The Nest

This is a cinquain, but I decided to do 3-5-7-9-3 syllables. For Sadje’s WDYS. Maybe this isn’t very good, but it’s Sunday evening, so time’s a-ticking.

happy nest
for cute little birds
quadruplets wait to be born
hopeful little eggs with a cute house —
come on, Spring

Sijo: The Blue Season

This is my attempt at a Sijo for Ronovan Writes’s prompt this week. Sadly, the décima challenge has ended, but now there is a new form for us to explore! I used the words for this week and last, since I didn’t write one for the inaugural challenge. This was written a few days ago. It’s a nice thought. 🙂

Fragile snowdrops poke their inquisitive petals through ground:
Snow-covered, frozen, but the thaw is beginning mightily,
The sun comes earlier, blue season over — here comes the green.


I wrote this poem (a nonet) after seeing these blueberries on my kitchen counter yesterday: 

The first blueberries of the season!

has been
somewhat warmer,
seeing Butterflies
flying ’round more flowers,
looking forward to Ducklings,
and four blue orbs on the counter:
the first Blueberries of the season


The Moonlike Bubble-Egg

This poem is more like a story with line breaks. Anyway, it’s inspired by this picture, by Angela Kelly and found via MLMM’s Photo Challenge #383:

Wielding a magic wand and a bottle of bubble soap,
She blew: most bubbles floated on but one
Froze, on a bed of snowdrops. Under the sun
Its pearlescent orb shone like the moon,
While sun’s rays slowly found their way underneath.
The bubble cracked, the little girl cried —
But it became an egg, fertile as spring, with a new beginning.

Away from School

Today at DVerse, it is haibun Monday, and the theme is, appropriately, “back to school.” I am happy to be out of school, since even though there were aspects of it that I liked, it would also generate so much anxiety and overwhelm. At the same time, here I am post-college, and there’s still a ton of anxiety and depression, so life’s probably not any better. Anyway, I wasn’t going to post this haibun, but today is one of those days when I probably won’t write anything better, so here you go.

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Noticing the Flourishing

May’s full moon is on Wednesday, and it is known as the Flower Moon, as Frank, the host of DVerse Haibun Monday, says.

This month, I have noticed a wealth of new flowers in the garden: varying shapes and shades, hues of pink and yellow, almost whatever one could name. Bees are busy pollinating, and the blueberries, too, are growing and ripening from a gentle light-green. We have already picked a bowlful; soon the fruits will fill baskets. The garden is waiting to give many other fruits and vegetables as treasures.

after heat of day
buzz of all activity
rests under the moon