I Have Lived in Many Half-Worlds Myself

Upon reading “Flying Fish” by Carl Sandburg for the first time, I wrote this response. Sharing with DVerse Poets’ prompt, “A Conversation.”

I have lived in many half-worlds myself:
Something simultaneously hopeful and harrowing,
Days which are both depressive and lifted,
Days when despair drowns in floating faith

I have dreams in which I breathe
Under the seawater or up in the sky:
A wing thing. A fish thing.
Sometimes I have lived in that in-between —
And so I know you.

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no title seems good for this….

This is a haibun for FFFC #98 and Frank J. Tassone’s haikai challenge about the New Year / Cold Moon. I tried to come up with a good title, but they were all either too silly or too sad. I don’t want to make the reader sad right from the get-go. 😉

She lies awake, waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square, for the new year to be ushered in with customary fanfare — or what passes for fanfare (or custom) in these strange times. Times Square is empty, people in their homes, hoping for a fuller year ahead.

silent snowy night:
2021 tiptoes
wolf under cold moon

Cozy Words

This quadrille is for DVerse, and when I saw the post title, “In the Inglenook,” I thought it must be gibberish because I had never heard that word before! Maybe it’s because I live in California, where we have no need of fireplaces (or, therefore, of inglenooks 🙂 ). Anyway, I am happy to have learned a new word today; here is my attempt at a quadrille!

But first, the definition quoted in the original DVerse post:

For those of you not familiar with the word, here is a definition:
INGLENOOK (noun,English)- A close intimate corner by a fireplace where people gather for warmth; from ingle, a hearth (Scots)

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Maximum Randomness

For SoCS, we are supposed to right about something maxi and/or mini. My first thought was miniskirts vs. maxi skirts (minis are horrible, but maxis are comfortable, and I really like them 🙂 ), but then I thought about the state of the world and about calculus because I am a nerd deep down. I’m more of a “word nerd,” but I like math, too. Anyway, this intro part is getting to be its own stream-of-consciousness, so without further ado, I have something that was supposed to be a haiku, but I messed up the syllables. 

Maximum and minimum:
Such confusing calculus
Such steep rates of change

The Onus of a List

Some people like to-do lists. Not me. I find the onus of having several tasks to do enough, thank you! Making a to-do list simply adds one more task to the list in my head (which sometimes feels a mile long, but thankfully I have a decent memory, so I usually don’t forget about anything that needs to be done). Well, I might forget, but if that happens, then I remember again soon enough, before it gets to be too late.

Okay that’s two things off of my mental list: respond to SoCS and FOWC: Onus! Now I need to get ready for a Zoom meeting….