Praise Anyway

I’m not entirely pleased with how this turned out but will share it for SoCS anyway. 🙂

There are always
Tiny little gems
Which shine throughout the day,
Despite lingering darkness.
To be thankful for in the end,
Reminders of God’s enduring love.

I have depression but can have many happy days anyway. I can have a really hard day but can call it a good day anyway (I don’t really believe in bad days, only hard days).

Continued Inspiration

In the previous post, I mentioned other poems inspired by the chrysalis from earlier this week. Here are 2 of them (I wrote a third, but it didn’t turn out).

“Am I a Caterpillar?”

If I turn to goo
Hope it’s intermediate –
The next stage better

“Nonet: Into a Butterfly”

Caterpillar, along a leaf, eats
Does it know what it is doing?
It cares not for appearance
But only what it is:
Deep down it must know
Of Imago,

shallow focus photography of green caterpillar on green leaf
Photo by Egor Kamelev on