Busy Streets

This is a haibun for DVerse about this image:


Piet Mondrian. Broadway Boogie Woogie. 1942-43 | MoMA
Piet Mondrian, ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43, moma.org


The primary colors pop, but the spaces are prominent. The many lines are criss-crossing, but the colors are not mixing. There is a certain, conspicuous distance amidst all the activity.

Hustle and bustle
Life’s slow return to normal —
I still want a hug

What Is the Hunter Hunting?

This was inspired by this week’s paint-chip poetry. Linda asks us to write about the key to happiness using at least 4 of the colors’ names.

Orion hunts after sunset,
Rising in his night-sky dwelling:
He tries to find a balm for scars,
And aloe vera doesn’t go too far.
He tries to find fame in a red carpet,
But he is made of other stars.
Around him he sees darkness,
But this is no total eclipse.
He does not know he casts a long
Shadow because he’s already
So close to the light.

The May Full Moon

This is for Frank’s haikai challenge about the Flower Moon, which happens to be tonight. Also, May is the month when Catholics honor Mary in a special way, and one of the traditional activities is called a May Crowning. Here is a picture from one that I participated in last year.

5_14 Crowned Statue

Soon a May crowning:
In many-starred night-sky cloak
Flower supermoon

Beautiful and Terrible

For NaPoWriMo day 28, here is a poem inspired by the photo below, for Fandango’s flash-fiction challenge this week.

Photo from Tim Short at the USA Today Network.

An orange flare in the sky —
Does anyone ask why?
Or do they gaze at what they see
With impotent curiosity,
Saying nothing but, “Oh, pretty!”
An orange flare sent into the sky —
And nobody is asking why.


For NaPoWriMo day 11. This poem was inspired by this week’s Sunday Wordle, and it also fits with FOWC: Moon. This is not normally my style (especially the format), but I like it! 

To stop the spread we must not leave

Our homes, unless necessary.

We battle by staying, sometimes

Sadly, inside listening to states’


Yet our lives

Wish to be lived and free; there lies

The difficulty: To flatten

The curve sans carving sanity

To pieces.

In peace the moon looks,

Waning now, at how quietly

Everything lies.

Now the battle

Begins in our pressurized minds.


This was inspired by this week’s flash-fiction challenge as well as FOWC: Top. Follow the first link to see the picture. 

The day the foreign spaceship came


I was caught up, abducted —

But looking through the UFO’s windows


I saw the tops of buildings, tiny.

There was so much beyond my knowledge,

So much above the limits I had seen.

The Names of Planets

Today at DVerse haibun Monday, we are writing about Mars. 

The next planet from the sun, from us, is Mars, named for the Roman god of war. This red planet contrasts with our Earth, the “blue planet,” yet even if we have no battles in our name, we are at war with our home.


Verdant environs

Become brown under hot sun

When the sky’s afire

The Devil You Know…

This is for two of Fandango’s prompts, February Expressions #26, and today’s FOWC: Treatment. Denial of the need for treatment is common in any form of addiction, as well as sometimes denial that there is even a problem. In my experience dealing with an eating disorder, a person might know they have a problem, but they are even more scared of the reason why they turned to the addiction in the first place, the underlying emotions and trauma.

The devil I know is like a black hole

Sucking all light from around it,
Making everything in its surroundings
Feel its crushing, massive weight.

The devil I don’t know, lurks in
Murky depths and even-darker shadows.

I keep telling myself
I can avoid this event horizon.