I wish he could stick around.
Our time together was ephemeral,
When I thought it might last a lifetime.
We shared so much music,
Yet our own duet lasted only
A few breaths.
Spring died directly into winter,
As the world seemed upside-down.

wk 312 ephemeral

For SOCS: Stick, MVB: Duet, and Weekend Writing Prompt.


For this weekend’s Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, which I’m writing on Sunday, the prompt is to use a word that starts with “over.”


When I see you again,
That face which I find so beautiful

As I warmly embrace
This lovely person who is precious

Of being together,
Even after only days apart

SoCS: Scene

I wrote this today for SoCS: Scene. Better late than never. 🙂


I am not an actress,
Perfectly memorizing my lines,
And I certainly can't set
Every ideal scene --

Please accept imperfection,
Do not reject me for anxieties,
I will do the same for you
And we can write a grand story.

Providing Inspiration

Today’s prompt for SoCS is “starts with pro.” Come the think of it, the word “prompt” fits. 🙂 I wrote 2 senryu and may write more later, but this is what I have to share right now. Thanks to Linda for providing the prompt.


protracted waiting:
need professional patience
until life makes sense


proceed with caution
what is the next step to take
proven in waiting

“Perfection” and a Poem

The prompt word for today’s SoCS is “perfection.” Perfection is illusive and elusive; I think it is hardly possible for a human to achieve true perfection. For example, an eating disorder manifests by fixating on one’s body and trying to make it “perfect.” Perfect doesn’t exist, and even if one were to achieve it, the difficulty is in keeping it.

I write about that because, I am embarrassed to admit, I had a lot of difficulty with eating-disordered thoughts and behaviors this morning. I could hardly get my mind off of it, and it was so prevalent in my thoughts that I started to cry. Thankfully, the worst of it has stopped, and I did not cancel going out to lunch with a friend. I think that companionship was what I needed, to not be alone, even if the activity involved food.

I was able to write this Chaucerian stanza earlier today, even in the midst of that horrific time being ridiculously triggered.

I will proclaim what God has done for me:
He has bestowed on me a sense of worth,
That He made me on purpose, beautifully.
Even in suffering, there is some mirth,
Knowing that it gives aid to friends on Earth.
God’s made this life worth living even now,
He helps me trust through all that He allows.

Never Giving Up

I will never throw in the towel when it comes to writing. I may not blog every day (despite wanting to participate daily in JusJoJan), but I write every day, both poetry and in a journal. Also, at this point, I will never throw in the towel when it comes to praying the rosary, as I have done so every day for probably 6 years (thanks be to God). It seems more likely that I will throw in the towel on all of life before stopping those 2 things! Nevermind that giving up on life does sometimes seem likely….but that is a whole other topic!

I am never giving up:
Standing in the storm,
Underneath is solid rock,
Something keeps me warm.

Throwing in the towel is no
Option now for me,
I’ll use it to dry my tears
When sun comes to me.

(Just realized I rhymed “me” with “me” — that’s stream-of-consciousness writing for you)

Counting On…

Hello, once again I broke my resolution and did not post yesterday. After going to work and then to an event at my church, I was much too tired and ended up sleeping for almost 12 hours last night. That has become almost usual for me lately, maybe because of depression, although I didn’t used to sleep that much! However, these days, I’ll sleep 10 to 12 hours every day / night — you can count on it.

However, another thing I can count on is my friends. 🙂 I love when they check in on me or text just to say hi. I can count on every day to have good things, such as yesterday’s fun event and nice prayer time at my church. You can count on the fact that I will do some writing, whether or not I post, and I’m hoping to share a poem later today.