A stream-of-consciousness cherita for SoCS: Puzzle and also for FOWC: Between.

A puzzle: choosing between two options.

They both have potential happiness and drawbacks,
Difficult to compare which is better or worse

They are just different. And even small differences now
Can lead to a wildly changed life, later down
The road, which hopefully goes to a happy home.



This is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS; the prompt word is “where.”

Where is the map?
The map which shows where to go,
Where to go now,
Now that the world is upside-down?

Down go the emotions,
Emotions as volatile as the world unpredictable

Has become — where is this map
Map that no one has?

SoCS : My…

As the title shows, this haibun is for stream-of-consciousness Saturday. It is also in response to FOWC: Field.

My major in college was French, and I have considered working in the field of education. I have always loved languages, and my high-school French teacher imparted to me a deep love of that language and culture. I had been considering teaching it at the high-school level, but I’m not sure about being a teacher anymore, especially since Covid has left so much up in the air. Masking and “social distancing” is still a thing, and when will this ever end? It also sets a disturbing precedent because what about when the next contagion comes along? This wasn’t supposed to be about Covid, but that’s what you get with SoC writing. Look at how Covid infects EVERYTHING, still, these days!

the future
a foreign language
no one knows

SoCS: Ode-ious :)

Today’s stream-of-consciousness Saturday prompt is “ode.” Find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.” I know that Anode and Diode are words, but I don’t know what they mean, so maybe I will write an ode, or write some code (I’m not that computer-savvy). Recently I wrote an ode to my old phone, but that’s not stream-of-consciousness writing. I have no ideas and also am leaving my house in just a few minutes, which exacerbates my sort-of-anxiety about this.

Please help me, I must write an ode,
Before heading out on the road,
Give me an idea,
So I can say “see ya”
Okay, looks like now I can go-ed.

Note: this prompt was not actually odious. 🙂

Bad and Good Luck

Today’s SoCS from Linda G. Hill is the word “luck.”

A rabbit’s foot isn’t so lucky for the rabbit.
Why would we steal a horse’s shoes?
Stepping on cracks — does that cause issues?
I’d break a mirror to be rid of it.

Walking under a ladder, bad luck?
What about encountering a black cat?
I don’t believe any of that —
No matter what, you could get hit by a truck.

Wee Sweets

A wee little poem for SoCS: “-wee-“

I remember the Sunday brunch buffet
With a million wee little sweets:
Many different kinds of cakes
And my favorite, crème brûlée,
Not to mention the fountains
Of rich chocolate ready for dipping.
One time there were tiny beignets.
Can it come back?
Wish it could stay.

SoCS: Coloring

Today’s SoCS prompt was “the last photo you took.” At the time when I saw the prompt, my most recent photo was of a coloring page that I finished 2 days ago, so I thought of coloring in general.

The picture already created,
Simply waiting for the coloring,
A steady hand choosing
Whether with care or haphazardly
The hues to make it pretty —
Surprising ways they can combine
To make the empty spaces filled,
Wonderful refuge to find.


Linda’s SoCS prompt today is “color,” and I choose purple. I wrote an etheree and made it as stream-of-consciousness as possible, just counting the syllables per line to be sure it was correct. This was a fun prompt and pretty open-ended, so I might write some more, and it will be fun to read others’ posts also.

Lovely color,
And liturgical
Color for Advent, Lent —
Times of expectant waiting.
Reminders of the richness which
Comes after those weeks, months of waiting,
And that the celebration lasts always.

A purple candle for Advent
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com