I will sing

For MLMM’s photo challenge #404. Photo credit: Sarah Whiley. I enjoy the eclectic variety of prompts on WordPress and hope that this is not a lame poem. 😊



I will sing

Even dirges

With a certain

Happiness — 


For the notes

Grow wings,

And even minor keys


Might unlock

A hidden door


To Heaven


Seeing the Truth

For the Saturday Mix: Opposing Forces and FOWC: Reprieve, I have a post that is sort of in two parts because I couldn’t fit both pairs of opposites into one poem.


After my GPA had risen so high,
I was relieved to see it fall,
Never so happy to get a B
In my life, no longer needing
To keep being perfect.
A much-needed reprieve:
The pursuit not worth it.

(true story, by the way — I was so excited to tell everyone, “I got a B!” XD )

success text
Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com


Take a look inside:
Animosity behind
Stilted politeness,
Rudeness lurks inside the heart
Jealousy with bitterness

It Can Be Lonely

“Holidays” is the prompt for MLMM’s Tale Weaver from a couple of days ago. One of the questions that our prompter, Stephanie, asked is, “What do holidays mean to you?” so I wrote this sevenling.

In wider society “the holidays” means
Singing about Santa and snowmen,
Feasting with family and, above all, shopping

Whereas to many, and to me, this is the
Mass of Christ’s birth, the reason we
Sing and feast, joyously gift-giving

And it hurts when family does not see.

Better Is Possible

A sevenling for FOWC: Better and as a response to MLMM’s Saturday Mix, which is about using opposites today (Well, not today, but over the past weekend — I’m late with my response again). “Mend/break and order/mess” are our given pairs, but I fit in another pair of opposites as a fun bonus. The picture is just one that I liked, which I took in my garden a couple of years ago. I tend to think of flowers as hopeful things. 

Messy room must be
Put in order, lost job
Found again, broken heart mended.

Lessons taught take time,
Miracles might not be
Immediate, healing can be heavy —

But “better” is possible.