Tired but Still Writing

I feel so tired, but I have to go to work in an hour. In addition, I can’t seem to write anything even vaguely poetic. 

I can be thankful that I get to go to work (especially since lately there haven’t been as many hours because we haven’t been busy, so they haven’t needed me as much). I am also thankful for the women’s group at my church, which just happened. It is better to go than not to go. 

Even with food and coffee, I’m still so tired. 


Sitting here trying to write, I can be thankful for words,
For the coffee and the gentle breeze, on this sunny weekday -- 
And the warmth of friends who are like family, in sweet memories. 

A sijo for Ronovan Writes’s prompt. 

Pas de Deux

Welcome back to another Sijo Tuesday. 🙂 This week’s theme is dance. Thank you to Ronovan Writes for the inspiration!

There is a yearning in the deep, on the mystery of Soul’s sea:
There is an ineffable call, and an interior movement
Another step in the lifelong dance, with the Beloved

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

First Flight

Welcome to my Tuesday-evening Sijo! 🙂 This week’s prompt from Ronovan Writes is SOAR. My poem may not be exquisite but is, I hope, enjoyable.

The Wright Brothers‘ first powered flights lasted less than 200 feet, 
Only about 10 feet off the ground — yet celebrated soaring.
Do you think they got everything right, even after many tries?

Image by John T. Daniels – File:Wright_first_flight.tif, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=75148383


This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “as summer fades.”

You can’t see any rain in this picture, but this was taken a few days ago around sunset, while it was raining, which rarely happens.
This evening, I noticed this flower. I don’t think summer is going anywhere anytime soon, especially not in California.

I’ve got nothing for a poem this evening (even though this is usually the time of week when I share a Sijo), but I don’t want to force it. The theme for this week’s Sijo is persistence, though, so maybe….

Nothing coming, ideas stuck like a truck broken down,
Carrying precious cargo; fix the engine and let it go
Break through barriers, and with persistence reach the destination

Love and Compassion

Today my mood was up and down. I actually cried at work and spent an hour in the back taking inventory and washing dishes because I couldn’t help customers. The good news is I didn’t get fired! 😀 Lots of variables go into my mood, but sometimes there really is no reason for the crying; it just happens at the worst times sometimes!

One thing that is special about today is that the Catholic Church celebrates the Blessed Mother Mary’s birthday today. I thought about baking a cake to celebrate. How many candles would be on it? About 2,036 give or take? 🙂 Today also marks my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary — that’s a long time!

red rower flowers in bloom
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels.com

For today’s poem, I have a haiku in response to Ronovan Writes’s challenge:

Out of wells of woe
Comes water of deep knowing,
Compassion growing

Haiku Challenge

Help in Adversity

This week’s theme for Ronovan Writes’s sijo prompt is Adversity. I heard the story of Daniel being protected by God when he was thrown into the den of lions again today, and then I took the poem from there.

Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, and came out unharmed,
His friends were cast into fire, and Another was there with them —
If I am not delivered, at least I will never be alone.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Sijo: Fire

I’m back with a sijo, not really for this week’s prompt because it’s not about advice, but I am linking up anyway. My advice is not to wait until the last day. 🙂 I’ve been working on a set of sijo poems for the 4 elements, and this is “Fire.”

From magma rolling under the earth, to volcanic eruptions,
Flames racing across fields, eating up undergrowth voraciously,
Pure power unleashed, yet tamed in a stove or fireplace.

lit bonfire outdoors during nighttime
Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

An Achievement

My sijo for this week.

Little purple flower petals open from a tiny bud:
It is not much of an achievement to anything around,
But for the flower it opens a world — and also for the bee.

Inspired by the fact that I went to work and stayed today, despite really not feeling like it. Happy thing: a little boy waved at me, awww!

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

Bonus poem: because of FOWC: Mosquito, here is a haiku I wrote last week.

Summertime danger:
Itching ankles, bumps from bites
Mosquito magnet

(I am one)