The Sunrise Speaks

Written in response to MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Sunrise.

Come — you have nothing
To be afraid of.
Come — follow me
All the way across the sky
I am the sunrise.
I am what makes morning
Bright and beautiful.
Awake — next to my breaking
Rays of nascent dawn.
Awake — are you following
My light’s arc, so lovingly drawn?



For MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Shirt. This is based on truth.

A favorite shirt outgrown:
Pretty pastel purple and blue,
With a rosette on the left shoulder,
She is unhappy but it is true:
She is getting older.
She thinks it looks so beautiful,
To let it go seems awful,
But the 9-year-old child knows
It has become too small for her.

This looks nothing like the one in the poem.

Ripened Fruit

This was inspired by my breakfast this morning — inspiration can be found everywhere — and is for FOWC: Taste.

The red on my coffee cup:
Not lipstick but juice
From a ripe red strawberry
Savored this morning.

The joy is not false,
As taste of sweet
And bitter waltz, leaving
Traces of unexpected color.


Opposing Forces

This is for the Saturday Mix (on a Sunday) and also fits with FOWC: Idyllic. This prompt is apt for this week. 

Circumstances we do not pick,
Situations far from idyllic.

There is difficulty breathing,
Whether it be from masks or police
Or viruses, not leaving
Any aspect of society in peace.

I wish again for childhood,
Descend the slide of despair
Barely able to cope —
Ascend the ladder of hope.


This is for the 26th installment of paint-chip poetry. Our topic is supposed to be What a Relief, so I made an extra effort to be positive. *smiles*

What a relief!
Smooth sailing soon, doom not concrete,
Gives us relief.
Fear, shark-like, is a sneaky thief —
There are straw hats to help the heat
An icy drink and comfy seat:
What a relief!

Living Generously

I was thinking about the “Our Father” prayer and wrote this.

Give us this day
Gratitude for simply living.
Give us this day
The grace to walk the narrow way
Aright; and to assuage pain’s sting,
A heart of generous giving
Give us, this day.

Double Take

For the Saturday Mix “double take”, also partially inspired by FOWC: Pensive. This is also basically stream-of-consciousness, so if it’s bad, that’s why. 😂

The weight

Of the world

In the brain.


Waiting for relief,

I seem

Pensive as a

Placid sea


— nothing but a

well-worn mask —


Underneath the surface

Waves are rolling

Quaking makes

Caves collapse

Soon a tsunami —


This is your warning.