The image for Sadje’s “What do you see?” challenge is quite evocative this week.

There were times when I didn’t want to die because I hadn’t finished the book I was reading yet. However, as any reader knows, we’re never done with all the books we want to read, are we? There were other times when I wanted to stay alive because there was too much money in my bank account; I hadn’t given nearly enough of it away. There were times when I had “travel to France” or other foreign countries on my bucket list, but especially with the way international travel is now (or, heck, domestic travel!), I don’t care much about that anymore.

So, what is on my “bucket list?”


(this bucket is nice 🙂 )


I hope to put these buckets down,
Their water heavy, shoulders weak.
Though sun outside won’t make me frown
I hope to put these buckets down,
Some shade for resting these feet seek.
Somewhere there is a better town,
I need to throw these buckets down!
Their water heavy, shoulders weak.

(P.S. That triolet was total stream-of-consciousness so if it’s bad, that’s why.)

Hidden Treasure

This is a little silly, but it happened the other day. I may have hundreds of dollars in unused gift cards at this point. For FOWC: Redeem.

Gift cards waiting
Hidden, to be redeemed:
Forgotten in my old wallet
Now seen.


woman holding fan of us dollar bills
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

P.S. Before posting this, I was thinking about how I’m kind of surprised I didn’t write anything about Jesus. 🙂 “Redeem” is an easy word to use on that topic. One of the major themes of Christianity is redeeming a broken life (and we all have a broken life to some extent) so that even one’s mistakes, when admitted, can be used for good. (see Romans 8:28). Okay, my sermon is over. 🙂


Do you think yourself to be poor?
Based on beauty, or money spent,
Differences are more prominent;
What is in common is much more.

Jealousy’s often misplaced, for
Not every day holds elation:
Behind curated creations,
There’s no one lives without a care.
There’s a condition we all share,
Envy causes isolation.

This is a décima for Ronovan Writes. This week’s word is CARE in the D rhyme spot. Linking with the Writers’ Pantry at Poets and Storytellers United. Happy Sunday!

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

Valuable Gifts

This is a décima for Ronovan’s prompt, with the word Gift as one of the B rhymes. Quite a timely prompt, obviously. 🙂 This décima took about 3 days to complete, so my brain very slowly revealed this gift to me.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

As Advent is a brand-new start,
God is ready to give a gift:
The strength and peace of Christ to lift,
The God of peace will guard your heart.

When shoppers fill a shopping cart,
Remember most of all the why:
Remember what will satisfy
Beyond what fits inside a box.
Sincere and loving care unlocks
Treasures that no money can buy.

Precious and Priceless

This décima is for Ronovan Writes’s challenge. It also is linked with FOWC: Intangible and “What’s the Price?” at Poets and Storytellers United.

Intangible love, inner bliss:
Possibly each life’s major goal,
Enlivening the weary soul,
Precious treasure, it is priceless.

What a tragedy to miss this:
Incomplete sans companionship,
To lift people up when moods dip.
Incomparable is a friend,
Worth more than what many checks send,
Precious — a desert water-sip.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

No Coffers Fit in the Coffin

For today’s FOWC, the word is “vitriol.” I was thinking about the idea of wealth and wrote this acrostic. There are also other prompts that I wanted to try to do today, but I’m not getting anything remotely post-worthy.

What can any man take with him, when he
Ends his tenure on Earth? His soul in its condition is
All — no clothes nor masks with which to hide;
Lies become as nothing. Any vitriolic bravado loses its
Teeth, becoming weak, for truth is strong.
Heed this warning before too long.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com


The prompt for today’s SoCS: Pro and Con fits well with DVerse MTB, Stream-of-Consciousness poems. I couldn’t resist! 

The pros and cons of stream-of-consciousness writing:

You can pen whatever happens to be in your brain

Without any sort of editing or strain, you don’t

even need punctuation or rhymes of any particular

Creation — Look, an abrupt change of thought,

I dash — — onto the text next topic my view

Is not myopic but see, a con is maybe,

The poem doesn’t make no sense — well,

That’s my two cents. And two cents can’t buy

Anything these days anyway.

What Is Inevitable

A cherita inspired by FOWC: Inevitable and shared with today’s Writers’ Pantry. Happy Sunday to all.

Take the looming inevitability of death and taxes —

Give back to the community to live longer,
More happily and in memory; better to live forever

With the Holy Trinity in ineffable Heaven —
Caesar can keep his money. It tarnishes eventually.
Give to Caesar what is his, to God what is God’s.