A Slow Start

At last, a décima for Ronovan’s décima challenge this week and for FOWC: Contain! This took a while, since I tried since Wednesday to even come up with one line.

This verse is difficult to start:
What themes and words should it contain?
May inspiration soon regain
Its strength, as it speaks to my heart.

A poem is building, part by part.
It seems as naught in readers’ eyes,
Yet words encourage; my pen tries.
Let patience have its perfect work:
Show up, and be sure not to shirk
Daily attempts — to win the prize!Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

Yes to Love

This is for JusJoJan day 26. The word is “shutter,” and the poem’s catalyst was my women’s group this morning. As much as I miss meeting in person, I’m grateful for Zoom because we can still meet (especially because almost everyone in my women’s group is grandmother-age). Anyway, today we had a storyteller come to speak with us. She has “attended” our group several times now, and her stories are unique and often like fairy-tales, but their themes connect with the spiritual life. This is the poem that I wrote.

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Learning to Sail

For Ronovan’s décima challenge, which this week is FLOAT.

Those who keep going, I admire:
Although we walk, life is a boat.
So hard to keep the ship afloat,
The seas themselves seem to conspire.

Let hope and love be my attire,
To never let the boat capsize,
To skill in sailing realize.
Even when the waves are choppy
May they not break serenity:
Enjoy the ride, sun in my eyes.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

A Fault in the Wall, or, A Survivor

This sevenling was inspired not by any particular prompt but by Andrea’s photo in this post yesterday. Her photo reminded me of one of the walls in my house which has a crack in it:

Wall 1_14

A fault line in the wall:
A scar from an earthquake
Or two or three, still standing —

I stand lost in thought,
Amazed yet wondering if
The next shake will make it fall —

Never quite the same again

We’ll certainly be in trouble if that wall falls down. :/  I’m not actually worried, but it is unsettling if you think about it.

Peace, Love, and Perseverance

This is a poem that I wrote yesterday, a reflection of sorts on a passage I read from St. Peter Canisius. I am linking this poem to Angie Trafford’s Writing Wednesday (from last Wednesday), “sender.”

Love and perseverance are needed for peace:
On Earth troubles will never long cease,
So let love with courage be fortified,
Let peace not be too elusive nor hide
Its face from those who are its friends.
Peace, love, and perseverance God sends.

Valuable Gifts

This is a décima for Ronovan’s prompt, with the word Gift as one of the B rhymes. Quite a timely prompt, obviously. 🙂 This décima took about 3 days to complete, so my brain very slowly revealed this gift to me.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

As Advent is a brand-new start,
God is ready to give a gift:
The strength and peace of Christ to lift,
The God of peace will guard your heart.

When shoppers fill a shopping cart,
Remember most of all the why:
Remember what will satisfy
Beyond what fits inside a box.
Sincere and loving care unlocks
Treasures that no money can buy.