A Fault in the Wall, or, A Survivor

This sevenling was inspired not by any particular prompt but by Andrea’s photo in this post yesterday. Her photo reminded me of one of the walls in my house which has a crack in it:

Wall 1_14

A fault line in the wall:
A scar from an earthquake
Or two or three, still standing —

I stand lost in thought,
Amazed yet wondering if
The next shake will make it fall —

Never quite the same again

We’ll certainly be in trouble if that wall falls down. :/  I’m not actually worried, but it is unsettling if you think about it.

Strange and Stranger

This is for two prompts, MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Stranger, as well as (especially) the photo challenge #335. It may not be exactly on-prompt, but these poems were inspired by both prompts. The picture is by Brooke DiDonato.  Also, the first poem is in a form called an Alouette, and the second one got really creepy, just a warning!

Stranger than fiction:
She lost all friction,
Losing foothold and her shoe:

Some strange attraction
Caused this weird action —
All physics laws went cuckoo!

She is pulled off her feet,
Not able to make a retreat,
Impelled falling up those stairs —

She sees one shoe fly,
As she stifles a sharp cry
She hears an alarm bell blare:

Be sure to be home by midnight.


This is short and simple, but I decided to share my response to FFFC #83 with the Writers’ Pantry. I tried to write something hopeful / whimsical to combat these “ominous times.” 

This is quite a magical place:
Green grass, several paths, blue sky.
Untold adventures to embrace,
As clouds are sailing way up high.