Pinch Poem: Storms

This pinch poem took me 3 days. As the days go by, it gets more and more applicable / honest. 

A story which these days I have so often heard:
In Galilee Jesus was with his disciples,
Stuck in a storm on a turbulent sea —
He stilled the storm to a whisper.
He stilled the storm to a whisper.
There’s a powerful storm surrounding me,
I may be in the eye, but hurricane-wind pulls,
Even heartfelt poems lack the necessary Word.

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Seas, Islands, and Sharks

Even when I have difficulty, or when it’s been a long day, responding to prompts and posting to my blog is a hobby of mine (as you know), so here is a little poem.

Of trial —
Words are the islands
On which I find safe shelter


For FOWC: Sea and partially inspired by DVerse’s Habun Monday because I used the idea of “shelter,” but I’m not linking up because this isn’t a haibun.

Here is FFFC: #182. The picture reminded me of my ex and me because we would do jigsaw puzzles in the park together (that’s another of my hobbies — puzzles). Before we were dating, we would use that as an excuse to sit really close to each other or “accidentally” brush our hands together. It was one of those cute but ridiculous things. One puzzle had a bunch of different sharks on it, so that is what this cherita is inspired by.


I thought the pieces fit together, didn't you?

A couple dozen sharks with so much ocean between them,
Several times we tried to finish the picture

We never did finish that thousand-piece puzzle.
Now it's too late, for time flows forward.
There are plenty of other "sharks" in the sea.

Morning Light

A few of my brother’s cacti and plants. My favorite is the one in the little blue pot on the right.

This is my very late response to the Cosmic Photo Challenge, for which this week’s theme is In the Morning Light, so I took these photos in my back yard this morning at around 6:15.

Sometimes there are many clouds in the sky, but I only saw these little ones. Nevertheless, they were inspiring!

Psalm 103 inspired this cinquain:

Give thanks
For everything:
Morningtime is hopeful,
Looking up at sunrising sky
With clouds

Wanting to extend this theme, I wrote a Chaucerian stanza next:

The clouds of morning bring with them a hope:
A cotton-candy pink like sweetest blush
Colors their face, as languidly they lope
Across the sky, amidst the gentle hush
Of morning. Currently there is no rush.
I hear birds chirp and revel in the sound,
Hope beauty is unclouded, evening-gown’d.

Sound Sleep?

Fandango has a “story starter” challenge, and this is the first time I am trying it. His words are in bold.

I woke from a sound sleep up with a start, turned on my nightstand light, and…

Wondered about the meaning of the dream that had just invaded my subconscious. Really, it was more of a nightmare, so I didn’t want to think TOO much about it. Having such difficulty finding a peaceful place. Peaceful places, interrupted by sudden Fiery Explosions. Then realizing that I was in a dream, so I did not have to get hurt by the explosion, even though everyone around was obliterated.

Does this dream have a happy ending or not?

I turned off the lamp and tried to fall back asleep, hoping not to enter into that same precarious and disturbing scenario.

P.S. I had a dream like this last night.

Glorious Hope

Because of the resurrection,
Our hope is not in vain:
Hope – that Jesus’s Ascension
Can mirror our eventual raising,
The Spirit He sent bears witness
To this everlasting promise,
With Holy Mary, queen mother,
Among the firstfruits.

While I am not absolutely thrilled with this, I figured it was especially appropriate for Sunday. I was inspired by the set of Glorious Mysteries of the rosary. Hopefully Jesus and / or his mom like it.

This Terrible Sea

I wrote this poem a few days ago and already shared it  with my church “grandparents.” They are biased 🙂 but they really liked it! I hope this blesses at least one of you readers, as well.

Cast cares upon the Lord; He will sustain,
Upon this bed of loneliness and pain.
Hold fast to Him, hold fast to what is main,
Reward of highest worth shall be the gain.

Affliction shall not for forever last,
Soon this horrific hurting will be past:
Though this terrible sea is dark and vast,
The cross of Christ is as a sturdy mast.

Though now the way around is far from plain,
All the struggle striving is not in vain.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on


No need for an expensive gift, nor anything 
Wrapped in pretty paper (though
Bubble wrap's a plus), just
Wrap me in a loving hug, and hold
Me close. At most I'll need
A small chocolate treat, and then
I'll hear your heart's speech easily. 

My quadrille for DVerse’s Quadrille Monday, and the word of the week is “wrap!” I tried to write something on the fun side. 😊 I don’t mind gifts (or chocolate!), but hugs are my favorite. 

Sweets from 2018

Hide No More

DVerse OLN is live today, and I will be reading this poem, written a couple of days ago. I’m excited to get to take part again; usually I’ve been working while it’s going on! By the way, I am grateful for each person who has offered a “speaking place” for me. I never forget such kindness. ❤

Emotions need a speaking place
A speaking, speaking, speaking place
Where they can find a caring face
Where they can be expressed. 

If there are secrets unconfessed
Some shame-drenched secrets unconfessed,
Perhaps that leads to moods depressed
Perhaps that needs the light.

Emotions hidden from all sight
So hidden, hidden, from all sight
Must be brought out from endless night
Must be brought out, released. 

Emotions need a speaking place
Must be brought out, released.