Today I have a décima for Ronovan’s prompt, and I was partially inspired by FOWC: Adept. This might still be rather dark, but at least it is more optimistic than what I posted yesterday! Some of the imagery was inspired by last Sunday’s Gospel reading at Mass. 🙂 Continue reading

No Coffers Fit in the Coffin

For today’s FOWC, the word is “vitriol.” I was thinking about the idea of wealth and wrote this acrostic. There are also other prompts that I wanted to try to do today, but I’m not getting anything remotely post-worthy.

What can any man take with him, when he
Ends his tenure on Earth? His soul in its condition is
All — no clothes nor masks with which to hide;
Lies become as nothing. Any vitriolic bravado loses its
Teeth, becoming weak, for truth is strong.
Heed this warning before too long.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Paint Chip Adventure!

This is my response to the 40th (!!) week of paint-chip poetry! I wasn’t sure what to write, and the challenge this tome was to use all 7 words, but my stream-of-consciousness seems to flow to decently-poetic places.

Home base is not a place to stay
Forever. Illumination of a green light
Lets you know to go. Fear no
Coyotes nor the black lacquer of
A starless night. Neptune may look down
On you, but you can look up and see
Venus, yellow as pungent ginger root.


This is a tanka for Chèvrefeuille’s latest haiku challenge, and the theme is changing. When I wrote this, I was thinking of growth — changing from weak to strong.

support for growing
strengthening sapling tree’s trunk
never meant to stay:

you can stand straight on your own,
even when branches’ leaves sway

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com