From Behind the Trees

I wrote this last night, after Thanksgiving dinner, once my family had gone home, and the rest of us retreated to our own activities. I’m not 100% happy with the ending, but I am sharing it now for FOWC: Fidelity, since the moon has such fidelity as a poetic muse, for me and countless others. I write about the moon so often that there is a category on my blog for “poems about the moon.”

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Gravy Volcano

I wrote a cherita for FOWC: Gravy, shared with DVerse OLN. Unfortunately, I missed the live event, but there was too much else going on. 🙂

As kids, who didn’t love making volcanoes:

Either as a science experiment for class, or
One made of mashed potatoes and gravy —

A baking-soda-and-vinegar mixture, or
Gravy overflowing the potatoes on a plate,
As if that’s the biggest disaster one could create.

Sunday Sevenling

For FOWC: Thanks and yesterday’s Saturday Mix about opposing forces, and also shared with  this week’s Writers’ Pantry. This poetry form is called a sevenling .

Thank you for the absence
Of oppressive heat, of sickness
In my vicinity, of being busy.

Thank you too for the presence
Of friendship over long distance,
Of voices, and to balance them — silence.

Gift of timing comes with everything.

adult birthday birthday gift box
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Décima: Thankfulness

Many thanks to Ronovan for the introduction to this poetry form and the accompanying challenge! I am also sharing this with the Writers’ Pantry. For NaPoWriMo day 19.

To thankfulness we dedicate,
Reminders needed quite often,
Remember goodness even when
Glad feelings prove hard to create.

We find in small things what is great :
We might have practice in the fall,
Yet it’s a skill needed for all
Days, weeks, and seasons in the year —
Especially when one’s prone to tears,
Though difficult — we heed the call.

A Great Discovery

I have written  a lot about Advent lately. It has taken me a long time to decide on a poem to share. Here is one of my recent poems, shared with the Poets United “pantry” for this week.

A great discovery, calling to me
From behind a stained-glass door, once more:
The Eucharist in a monstrance
Leads to thanksgiving in each circumstance,
At first I knew not what it was: just because
I could, I went and visited, vivid
Memory rises now, that God would allow
Such grace for me, beckoning irrevocably.


For Poets United midweek motif: Longing. It’s rather interesting because if I had tried to write this yesterday, the poem would have been completely different. 

My longing is sated for today:

Thanksgiving Mass to laud

The God from whom all good things come,

Friends to join in with worshipping,

Many songs to sing;

Unexpectedly happy times with family

As we play games

And laugh at random stories —

Before we feast on turkey

Cranberry sauce and mac and cheese,

My longing is sated for today.



Unwrapping the Gift

For this week’s haibun Monday prompt on gratitude. 

A friend once called depression a “gift.” I knew that he must have experienced it himself, or he would never have had the audacity to say that to me. It has given me more compassion and greater willingness to love others; but honestly, it’s a gift I’m still unwrapping.

Climbing vines cover brick walls
Gift of red and green

green leafed ivy plant on grey concrete building
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