A Better Transgression

At DVerse, yesterday’s Poetics prompt was about peer pressure. Although I wanted to write a longer and more personal piece, that’s not happening yet, and it might be too personal for this blog, anyway (“too personal for this blog??” Who knew there was such a thing?). Instead, here is a five-line poem I wrote last night, based on a Bible verse that was in my reading.

Conform not to the culture which surrounds:
To find one’s way, transgressing o’er its bounds
May be the better choice, to remain true
To what a human ought to be and do.
Integrity will furnish solid ground.


sunflower beginning to open
A sunflower beginning to open —
I took this photo about 2 years ago

Nature in Black and White

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “nature in black & white.” None of these was taken specifically for this challenge, which might be cheating, but I found recent photos of nature that I took and applied a black-and-white filter to them. I think B&W photos look pretty cool because the contrast(s) are heightened.

New flowers in the garden a few days ago
A cute little rabbit in my yard, seen through the front window.
I stared at it for a good 2 minutes because it was so cute!

From one of the recent times when I saw ducklings + Mama Duck, flowers in foreground

Despite my writing-obsessed, poetic disposition, I can’t think of any poems to write about these photos. Leave a comment if you have an idea! 😀 

This Summer Solstice

For DVerse’s Haibun Monday, for which the theme is the summer or winter (depending on which side of the equator you live on) solstice. I’m happy to write for this. 🙂

Will the sun stand still? I'm not ready for the days to start shortening, gradual as is may be. It's scary because I want to stay happy. This past week has been a medical miracle, a blessing, and/or a stroke of luck; but like the solstice it may only be brief. Mood, like time, moves like the waves at the beaches -- which I might like to visit soon.

scorching heat
walking -- grains of sand
salt water

Photo I took while driving (I was a passenger) in Hawaii, 8/2019


All week I’ve had a vague idea of what I wanted to write in response to FFFC #173 and WDYS #138, and this morning I wrote this cherita for it. This is based on reality. 🙂 As a kid I would go camping once a year or so, but it wasn’t my favorite vacation, especially since I hated nighttime.

She likes the great outdoors, but camping

Isn’t her thing; and, unable to swim well,
She feels a bit sick and nervous in small boats.

If she must be dragged camping, she might
Go hiking, but she prefers to find adventures
Within pages, of the novels she escapes in.

Night and Day

For Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, “Night and Day,” here is my response. I am only one day late! 🙂

I looked through my photos from my first year of college, when I lived on campus and when I used to take photos of the flowers all the time, any time of the day. Looking back, I see that I had a lot of fun giving them creative titles, and also probably never deleted a single one!

All of Us...
I took this one around sunset.
I had titled this one, “Beauty in the Night.”

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble uploading any more photos. There were 2 more that I wanted to share. Here is a little poem I just wrote:

The petals,
The day and night,
Memory is left —
Looking at these,
We can be

A Rainbow in Grayscale

This photo by Charley at Life in Portofino inspired me to write a poem. I was on the fence about posting it, but Charley was interested in reading it, so voilà.

Look at that magnificent sky,
Almost entirely clear of clouds,
With that expansive arc across it —

And where there are clouds,
They are at the top of the tree line,
Like foaming crests of ocean waves —

And take in the kaleidoscope
Of all those different colors
Inherent in the rainbow!

Photo by Charley, not me!

This photo struck me because it, to me, is almost a symbol of what it’s like to live with depression. People who have no idea what they’re talking about will say to “think positive” or “make a gratitude list” (as if the problem is that I’m ungrateful). However, it is true that finding little things that make me happy, little moments of beauty or cuteness (like the ducks) does help. I can recognize the sky, the nice clouds, the awesome rainbow — but often it’s like the most important part — the COLOR, the purpose almost, as well as hope — is missing. Tell me if you understand what I am trying to say, please. 🙂

June Birthdays

For DVerse Poetics’s ekphrastic poetry prompt, inspired by the picture below, I’ve written a haibun:

Yesterday, my grandma called my mom that the doe in her backyard, which she could see from her window, had just given birth. The doe was still licking the fawn, which was trying to stand up on its gangly, spindly legs. What a privilege to witness this beautiful, newborn life!

A short time later, Grandma called my mom back and said, “You’re not the only one who can have twins.”

life comes surprising,
an adorable duo
two fawns on the lawn

Carl Zimmermann, Deer in a Summer Meadow

Fleeting Beauty

Brian’s prompt for this week, which I didn’t even look at until this morning, is “Fleeting Beauty,” as you could guess from the title. 🙂 He suggests the haiku form for this topic (which works in my favor because I was short on time). I do agree that a brief, often nature-based form like the haiku is effective for this theme.

I took it in a different direction, though, since I’ve been at work a lot and am getting inspiration from the lovely, delicious, ephemeral, consumable works of Italian-ice-and-frozen-custard art! Without any further ado, here is:

“Fleeting Yummy”

Chocolate custard tops
Birthday cake ice, with sprinkles
Melts soon in the sun

If I want to look deeper into this poem, I could say that the “birthday cake ice” represents the passage of time, years going by as someone gets older. Although I probably am about to have another mid-life crisis, all it really “represents” is what I ate this afternoon. XD

Trail Mix

Today’s SoCS challenge is trail / trial. The first thing I thought of is how much I LOVE trail mix and how it’s probably the food that I eat most often. It’s so fun to snack on. I hardly ever take it on actual trails, as I don’t hike much. XD I do like long walks in nature, though, and am actually fairly active, considering I am mildly disabled. Last time I went on an actual hike, though, I had to get literally carried down the mountain. Not so bad, considering it was a pretty good-looking man who carried me down said mountain! However, I try not to put myself in situations where I will be too much of a drain on others. You could say I do not want to present too much of a trial for them. 🙂

Teeth bite into peanuts and
Raisins, dried cranberries
And of course the M&Ms:
In life some parts are unpalatable,
Let’s add sweetness where we can.