To and From the Stars

So much is happening these days,
I need a ride in a spaceship,
Or some other faraway trip,
To escape this frenetic craze.

What’s needed now? To turn my gaze
Upon what’s beautiful and bright:
Even right here, there is the sight
Of stars, burning brightly from far
Away, a light which is not marred
By difficulties from this fight.

A décima for this week’s challenge and also linked to FOWC: Frenetic. I forced myself to try to write a more positive ending to this poem. Key word is “try.”

Uncomfortable Truth

For FOWC: Macabre.

“Memento Mori” isn’t always too macabre
But it is truth we’d rather not touch.
A stack of books with skull atop
Reminds that one will never read so much,
And what’s the use if knowledge isn’t used?
“Memento Mori” means we’re not confused
About all of mankind’s eventual end,
Nor the type of life to which we ought to tend.

white skull on white wooden table
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What the Tags Say

The MVB prompt, “Tags,” made me think of how the eating disorder made me obsessed with the size of my clothes — the smaller the better. It didn’t  matter that some brands have different ways of sizing; if I didn’t fit into size X pants, then that was unacceptable. 

This poem is also for FOWC: Falling and for MLMM’s Saturday Mix, which is about antithesis (using opposites) this week. Linked with the Writers’ Pantry at PSU. 

Putting worth in the tags of clothes,

Thinking a letter or number knows —

Such a rough road, no smooth sailing,

Always thinking the wearer is failing

Therefore worn down, to despair falling.

Thankfully, a new way’s always calling:

No longer to sit so sad in shadows,

But to stand against what Life would oppose.

How could the heart be limited

This is for DVerse’s Quadrille Monday “We {heart} Poems”, and also for the MVB prompt, since that is “Monday.” 🙂 Our word is “heart” this week. It surprises me that that hasn’t been a quadrille prompt yet!

How could the heart be limited to 44 words only?
Explain how to condense ineffable complexities and wordless yearnings, beyond
rteries and veins keeping pumped blood coming and going?
are beyond telling is each beat’s uniqueness, especially
he wonderful being that each beat animates.

A Fire-F(l)ight of Ideas

One of my favorite pursuits is writing poems, and I love to try new forms. One such form is the Mirrored Refrain, which is our challenge at DVerse Poets. However, I don’t always make time to write for every prompt that I want to try! It can be overwhelming at times to have several vague ideas at once but no idea how to solidify them. Occasionally, even though creative writing is fun and tends to be stress-relieving and make me come alive, moments like that can also make me anxious. (For example, I forgot to respond to this prompt about fire last week, so now I’m responding quickly to his prompt about anxiety. 🙂 )

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