Another Tuesday evening is here, so here is another Sijo for Ronovan Writes’s challenge! This week’s theme is “pride.” I thought of being proud of my accomplishments in high school, which is a legitimate thing to be proud of, yet of how little importance it is now, even just a handful of years later in my life, let alone in the light of eternity. Then I kept thinking and wrote this:

"Non serviam," Lucifer said in pride, and so he fell,
While in humility Mary gladly gave her life to God:
Which one is truly happier, living without any regrets?

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I am happy to have the Virgin Mary as one of my primary influences and inspirations. It’s because of her and the respect that the Catholic Church gives her that I started to be not only accepting but happy to be a woman. The Catholic Church does NOT worship her, but we give her the utmost respect as the Mother of God, Jesus Christ.




The theme of this week’s sijo challenge, for which I am once again posting at the last minute, is regrets. I had a TON of ideas this morning and then didn’t finish any until after work. I’ve finished 4 as of this writing and am really hoping to finish at least 1 or 2 more. That would be conducive to a satisfying evening!

Is regretting wise? Careful not to redo too many ripples.
There is perhaps one situation, but if one were to erase it,
Where would be the wintertime, among cycle of seasons?

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It Takes Courage

It takes courage to cultivate empathy, to not callus your heart against the pain of the world and so many (too many) people in it, or even against the truth that is in one’s own heart and history. The eating disorder numbed a lot of that for me. I remember, in early recovery, it was so difficult to feel all that anger and sadness and other “negative” emotions that had previously been numbed. However, after about a month in a special recovery home, I laughed, and one of the girls commented, “I’ve never seen you look so happy.” That was when I realized that not only had my difficulties been numbed, but my true enjoyment of life as well. It took a TON of work. It still does; I won’t lie and admit that I have to remain watchful and remember that the eating disorder voice IS a liar and it DOES want to destroy me.

These things inspired a sijo for Ronovan Writes about “work.”  By the way, this was not what I had been expecting to write all week, since I saw the prompt. It’s remarkable how that happens.

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What an insurmountable mountain stands, over life's landscape: 
All the troubles that had been buried now seen, a little at a time, 
Yet little treasures and caring comforts are also unearthed.

Party Animals

This is a sijo for this week, using the word “party.” I wrote one earlier this weekend because my family got together on Saturday to celebrate Independence Day, my dad’s birthday, and my twin brother’s and my birthday (the birthdays were celebrated about 2 weeks late, but that’s fine!). Anyway, that’s not the one I am sharing today.

Grown weary of seeing only the elephant and donkey,
Same old discourse has become long stale, without doing anything:
I strongly believe that we need more party animals.

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Literary Worlds

My effort for this week’s Sijo prompt, for which we are to use REALITY as our inspiration.

Much as this writer also loves to peruse many genres,
And she could read and write for hours each day, she does wonder if
She should do more living, instead of only writing about it.

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One Possible Future

The future is far from my favorite topic, but that’s where we’re supposed to draw our inspiration from for Ronovan Writes’s Sijo prompt this week. I hate how far I am from where I thought I would be at this point… and at the same time, I think maybe my younger self was naïve. Not to mention, no one expected all the craziness of the past few years!

Married with 3 kids by 26, being a teacher,
Maybe even a published author — that obviously
Did not happen according to plan from hopeful 12-year-old Me.

I might write a second one.

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It’s June, and here’s some Joy

Here we are in June, whether we like it or not. One thing I always like at the beginning of a new month is the Last on the Card link-up! 🙃 My photo is what I brought home after work yesterday: 

I put strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate frozen custards with hot caramel sauce, Nilla Wafer crumbs, and Oreo crumbs.

As I have not posted a poem on here for a few days, I will share my Sijo for last week’s Sijo Challenge after all, since it is related to the photo. The week’s word was “excitement.”


Little children cannot wait, for their sweet and icy treat,
Which flavor of a dozen will they choose — and maybe custard too?
My heart also is filling up, witnessing their looks of joy.

My favorite thing about my job is when the kiddos come in. ❤ So cute!

Some Odd Motivation

It’s Tuesday evening, so you (might) know what that means: Sijo time! Our inspiration this week is high school, a time in my life that I actually really enjoyed — when I wasn’t struggling with crippling mental illness. 🙂 In addition, this day happens to mark 3 years since I graduated from college.

Graduated from college three years ago, I hardly know how,
High school before that — I never expected either success
Yet here I sit writing, a fountain which refuses to quit.


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You all know by now that I am unendingly enthusiastic about writing. I also can’t get enough of cute baby animals, especially ducklings! Figured I’d share a picture from today. A friend rescued me and took me to go see them. ❤️ A world with ducklings in it isn’t all bad.

Seen earlier today. Don’t you love them? 🥰

You Only Die Once

A sijo for Ronovan Writes’ current challenge, about rebirth or change, also incorporating the idea of perfection from last week.

Reincarnation: Living a life here on Earth, even human,
Over and over, until one’s soul reaches perfection —
Doesn’t that sound like a particularly special Hell?

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I Once Witnessed the Birth of a Butterfly

This new butterfly has the grace, of a drunk ballerina:
Suddenly finding wings attached to its back, fragile unfolding,
Twenty minutes of struggling – then comes the moment of flight

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image

For Ronovan Writes’s Sijo challenge this week (as you can tell from the picture 🙂 ). This poem is not about our little chrysalis that has inspired 3+ poems already, but it’s based on the memory from a year or 2 ago of actually witnessing the beautiful “birth” of a butterfly — a butterfly butterfly-ing for the first time. ❤ Wasn’t going to share this tonight, but why not?