The Stream of Consciousness Speaks

Too long have I been waiting, for a new beginning,
A blank slate, to rewrite life — or at least magically
Give myself the ability to change completely.

I see two major ways I could have taken.

No way to overwrite what has already happened,
Nor to go back, to change my own shortsighted mind —
I look around, and now one way is what I find.

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Putting Words in Order

One thing that is extremely frustrating for me is when I want to respond to a specific prompt, but I can’t seem to think of anything at all, let alone anything good! Sometimes, I feel stuck and can hardly write anything, with or without a prompt! I didn’t write much today that’s post-able, but here you go, a poem about this frustration: 

Words and fragments floating in this mind
In a fashion frenzied and unkind —
How difficult to with coherence write,
Before this day sleeps, and turns to night!