This was inspired by Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration, and the theme is “butterfly.”  The image is below. I’m not sure if this poem is finished, but it’s what I’ve got so far. Comments would be appreciated. 🙂

Place of birth: Earth,
Though my mind often seems
To be up in space,
Or at least in the sky
With hundreds of butterflies.
Or it’s inside books,
Looking to solve a mystery
As pages whisper memories
Of being a mighty tree.

Library butterfly books


This short poem is for Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration (on a Friday). The prompt word was mystery, and the image is below.

Slowly yet swiftly have the days advanced,
As a puzzling mystery, have they danced.
Slowly have the pieces fit together,
Yet we’re astronauts without a tether:
Will this maddening puzzle be done soon?
Should we believe that there’s cheese in the moon?

Spaceman puzzle mystery universe

Feverish Dreams

Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration caused this poem to happen. Also brought to you by COVID.

We’ve been having crazy dreams these days:
I am healthy, but they seem feverish, crazed
Scenes seem a haphazard amalgamation,
Some drug-induced creation
My brain has had a fun time making.

Waking, conscious mind remembers a few lines
And rises, going to find more surreality.
We’ve been having crazy dreams these days.

Image from Happy Color

Time for Thursday Inspiration

As the seconds tick, quickly,
Are we a cog in the machinery?
Is the meaning of all this visible?
Is finding meaning, simply risible?
Look at those Roman numerals —
We recognize these symbols
Of an empire once great,
No longer such a powerful state.
Time pieces

Note: This is for Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration #62, for which she gives us the word time and the picture above. Also, I do not believe that finding meaning is “risible.” In fact, I believe that finding meaning is among the most important things in life.