Thoughts on Success

Brian’s prompt this week is “success.” He gave us an extra challenge: to write a pantoum, which I finally did tonight. However! It turned out way too depressing and despondent! If we’re talking about success, I want my poem to have at least one note of hope or happiness (or success XD).

As it’s now the end of the day, I wrote a short cinquain to share for now.

There was a picture I wanted to share with you, but now I can’t find it.

Day after day
Challenges repeating:
Success comes from not giving up.
So don’t.

Not Forfeited

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, I am continuing to explore my poems from May 2019. I finally decided to share this one, from May 13th of that year. Not too dark. Enjoy. 🙂

The only way to not survive the fight
Is to give up; the spirit can’t be killed
But only ceded, so keep hope in sight:
It is not God who has destruction willed,
But satan lies in wait. Though he is skilled
Remember not to forfeit; watch and pray,
And God will give you victory today.



Today’s prompt at the NaPoWriMo site offers, “Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that argues against, or somehow questions, a proverb or saying.” Reading that, I immediately thought of a poem that I wrote a while ago and have already posted, but I cannot help reposting it today. I know that’s cheating ( 🙂 ), but I promise that I am writing new poems today and that I will try to write a NEW poem for this prompt later today! Here is the original post.

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Hopeful Moments

A décima, at last for this week’s prompt, “Roar.” I was optimistic about writing several decent poems this morning, but then I had to do something else and barely got any writing done. Actually, I was optimistic in general ( 😀 ), but then life happened so I’m kind of sad. Anyway, now it’s the evening.

Beautiful morning, hopeful smile:
So many possibilities
Which steps into the future free,
Praise when happiness lasts a while. Continue reading

Unseen Hope

There is something unseen upon the beach,
Those are not just your footprints on the shore;
Deep in your core, when the Lord you beseech
Comes to your aid — His presence has stayed more
Than you have known; He says “Come to Me, poor
Sinners” the path is shown, and grace has flowed:
Well done, welcome to heaven’s rich abode.

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For today’s SoCS: Resolve and day 1 of “Just-Jot-It January (JusJoJan).” Also linked with MVB: Ahead. I wanted to write a third quatrain, but it’s not coming.

Resolve to try hard every day,
And ask for help when I cannot,
Resolve with peace of soul to pray
Because God’s works are not forgot.

Don’t overthink the year ahead,
Today is a sufficient task.
There is much kindness done and said,
And peaceful times in which to bask. Continue reading