Strange and Stranger

This is for two prompts, MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Stranger, as well as (especially) the photo challenge #335. It may not be exactly on-prompt, but these poems were inspired by both prompts. The picture is by Brooke DiDonato.  Also, the first poem is in a form called an Alouette, and the second one got really creepy, just a warning!

Stranger than fiction:
She lost all friction,
Losing foothold and her shoe:

Some strange attraction
Caused this weird action —
All physics laws went cuckoo!

She is pulled off her feet,
Not able to make a retreat,
Impelled falling up those stairs —

She sees one shoe fly,
As she stifles a sharp cry
She hears an alarm bell blare:

Be sure to be home by midnight.


This is short and simple, but I decided to share my response to FFFC #83 with the Writers’ Pantry. I tried to write something hopeful / whimsical to combat these “ominous times.” 

This is quite a magical place:
Green grass, several paths, blue sky.
Untold adventures to embrace,
As clouds are sailing way up high.


Inspired by MLMM’s photo challenge #328, I wrote this cherita,

Rowing the boat across something so pure and pristine —

Are you rowing on freshly-fallen snow?
A blanket underneath a remarkably blank, white sky?

And the other man with you — is he Charon?
Is this Styx? Are you rowing into a void,
Which none of us knows and none can avoid?

Photo by Jayant Kulkarni on

Creative Mess

This was inspired by MLMM’s photo challenge #326.

It’s such a mess in the cellar,
At the bottom of the staircase,
Underneath your living space —
It’s such frenetic happiness,
With every inch available
Covered with art from wall to wall!
It’s difficult to keep clean,
But that’s not always a need:
The artist knows what life means.


This is for MLMM’s photo challenge #322 and also inspired by FOWC: Callous.

Don’t berate the gray girl:

Do not call her loneliness inane.

Do not be callous toward her pain.

Do not invalidate nor try to make

Her feel what she is not feeling;

She has already too long faked.

Certainly do not try to paint

Over her crying, hurting face:

Which is what I hear when you say

“Just cheer up.”


The Interior Corner

This is for Fandango’s flash-fiction challenge #72. Join in here! Our picture is below.

To me, this looks like Hogwarts or almost like a cathedral, but my poem has nothing to do with that. *smile*

You keep to your corner,
Hiding inside,
There’s light all around you,
In dark spots you hide
While light streams through windows
On the left and right —
It seems too hard to move,
Yet the goal is in sight.

The Metal Bubble

This poem is inspired by FFFC #70, the image below:

They are gazing outside the train,
Outside the windowed metal bubble;
He wonders what is to be gained
By staying stuck; it may mean trouble
To leave may be terrifying.
But there remains a world outside
Inner fear might be decrying —
Fight it, flee fear, and cease to hide.