Hello, I am back from my weekend retreat and wanted to share a post today! However, it’s very peculiar because, although I wrote quite a bit over the weekend, it’s all very personal and / or really Jesus-y, and sometimes it’s just not a good poem, so I don’t necessarily want to put it on the blog. As for today, I am not feeling very inspired at all. Well,days of writing 8 poems and of writing 2 poems average out to 5 per day, so that’s not too bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Cosmic Photo Challenge for this week was “lest we forget,” since this past weekend included Veterans’ Day. However, no disrespect to our veterans but I have other pictures because I went on retreat.

… lest we forget to stop and smell the roses

…lest we forget the lights in the darkness
… lest we forget that everything will eventually be okay

The Bible verse on the mint says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” Romans 8:28
I found that mint on my pillow the very first evening and was quite amused that even the mint was telling me to relax.

It’s almost Halloween!

My response (at the last minute) for Sadje’s WDYS #157. I just had to write something or other for this picture! This is just silly and festive. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pumpkin-spice latte:*
Without it I’ll play some tricks
Til I get my treat
* I’m more of a cold-brew person

And here’s a shadorma:

Little munchkins come,
Munching on
Candy corn,
Dressed as witches, ghosts galore —
Jack-o-lanterns glow

From the End of September

The last photo from September is this orchid flower. My brother, who works at a gardening shop, must have done some sort of Orchid Rescue Mission, as we have about 8 orchid plants throughout our house all of a sudden.ย 

P.S. I am having a bit of an existential crisis because it is October. The passage of time has haunted me since I was a little girl. I had some pretty heavy journal entries for a 9-year-old! Monthly challenges such as this are a bright spot. ๐Ÿ™‚


This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “as summer fades.”

You can’t see any rain in this picture, but this was taken a few days ago around sunset, while it was raining, which rarely happens.
This evening, I noticed this flower. I don’t think summer is going anywhere anytime soon, especially not in California.

I’ve got nothing for a poem this evening (even though this is usually the time of week when I share a Sijo), but I don’t want to force it. The theme for this week’s Sijo is persistence, though, so maybe….

Nothing coming, ideas stuck like a truck broken down,
Carrying precious cargo; fix the engine and let it go
Break through barriers, and with persistence reach the destination

Not a Scratch but Beaten Up

Anxiety attacks her finding her when she is alone, bringing with him his friend Depression. They invade her mind, and she almost thinks she’s done for, that sanity will be a casualty in this fight, finally. She is no match for their combined strength, but she refuses to give up when she is knocked down. Beaten up but not entirely beaten, she calls upon her own friends from Heaven, and soon angels and saints are fighting for her. It’s a fierce fight, not won all at once, but in the end faith gives the victory. Anxiety and Depression have no choice but to flee the battlefield — until they plan another attack.

My six sentences for 6-sentence stories, also shared with MLMM’s photo challenge #428 because I pretty much felt like this picture (Photo byย Marco Bianchettiย onย Unsplash).

Summer Sunshine

For this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, “A summer walk in the sunshine,” I took a couple of pictures in my backyard. I’ve shared the most interesting one. ๐Ÿ™‚ There were also a lot of sunflowers still, so I’m including an older photo of our sunflowers. It wasn’t much of a walk, but I did explore my backyard. It some spots it is a little like a jungle.

Although this was not the case, it looked at first like the branches were coming out of the little clay guy’s head.
The photo above inspired a poem: 

Poetry trees,
Surfeit of ideas
Branching out and reaching others --