Crown of Joy

This was inspired by Writing Wednesday, for which the prompt word is “master,” and also this prompt about joy. On this 25th day of February, I am loving those days when you are joyful for no particular reason! I did see a butterfly in the afternoon, which is a plus. 🙂 This is just a quatrain, but I am decently happy with it.

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Ghazal: Folly

After posting the paint-chip ghazal earlier today, I remembered this one, written about a month ago, on January 16, 2021.

clear wine glass on black table
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Forgive my folly, veritable wells of it!
Let it be written down, say not farewell to it!

Before its end, all pens would use their ink;
Were I given all time, I could not tell of it.

See how the heart makes passion come in waves —
Behold the ocean deep, the ebb and swell of it!

Even if you are not my Beatrice,
Could you not be my Virgil for the hell of it?

Now all that’s left are roses pressed in books:
One such sweet scent — this writer brings to life the smell of it.

Learning to Sail

For Ronovan’s décima challenge, which this week is FLOAT.

Those who keep going, I admire:
Although we walk, life is a boat.
So hard to keep the ship afloat,
The seas themselves seem to conspire.

Let hope and love be my attire,
To never let the boat capsize,
To skill in sailing realize.
Even when the waves are choppy
May they not break serenity:
Enjoy the ride, sun in my eyes.

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I Have Lived in Many Half-Worlds Myself

Upon reading “Flying Fish” by Carl Sandburg for the first time, I wrote this response. Sharing with DVerse Poets’ prompt, “A Conversation.”

I have lived in many half-worlds myself:
Something simultaneously hopeful and harrowing,
Days which are both depressive and lifted,
Days when despair drowns in floating faith

I have dreams in which I breathe
Under the seawater or up in the sky:
A wing thing. A fish thing.
Sometimes I have lived in that in-between —
And so I know you.

image from Pinterest

A Storm Which Spouts Such Squalls

Do any of you sometimes experience so many thoughts and ideas going on in your mind, that you can’t write anything? That is what happened to me today. This ghazal, inspired by the current DVerse prompt about beginnings and endings, is what happened after I did a completely stream-of-consciousness free-write in my poetry notebook. No paragraphs, no capitalization, almost no punctuation….it was like reading The Sound and the Fury. Anyway, here is the slightly less messy mess that I came up with, after my first mess was completed. 

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