Helping Hand

When I saw Sadje’s WDYS picture for this week, I immediately thought of this meme (this is just the template):

Meme Generator - High fiving drowning person - Newfa Stuff

It took me longer to come up with anything to write for it. By that I mean that I had nothing until this morning. My poem doubles as a late response to SoCS: Key. It is “Stream-of-Consciousness Sunday” this time. 🙂 This was supposed to be a rondeau, but after the first 2 lines I realized the rhyme scheme was wrong, and with SoC you can’t edit, so… voilà.

No way to swim alone, you see
For life ahead, help is the key.
Drowning in the ocean, he pleads
But silently, for no one hears,
A helping hand is what he needs
But he is left with only fears.
We’ll drown if we’re alone, you see
For life ahead, hope is the key.

A Letdown

I have waited for a long time today, in anticipation for some poetic inspiration to come, but aside from a few lines, I have almost nothing.
Additionally, I had a really good morning today (because it is Sunday 🙂 ), but I can feel myself deflating like a balloon.
I felt inspired after Mass today because the Scripture and homily were encouraging, but now I’m back to wondering why God would ever bother to make someone as weak as me. Haha, but also it’s not a joke and I’m serious. So, I can understand, at least much of the time, that I guess God likes how He made me and/or made me this way intentionally, but that just leads me to ask the question:

"Y Tho?" by Halobanshee0703 | Redbubble

Here’s a poem I wrote a long time ago, in December 2015 or January 2016! 😀

“Lot’s Wife Goes to School”

 I wish I’d done drama or sung in the choir,
Not afraid to life my voice higher
Than the quiet lull of conformity.
I was never me.

I wish I’d not wasted so much time chasing A’s:
Fear became tangible, and
Shame was the name of the game,
Pressure to achieve that goal,
But there are such better ways to appraise,
Closer to my soul.

It’s no one’s fault,
But my life
Is littered
With pillars
Of salt.

Shared with the Friday Writings because it’s already Sunday.