The Places We Have Passed

For FOWC: Spot and MVB: Road. I am also linking to the Friday Writings (on a Sunday). The prompt is optional, yet this happens to relate tangentially because of the pain of loss. This poem was written while thinking of those people who affected my life in a hugely positive way, yet who are no longer a large part of my life. It’s horribly painful when friends grow apart, even if there’s not a particular reason for it, other than lives diverging. Anyway, without further ado… Continue reading


Inspired in part by FOWC: Sold. These didn’t feel complete on their own. They seem to be part 1 and part 2 of one poem.


There is a vise-like grip
on my intestines,
Grabbing and twisting, soul
from body ripping.


How Judas is hated for having
sold Jesus
For silver — thirty pieces —
but I — I
Have betrayed Him for much