Good / Evil

I began this poem yesterday for the DVerse Poetics prompt about good and evil and finished it today in order to share with Open-Link Night. It is written almost like an inner dialogue. I wanted to vary the rhymes a little bit more, but I don’t know; maybe the monorhyme for half the poem works.


Supposed to think of life as greatest gift,
But tired of trying hard to spirit life.
                                     Come and get a little lost,
                                     In the darkness, high cost.
                                     Come and listen to accusers.
Fight against that voice, that we won’t lose her.
                                      After a rest, the monster
                                      Stirs, peace it defers.
She tries to remember all that life offers.
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A Very Punchable Face

For DVerse’s Quadrille Monday. Our word is punch, and we write a poem in 44 words. Also for FOWC: Beginner.


Out of nowhere depression says,
"I'm gonna kick your ass,"
And even after years I feel a beginner
As it gets stronger, I'm outclassed.

For a day I'm down on the ground,
But I'll punch it in the face
Next time it comes around.

Not sure how poetic the phrase “I’m gonna kick your ass” is, but at least there was rhyme. The monster does seem to be getting stronger; even though I know lots of “coping skills” now and have friends and even medical help, I just can hardly handle it these days…

Sharing this image from the DVerse post:

Where does strength come from?

This is a poem I wrote today, which I am sharing with DVerse Open-Link. We are going live today, so I intend to read this aloud. Not sure if I like the ending. It is hard to end poems well, at least hard for me to do so, so I am interested in feedback (and also wanting to use Fandango’s one-word for today 🙂 ).


Strength comes from loving.
Strength comes from sitting with others in their sorrows,
Without attempting to convince them of better tomorrows
Just sitting, being a comfort in their crying.

Strength comes from crying.
Being what society says is strong for too long,
Finally admitting that times are terribly trying
Such that it seems a curse just to be living.

Strength comes from living.
Strength comes from loving, sitting, crying, trying.
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Gut Feelings

It’s Thursday evening, which means it’s time for my last-minute submission for Brian’s weekly prompt! 🙂 This time it’s about intuition. To fit with the theme (and also to put less pressure on myself), I wrote it mainly in a stream-of-consciousness style. Also for MVB: Alone. Photo credit: Collin Guernsey on

An intuitive child, made to feel alone,
Carried these feelings until she was grown.

People say “go with your gut” —
For her there was a glut
Of emotions she could not handle,
Of anger and sadness she was full.

And she ignored her gut so that she starved,
Until she her own loving niche carved.

Thoughts on Success

Brian’s prompt this week is “success.” He gave us an extra challenge: to write a pantoum, which I finally did tonight. However! It turned out way too depressing and despondent! If we’re talking about success, I want my poem to have at least one note of hope or happiness (or success XD).

As it’s now the end of the day, I wrote a short cinquain to share for now.

There was a picture I wanted to share with you, but now I can’t find it.

Day after day
Challenges repeating:
Success comes from not giving up.
So don’t.

Not Forfeited

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, I am continuing to explore my poems from May 2019. I finally decided to share this one, from May 13th of that year. Not too dark. Enjoy. 🙂

The only way to not survive the fight
Is to give up; the spirit can’t be killed
But only ceded, so keep hope in sight:
It is not God who has destruction willed,
But satan lies in wait. Though he is skilled
Remember not to forfeit; watch and pray,
And God will give you victory today.



Today’s prompt at the NaPoWriMo site offers, “Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that argues against, or somehow questions, a proverb or saying.” Reading that, I immediately thought of a poem that I wrote a while ago and have already posted, but I cannot help reposting it today. I know that’s cheating ( 🙂 ), but I promise that I am writing new poems today and that I will try to write a NEW poem for this prompt later today! Here is the original post.

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Hopeful Moments

A décima, at last for this week’s prompt, “Roar.” I was optimistic about writing several decent poems this morning, but then I had to do something else and barely got any writing done. Actually, I was optimistic in general ( 😀 ), but then life happened so I’m kind of sad. Anyway, now it’s the evening.

Beautiful morning, hopeful smile:
So many possibilities
Which steps into the future free,
Praise when happiness lasts a while. Continue reading

Unseen Hope

There is something unseen upon the beach,
Those are not just your footprints on the shore;
Deep in your core, when the Lord you beseech
Comes to your aid — His presence has stayed more
Than you have known; He says “Come to Me, poor
Sinners” the path is shown, and grace has flowed:
Well done, welcome to heaven’s rich abode.

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