I Am God’s Plaything…

Possibly the first time I have ever publicly responded to MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Same Same, but Different. We are given a list of 5 words and are asked to use synonyms. Follow the link for more info. This was one of my 11 poems written yesterday.


I am God's plaything, partnering
unwillingly with Loss, as Time
flies by, wearing fleet-footed Mercury's 
sandals -- yet the fire of Life
does not die quickly
               But I love so much. 
Don't ever hurry past the greenery,
Nor the moon, nor winged things of beauty.
Photo by Nina Mace Photography on Pexels.com

So Loved

You know that you are so loved —
By whom? Just by God
And my mom?

A cruddy quinzaine poem for MLMM’s Saturday Mix. I’d like to try to write another one, but that’s where my mind’s at. Like, maybe there are 2 other people besides God and my mom (but they didn’t fit in the poem). Overall, people don’t care. Unless you say that you want to die, and even then I don’t think they care, so much as they don’t want to feel like they let someone die.  I don’t really want to die right now; it’s just the depression is horribly symptomatic (and has been for, like, years).

The Third Wheel

picture taken in my backyard in mid-April

For MLMM’S Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip, the poetry form is called a Septolet. It is 14 words over 7 lines, in 2 stanzas. Finally, I have written something to go with this photo; I’ve had a draft for 4 months!

"Third Wheel"

Forlorn flower,
Unchosen third wheel

Never preferred 
Second choice
Sees happy couple --

This form was fun, so I write a second one (about a not-fun thing).


Sustained assault
Sucking life dry

Vampyric leech
Underneath skin
Parasites away life --

Prompt Responses

Author’s note: this is a rant and probably TMI, but I do not care. Read at your own peril.

Obviously, this is my just-for-fun (and holding on to whatever shreds of sanity I have left) blog, and I am not obliged to post every day, but I wanted to respond to the one-word challenges. I am using plenty of commas, since that is the word for MVB today, and MVB stands for “My Vivid Blog,” by the way. 🙂

Some people spell the word “coma” with two ms, which is confusing. Being stuck in a coma is bad, but being stuck in a comma would be even worse, as you would never even finish your sentence.

Also, is it just me, or do most people suck at being friends? I hope I’m not among that number, although I probably am, especially on really-depressed days (like yesterday, today, etc.). They’re not obliged to respond to my texts or anything, but really, I was so distraught yesterday and no one was responding to me. Thank God for the new emergency number, LOL.

As always, as long as I am breathing, I am writing; today I have finished 2 poems, am in the middle of 2 others, and have space — at least my muse is hopeful — for 3 more.

Well, whether this post was amusing or a bore, I’ll end it here. Thank you for anyone who read the whole thing, whether you would agree with some of the things I’m saying or would argue that I shouldn’t post this stuff. 🙂 See, I fulfilled another challenge! 😀

Productive Wednesday?

I’ll  work on this today for sure.

— me, this morning and every morning, although I often to not work on the thing

I used this line as the beginning of a poem, another “Trochee 7/5,” a form which I found out about from MLMM last month. The poem is also a response for this week’s Saturday Mix: Opposing Forces.


"Work on this today for sure":
So I always say,
Yet when night comes will I write
All that much today?

Brain of mine does sometimes stop,
Poems laborious.
Yet I'll start here and go there,
Be victorious.*

           *wishful thinking? 

For One-Liner Wednesday.

An Ongoing Robbery

Depression and anxiety 
Take away so much from me,
That tag-team ongoing robbery
Of happiness and peace.

Plastering a smile on
Not always real, joy gone
Sailing ‘til an unknown dawn
Reeling, waiting for storms to cease.

Depression and anxiety
Build a cell, and sell the key,
Keeping me there hostilely,
Not planning my release.

A poem for FOWC: Robbery, MVB: Plaster, and MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Double Take. I only used one of the two pairs of homophones (and “sail” but not “sale”) but included a different pair. I hope that counts. 🙂

P.S. This poem does not describe my current emotional state.

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

Little Penguin

I just remembered the Saturday Mix: Lucky Dip prompt on MLMM from last Saturday! I actually wrote 3 (now 4) responses to the prompt but didn’t like them enough to post. So now, I have intentionally written a stupid poem, just have something to post, as the prompt expires in an hour or so. It was inspired by the front of my current poetry notebook. 😆 Also linked with FOWC: Scene.

Behold, the little penguin 🐧
Little Penguin guards my book,
Looking very cute --
What if there's a snowy scene, 
And it played a lute?

Penguins colored black and white, 
Like a music staff -- 
I hope that this silly poem
At least made you laugh! 

Some Days, and Others

A short little poem for FOWC; MVB; and Same Same, But Different. That prompt is about finding synonyms, and our words for this week are:

  1. run (which is today’s MVB prompt word 🙂 )
  2. yell
  3. blue
  4. wrap
  5. smoke


Spirit so sad it makes me
                    want to sprint away,
     (If i had the energy) --
Body so tense it makes me
                 want to scream,

I am enveloped in mist,
Squinting to see through this haze,
                 and sometimes I do,
Today being one of those days.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com