Sustaining the Weary

For FOWC: Note. The first line was inspired by the beginning of a reading from Mass today. Isaiah 50:4

Sustain the weary with a word:
Allow their pain to now be heard,
To usher in a note of peace,
Like the song of a little bird.

Sustain the sad with present care:
Fear not a silent space to share.
For in the quiet, hearts can fill
With depth of friendship that is rare.

At the End of the Year

As probably everyone is writing about today, it is New Year’s Eve, the last day of this dumpster fire called 2020, and tomorrow is the first day of the new year 2021. I wasn’t particularly excited for this day because it’s not like everything is going to go away at midnight, like what happened to Cinderella at the ball, only good. New Year’s Eve seems unnecessarily weighty, especially this year. However, of course there is hope; there is a sense of newness and possibility, which inspired this tanka for MLMM’s Heeding Haiku. The photo is from exactly one year ago. Let’s hope we can start writing in cafés again! 😀

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Thinking About Silence

This is for Linda Kruscke’s paint-chip poetry week 52 — wow, we have been at this for a year! I wrote three poems inspired by the theme of silence and the paint-chip words (though no rhyming tercets or triolets). It was hard to pick only one word, so sometimes, I ignored that stipulation. 🙂 Poetic license!
I just realized: license is an anagram of silence! Wow!
Also, this is ironic, but the theme of silence truly has a lot to say, at least to me.

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