Daily Journaling: SoCS

Journaling is such a wonderful practice for me. I first started journaling since I could write — well, even before I could write, to be honest, because the Y’s were backwards. I was 5 years old. I have written in my journal every day sine December of 2007, so almost 13 years! Honestly, there’s so much that goes on in my brain that daily journaling has probably saved my life. Sometimes I wonder why I do it, since will anyone read my journals? (I hope not!) Even I only occasionally go back and read my journals, and I have dozens of them. They take up a ton of space in my closet. Continue reading

(Un)Happy Medium

As usual, Linda G. Hill has a fun SoCS prompt-word today: Medium. Looking at this poem again, I really want to change a few things, but that is against the rules.

Sometimes compromise is needed,
A “happy medium,”
Other situations call
For standing up tall
For morals which cannot
Be compromised.

Some unhappy medium
Sees the future, sees
The unquenchable fire.

New and Old

This Chaucerian stanza is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS, and the words today are old/new. Although it’s not a free-verse poem, it was pretty quick and I didn’t edit, so I am sharing it. 

The old has passed away, the new has come:
This I believe with all my beating heart,
And I want to give it a warm welcome.
Every single day is a fresh new start;
Change does not come at once, but part by part.
Do not lose heart: we are works in progress,
Magnificent, and will find happiness.

From the Unedited Idea-Container…

This is for SoCS, and the word today is container. I wrote a cherita pretty much as quickly as possible. 😅 

I think about the containers we keep food in:


Glass or plastic bowls, tin or aluminum cans —

I think about the container for baby Jesus


A manger, a feeding trough, for Him

From the beginning the Bread of Life,

So that we can contain the divine.

This is Our Lady of Guadalupe, because the Blessed Virgin Mary was the “container” for Jesus before He was born. 🙂

SoCS: Collar

Today’s stream-of-consciousness Saturday prompt is “Collar.”

I was hoping for an easier word today than “collar,” and since this morning I have been wondering, “What kind of poem can I write about that?” What rhymes with “collar?” Dollar, holler, squalor….staller…which is what I’m being by putting off writing the actual poem! Maybe a limerick would be good.

There once was a mutt with a collar,
Who sadly did live in squalor:
His previous owner
Was a bum and a stoner
Who spent his very last dollar.

Voilà! *laughter*

Piercing the Heart

This is for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS: Sharp, written in the form of an octelle for today’s Saturday Mix.

Music sharply pierces hearers:
Its strength each human heart avers.
Sharps and flats resound in ears
And minds, bringing men to tears.
Symphony inside the soul,
Beauty makes its journey whole.
Music sharply pierces hearers:
Its strength each human heart avers.


The prompt for today’s SoCS: Pro and Con fits well with DVerse MTB, Stream-of-Consciousness poems. I couldn’t resist! 

The pros and cons of stream-of-consciousness writing:

You can pen whatever happens to be in your brain

Without any sort of editing or strain, you don’t

even need punctuation or rhymes of any particular

Creation — Look, an abrupt change of thought,

I dash — — onto the text next topic my view

Is not myopic but see, a con is maybe,

The poem doesn’t make no sense — well,

That’s my two cents. And two cents can’t buy

Anything these days anyway.