Nailed It

For SoCS, our word is “nail.” Sometimes my brain can be ridiculous, but that’s stream-of-consciousness, so without further ado….

All I can think about are nail salons, even though I hate manicures. Looking at my cuticles, you can tell I hate manicures. What I hate more than manicures is how many places remain closed. I would appreciate the freedom to deny a manicure myself.

painted fingernails
remind me of M&Ms
that you cannot eat


Cheerful Coloring

Hoping to spread some cheer with my coloring!

I had to choose between 2 pictures this month, and I continue to color more pictures, as this chapter of staying at home and social distancing is not yet finished. I hope the world is not too chaotic and that things can get back to normal (or better than “normal!”) soon.

Coloring 5_13

Sometimes Wants Become Needs

This was inspired by Linda G. Hill’s SoCS, with “want” in the first 3 words of our post.

Want or need?
Friends nearby
So love is shown,
And so emotions
Of all weights are freed.
Knowing that fruit
Will flourish
After times of planting
Futile-seeming seeds.
The promise of liberty,
Never again rescinded
By undue fear
Nor unlawful decree.

Caverns of the Mind

This is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS: Cave

The human psyche’s cavernous
With many crannies and nooks —
All that’s in a single mind
Could fill up thousands of books!
Confusing it can be to map
Including hidden dangers,
Some people do not make the trek
And from themselves are strangers.

Out of Practice

NaPoWriMo day 18. This was inspired by Linda G. Hill’s Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday and Fandango’s one-word challenge.

Practicing social distancing,
Practicing these guidelines.
Maybe I could practice
Piano again; even in this
Quarantine the music
Has not played from my fingers.
I have seen virtual
Orchestras and choirs
Zooming into living rooms
Bringing joy, sounding glorious:
To play piano music
Could sing much joy,
And connect myself to the
Past, ripped from under us.

Beside You

This post is in response to SoCS today. We are supposed to write about whatever is next to us when we read the prompt. Update: I am also sharing this with the wonderful Writers’ Pantry.

Cradled close to me

Is my warm, strong coffee,

Beside me a book of

Puzzles — sudoku —

Tough enough to be fun

But not impossible —


How I wish

This current crisis

Could quickly be fixed,

Like putting numbers

In a 9 – by – 9 grid.

IMG_20200328_090428199The picture is of my sudoku book, open to the next puzzle!