times to have several vague ideas at once but no idea how to solidify them. Occasionally, even though creative writing is fun and tends to be stress-relieving and make me come alive, moments like that can also make me anxious. (For example, I forgot to respond to this prompt about fire last week, so now I’m responding quickly to his prompt about anxiety. 🙂 )

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Ice Cream and Fish

For FOWC: Expose and the prompt “Ice Cream” at My Vivid Blog, and shared with today’s Writers’ Pantry. Happy Sunday!

Ice cream exposed to the sun
Will melt — some environments
Are more keenly felt, as well
They should be, not surprising.

A fish taken out of the sea
Cannot swim — and made to live
In the wrong water, it dies,
More quickly than some might realize.

People with varying temperaments:
A fulfilling life for one,
To another does not make sense.

The Space Between

I wrote another thing! This short piece is for this prompt about a journey and for Writing Wednesday from a week ago, “point.”

Not every point on the journey is lit —
How often must we walk in darkness
Or with trepidation, with faintest illumination?

Yet the space between stars creates constellations,
Space mostly unknown to the human eye —
While asking why, take in the tapestry of sky.

starry sky
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

I Think of “Flash Crimson” Again

For DVerse Poetics, we are using proverbs as inspiration for a poem. I really wanted to write a poem about having one’s cake and eating it too…
but the proverb I ended up choosing was, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I actually wrote this poem about 6 months ago but don’t think I’ve ever posted it, so here you go. Please read “Flash Crimson” by Carl Sandburg, which, aside from that proverb, also inspired this poem.

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The Mind-Stream

I am finally participating in DVerse’s prompts again! Today it is Quadrille Monday, and our word is “stream.” I also wrote this for FOWC: Lonely.

Welcome to the stream of consciousness:
No idea where we are going today,
Whether the water will be placid
Or choppy (how quickly I become lonely)
Whether we will swim blithely.
Will you join the current with me?
Hoping it’s a pleasant place to be.