Meditate on Nature

This poem was mostly inspired by the Writing Wednesday prompt, “meditation.” It is a Puente poem, so called because the line in the middle acts as a “bridge” between the 2 parts of the poem. I am also sharing with the Writers’ Pantry and with JusJoJan day 24, even though the word “trigger” did not trigger any ideas, at least not yet.

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Sonnet: Dove of Peace

In this post from last week, I shared a picture and 2 poems inspired by it, wondering if I would start a series by reusing some of the lines to write different forms of poetry. Well, here is the next installment of the series: a Shakespearean sonnet (hoping to try a Petrarchian sonnet soon)! Shared with the Writers’ Pantry at Poets and Storytellers United.

The dove of peace brings healing in its wings,
The shining sun comes not so far behind –
A confluence of pinkish hues it beings,
The easier some happiness to find.
The dove of peace reveals itself to men
Although it often seems to’ve been delayed:
It can be shy, and finds its welcome when
True prayers of trust, like little stars arrayed,
Light up the people’s dark thoughts’ sky. Those stars
Provide much comfort when they’re born and rise,
Against despair and woeful words which mar –
With peace past understanding as the prize.
Thenceforth can many faith-filled flowers grow,
No matter which direction the winds blow.

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Learning to Sail

For Ronovan’s décima challenge, which this week is FLOAT.

Those who keep going, I admire:
Although we walk, life is a boat.
So hard to keep the ship afloat,
The seas themselves seem to conspire.

Let hope and love be my attire,
To never let the boat capsize,
To skill in sailing realize.
Even when the waves are choppy
May they not break serenity:
Enjoy the ride, sun in my eyes.

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First, Inspiration Hits

Today for SoCS and FOWC: Snug, I wrote a “golden shovel” poem, using a line from Emily Dickinson: “Bring me the sunset in a cup.” I don’t know which poem that is from because I encountered it on the tag of the tea bag that I had yesterday (“Bring me inspiration in a cup”). Reading that line, I instantly wanted to use it in a golden shovel poem but didn’t know how to start. Then, this morning, I saw the SoCS prompt and started the poem with “First thing.” 🙂 So there was a little bit of preparation for this, but it was accidental preparation. 🙂 Without any further ado…. Continue reading

Peace, Love, and Perseverance

This is a poem that I wrote yesterday, a reflection of sorts on a passage I read from St. Peter Canisius. I am linking this poem to Angie Trafford’s Writing Wednesday (from last Wednesday), “sender.”

Love and perseverance are needed for peace:
On Earth troubles will never long cease,
So let love with courage be fortified,
Let peace not be too elusive nor hide
Its face from those who are its friends.
Peace, love, and perseverance God sends.