The Sunrise Speaks

Written in response to MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Sunrise.

Come — you have nothing
To be afraid of.
Come — follow me
All the way across the sky
I am the sunrise.
I am what makes morning
Bright and beautiful.
Awake — next to my breaking
Rays of nascent dawn.
Awake — are you following
My light’s arc, so lovingly drawn?


Rhyme Time!

I apologize: This seems to be the only way that I can fit all five of those rhyming words in one poem. This dark limerick is for today’s Saturday Mix on MLMM.

He’d wanted a wife his whole life,
But marriage with conflicts was rife —
So sad and defeated
He felt that he needed
To end all that strife with a knife.

dry rose flower next to broken heart shaped cookie
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This very short story is for Tale Weaver: Blessing and FOWC: Nearly. It was inspired by the picture below, which is a random meme I found online.

“I feel like this must be heaven!” Ellie exclaimed.

“Really?” her mother asked, laughing with amusement at her daughter’s exuberance.

“Well, definitely nearly,” Ellie said. “I bet only angels could make a cinnamon roll this big!”


Triquint: Courage Hurts

This is for FOWC: Tentative and this week’s Saturday Mix. It is a poetry form called a Triquint. Follow the link to find out more. It was actually difficult to do well. This is my third attempt at a Triquint, and I’m still not sure about it.

Through difficult days, sad times forgive.
When one’s voice must be plaintive
Have courage to live:

Unsure of life, no one feels festive.
What one knows falls through a sieve.
Have courage to live

Remember how much God wants to give,
Though now the soul is restive
Have courage to live,
Tentative —


I need to preach this to myself, especially today.


This is for MLMM’s photo challenge #322 and also inspired by FOWC: Callous.

Don’t berate the gray girl:

Do not call her loneliness inane.

Do not be callous toward her pain.

Do not invalidate nor try to make

Her feel what she is not feeling;

She has already too long faked.

Certainly do not try to paint

Over her crying, hurting face:

Which is what I hear when you say

“Just cheer up.”



For MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Shirt. This is based on truth.

A favorite shirt outgrown:
Pretty pastel purple and blue,
With a rosette on the left shoulder,
She is unhappy but it is true:
She is getting older.
She thinks it looks so beautiful,
To let it go seems awful,
But the 9-year-old child knows
It has become too small for her.

This looks nothing like the one in the poem.

Opposing Forces

This is for the Saturday Mix (on a Sunday) and also fits with FOWC: Idyllic. This prompt is apt for this week. 

Circumstances we do not pick,
Situations far from idyllic.

There is difficulty breathing,
Whether it be from masks or police
Or viruses, not leaving
Any aspect of society in peace.

I wish again for childhood,
Descend the slide of despair
Barely able to cope —
Ascend the ladder of hope.

Every New Start

This is for MLMM’s Tale Weaver prompt and this week’s décima challenge, where we are supposed to use the word “wind” in the B rhyme spot. Follow the links for more info! 

The close of day is no dead end:
Though the path out may wend and wind,
The pinkish dawn is ripe to find
A better way, and hope, to tend.

The close of day is wont to send
Symbolic messages of fear;
Ignore that siren-song and steer
Away from treacherous creatures.
Nightmares to dreams: morning features
New rosiness of life to cheer.


Double Take

For the Saturday Mix “double take”, also partially inspired by FOWC: Pensive. This is also basically stream-of-consciousness, so if it’s bad, that’s why. 😂

The weight

Of the world

In the brain.


Waiting for relief,

I seem

Pensive as a

Placid sea


— nothing but a

well-worn mask —


Underneath the surface

Waves are rolling

Quaking makes

Caves collapse

Soon a tsunami —


This is your warning.