Sonnet for the 5,000

I’m sharing this poem with the Writers’ Pantry #7. This sonnet is based on yesterday’s Gospel reading at Mass.

“My heart is moved with pity for the crowd” :
So said our Lord when many had pursued
Him as he taught the truth of God aloud.
Caring for them, He knew they needed food,
But what did the disciples have at hand ?
Five loaves, two fish, and they were tired too,
Unable to retreat as they had planned.
He urged the twelve to take a wider view,
Inviting them to trust, and their reward
Was being part of His abundant feast.
He was their wealth when they could not afford
to offer any more; even the least
Among the crowd did see Jesus provide:
They started hungry and left satisfied.

Bring Us Back Again

This is basically Psalm 80 rewritten as a sonnet. Shared with the Tuesday platform at Real Toads. 

O God of hosts, come bring us back again,

Save us with light shining from Your face,

Why do You frown upon our plea? Soften

Your gaze, and every sorrow please efface.

As bread we have been given tears to eat,

And still more salty tears to be our drink,

We feel from enemies naught but defeat

As day by day our souls more and more shrink.

You planted a vine out of Egypt’s land,

Let boars and beasts ravage the vine no more!

Listen, give life and strength with Your right hand,

We call upon Your name and now implore!

Defeat and destitution now oppress,

But we believe in lasting happiness.

Puddles and Loving

One of these 2 poems was inspired by the word of the day from Fandango, puddle. The form comes from Abigail Gronway’s insane cinquain challenge, which really was a challenge. Lastly, I am sharing this with Real Toads.


After the rain
Ground is damp, air is cold
The sky remains gray —
But water washes the stain
And a new beginning unfolds.

Colorful rainbow brings back light
In all its manifold hues —
Eyes look with soft joy —
Hope is revealed to sight
And will not lose.



Loving is light:
Being with Belovèd
Is true happiness,
Knowing I’m precious, held tight —
I want no one else in his stead.

We live heart to heart, face to face,
He knows, loves me just the same —
And I love him too.
This is a sacred space,
Love is a flame.


At DVerse today, Bjorn wants us all to write sonnets. I enjoy sonnets and wrote this one shortly before Christmas. 

God came to us, and shared our sad estate,

Although glory supreme was His true right,

To live and die and rise, to confound fate,

To save His people from the darkest night:

For this He came, in time He intervened,

That all might be adopted as God’s sons,

Through Jesus’ blood all faithful souls are cleaned

And need not fear, for Father to them runs.

It matters not what happened in the past,

But only what the soul would wish today,

God wants to give to all a life that lasts,

And life on Earth in which we ever pray.

Now look upon the Lord in manger laid:

God-is-with-us, and He has always stayed.