SoCS, Clearly

There are so many blog posts to catch up on reading, plus other books that I say I want to read, things that I allegedly want to do — but when it comes down to it, I am often too agitated, tearful, or would just prefer to go to bed. Clearly, I am going insane — but this happens every 4th week, so don’t worry. Or do, if you want, as I just get more and more over this ish every time.

The Internet helps me, but Crazy Jenna shouldn’t have an Internet connection, or else I bother people, and you get posts like this. Clearly not good.

If you have read this far, I shall reward you with a poem (“reward”). I wrote this sijo about the ducklings yesterday.

They hatched a little later this year, yet we get to see them:
Ducklings swimming in the running water, gaining strength for flight,
Ducklings staying close to Mama, not far from her wide wings.


Not About Hats

I can wear several hats, but none of them fits very well.

There are some that people say look good on me, but I don’t really like them.

There’s one that I’m used to wearing, only now realizing it’s not quite comfortable (though I should have known from the beginning).

One of my hats has a ribbon.

My life is made up of hope-ribbons, shredded into confetti.

Let’s throw it in the air and have a party!

A 6-sentence story using the word confetti, combined with today’s SoCS: hat and the MVB prompt: Several. Glad to have finally written something, even if it’s a tiny little story that’s not actually about hats at all. 

What We Have Here

Many thanks to Linda for our weekly Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday prompt! This week, it is “a phrase you grew up with.” I wasn’t sure what to say about that, but, after hanging out with a friend I remembered a phrase my dad used to say all the time: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” It’s a line from an old t.v. show, but it also happens to sum up my family life in one sentence! I’m writing a triolet.

A failure to communicate,
Dancing ’round important issues,
Blissful illusion to create.
A failure to communicate
Problems hidden, to understate
What should be said, as more accrues:
A failure to communicate,
Dancing ’round important issues.

A Fibonacci Poem

For SoCS. I’m not actually feeling this negative, at least not when I wrote this. 🙂


Nothing left
After a tiring
Day, not able to tell a lie,
I'm just done, brain overloaded but also running
Thanks to anxiety, coffee,
And a miracle. 
Now back to

That poem is a lot truer now than when it was written a couple of hours ago. I must be a prophet! 😆


You were my rope to grab onto when
I was in great danger of falling, into the dark,

Gratitude has made me reluctant
To let go; gratitude and fear — I’ll miss you too much.

But this rope tethers me to the past,
It might be time to let go — although it pains me so.


black and white photo of holding hands
Photo by Kat Smith on

I wasn’t exactly excited to share this poem for SoCS today, but having neglected to post yesterday, I figured I might as well….


Evidently, SoCS once again stands for “Stream-of-Consciousness-Sunday” for me. The prompt is to use word(s) starting with “comp” in the post. I completed this poem yesterday but am not posting it until now.

Computers as companions?
Maybe for a little bit, but
Ultimately we need humanity,
There’s no comparison between
The clacking of a keyboard
And the tenderness of human touch.

I still spend a lot of time online or alone but am thankful for when I get to go out with friends, and also I like to hug people. 🙂

Elusive Trips

Today, even a response to SoCS has been elusive. I kept thinking about my trip to Japan when I was 16. I could also write about my family’s trip to Hawaii in August of 2019 (the last vacation Before Covid), or about the many times I have tripped over my own feet. The goal, though, is a poem, not just a rant. Maybe this counts?

Hawaiian ocean
Memories of blue —
I really miss it

(here’s the water)

Water Roadside

Or I could even write:

Mother-daughter bond:
Feed me pie and shut up and
Tell me I’m pretty


(we went to a spa and then ate quiche, chicken pot pie,
and chocolate pie)

Pot Pie and Quiche