Summer Sunshine

For this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, “A summer walk in the sunshine,” I took a couple of pictures in my backyard. I’ve shared the most interesting one. 🙂 There were also a lot of sunflowers still, so I’m including an older photo of our sunflowers. It wasn’t much of a walk, but I did explore my backyard. It some spots it is a little like a jungle.

Although this was not the case, it looked at first like the branches were coming out of the little clay guy’s head.
The photo above inspired a poem: 

Poetry trees,
Surfeit of ideas
Branching out and reaching others --

Last on the Card for June

My photo for “Last on the Card” for June 2022. I hung out with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months, and after having lunch we went to Chick-fil-A for frosted lemonades.

I liked the little vase of flowers, too.

Neither of us had tried that before, and to me it was more like a milkshake than a slushy (so it was rather unexpected, and that’s the biggest reason why the eating disorder “voice” hated it [see this poem]). However, I am happy to say that I did enjoy it and drank the whole thing. 🙂 Most importantly, I had a good time with my friend.

Nature in Black and White

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “nature in black & white.” None of these was taken specifically for this challenge, which might be cheating, but I found recent photos of nature that I took and applied a black-and-white filter to them. I think B&W photos look pretty cool because the contrast(s) are heightened.

New flowers in the garden a few days ago
A cute little rabbit in my yard, seen through the front window.
I stared at it for a good 2 minutes because it was so cute!

From one of the recent times when I saw ducklings + Mama Duck, flowers in foreground

Despite my writing-obsessed, poetic disposition, I can’t think of any poems to write about these photos. Leave a comment if you have an idea! 😀 

Night and Day

For Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, “Night and Day,” here is my response. I am only one day late! 🙂

I looked through my photos from my first year of college, when I lived on campus and when I used to take photos of the flowers all the time, any time of the day. Looking back, I see that I had a lot of fun giving them creative titles, and also probably never deleted a single one!

All of Us...
I took this one around sunset.
I had titled this one, “Beauty in the Night.”

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble uploading any more photos. There were 2 more that I wanted to share. Here is a little poem I just wrote:

The petals,
The day and night,
Memory is left —
Looking at these,
We can be

The Way Ahead

This poem was inspired by the images for these 2 prompts: MLMM’s Photo Challenge #417 and Sadje’s WDYS #137. I wrote it, a curtal sonnet, a few days ago and was not entirely happy with it so almost forgot to post it before the next WDYS is released!

The way ahead could be vast as the sky,
Its limits only bound by my belief --
Yet how closed-off it feels, making me cry,
Unable to find a path to relief.
How much is self-imposed, a needless thief?
Suspending disbelief for but a day
Might help me find a sky that is not gray --
And in those clouds some brand-new shapes are found.
Then on the Earth I'll stand and look around,
And hear a voice point out, "This is the way"--
How sweet the sound!

Photo Credit: Darrell Whiley

Photo Credit: Keith Hardy @ Unsplash

What Do You See?

It’s the last day for Sadje’s WDYS #135, and this is also written for MLMM’s Photo Challenge #415. This turned out pretty meta.

Why has it been so hard for me to write something about this? This picture is more open-ended than most; my response could go anywhere. Just like that path through the trees. Just like much of life. The plethora of possibilities, the branching pathways — they make decisive action more difficult, becoming paralyzing.

Let’s start. Just write. What’s through those trees?

After long walking
Find a place to cool and rest —
Tiger in the pool!

Photo credit Claudia Weijers

Tree Branches

I just wrote this “Parallelogram de Crystalline” poem (a new form for me!) for MLMM’S Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip and Photo Challenge #414, as well as for FFFC #169. I wanted to post my response before the new one is posted tomorrow, hence the late hour. Yes, 9:30 is late for me. 😆

I will try this form again tomorrow!


Tree branches
Stark against the blue sky -- 
Observer's eyes looking up, reaching

This world I'd
Too big for one tree to
Reach -- even if it were a banyan

The world of 
One coffee shop, open
Via phones to all people online

Connected in a web,
But can you reach beside you, two feet? 


Photo credit: Tanya Grant

Photo from abi ismail at

It Seems

For MLMM’s Photo Challenge #413, this image from Pobble 365:

My first thought upon seeing this was about the surrealist painter René Magritte, specifically his painting The Son of Man, which you will probably recognize:

The Son of Man by Rene Magritte


I found some fascinating information about Magritte himself, specifically about his early life. Learning about what events inspired an artist’s or writer’s work is endlessly intriguing to me!


It seems Magritte was a vampire:
Looking into the mirror seeing no face
No hair empty black suit black hat.

              White Walls.

Is this the real world?
It seems an image given by a false mirror
An image given yet at least free,
Free of that damned apple
Which filled the entire space between

              White Walls.

I’ve been trying to write something all week for this captivating picture (preferably something that is not terrible). This poem started to take on some surrealist qualities as I wrote and looked at more of his paintings. At least, that’s my excuse. Apologies!