A typical day —
Filled with more of the same
Writing, reading, coffee-drinking
It’s boring after a while,
Yet the days leave, single-file
Without caring that you want them back.

Too many of them are wasted,
These typical days —
Indeed much is wasted, because unappreciated.

I don’t always appreciate “typical” days. I want time to speed up now, but by next year I’ll wish that it had slowed down. I appreciate the one-word prompts today (linked in the poem). This is a good reminder to myself. 🙂

Redeeming Lost Time

I don’t want to ignore the prompts for today (see what I did there 🙂 ), but I wrote this poem inspired by the idea of redeeming lost time, which I mentioned in yesterday’s gratitude post. I did write a quadrille for DVerse’s prompt, Bell, but I don’t like it very much, especially because this poem is more hopeful, anyway.

Redeem for me lost time, 
What sickness has hidden,
What fear has now effaced,
What despair has destroyed --
And I will live again.

And I will live again
To be a home of hope,
To laugh with liberty, *
Growing sweet fruits of peace
Beginning with today. 

            * I do laugh quite a bit anyway.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Pexels.com

I Am God’s Plaything…

Possibly the first time I have ever publicly responded to MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Same Same, but Different. We are given a list of 5 words and are asked to use synonyms. Follow the link for more info. This was one of my 11 poems written yesterday.


I am God's plaything, partnering
unwillingly with Loss, as Time
flies by, wearing fleet-footed Mercury's 
sandals -- yet the fire of Life
does not die quickly
               But I love so much. 
Don't ever hurry past the greenery,
Nor the moon, nor winged things of beauty.
Photo by Nina Mace Photography on Pexels.com

One Coin

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful, lest you let other people spend it for you.”

— Carl Sandburg

My addition to One-Liner Wednesday. This quote happens to remind me of the Gospel story of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Short story shorter, the man who received only one talent (a sum of money) hid it in the ground, whereas the others, who received more, invested the money that they got. The man who received only one was afraid that he would lose what he did have, but that was the wrong choice. Don’t waste your coin, but definitely don’t hide your coin, and spend it well. 🙂

New Moon

The moon is new, and so the sky is dark.
The stars are shining someplace but not here.
The difference ‘twixt Now and Then is stark,
For nighttime’s Guide is gone, and there’s the fear
Of what comes next, no, even what is Now —
Rewriting of the story not allowed.

Shared with DVerse OLN because I wanted to post a poem today, short though it is.

Does That Place Exist Anymore?

Today’s installment for Flashback Friday. Although I have a vast collection of poems from the past 6 or 8 or more years, I am choosing one that I posted before, exactly 3 years ago. This poem was for FFFC #24 (wow, that was a while ago!) and was called “Atlas.”


An atlas is open, made of paper --
A man points with index fingers
Attached to weathered hands: “Here.”

I post this from a smartphone —
Atlas carries the changing Earth
Does that place exist anymore?

Pear, or, Insecurity

We envy the hourglass,
Eschew the ruler, but
Fear the apple and pear.
Why do we insist on classification,
And idolization of passing things?
I am not a fruit
Nor a measurement implement
Nor even a timepiece --
I think what we want, really,
Is for that hourglass
To turn itself upside-down.

Everything you need to know about dressing for your body shape | Al ...

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Illustration just in case you are a man and/or don’t know what I’m talking about then I refer to pears, apples, etc.

This free-verse poem was written for MVB: Pear and Brian’s challenge about insecurity.

This is another poem I’m nervous about posting. I’m really not as vain as this might make me sound. A lot of people think eating disorders are about vanity. They’re not. They’re more about control and trying to find a way to feel good about oneself. The media and beauty ideals are a contributing factor, but I had the perfect set of personality traits and life experiences to be susceptible to the media’s messaging. If I had any shred of self-esteem or self-worth back then, I wouldn’t have felt the need to change what I looked like. Plus, once I started, I couldn’t stop because of A. people’s compliments, which I craved like a drug, and B. the realization that starving calmed my anxiety. You do it enough, it literally makes you feel high.

I didn’t mean to write so much about what causes eating disorders (it frustrates me that a lot of people blame just the media and photoshop), but there you go.

A Sorely-Needed Leap

I am on the fence about whether to share this one or not. It’s a décima. I’m not sure if it’s “good,” but it’s the best poem I’ve got for today. I wrote it yesterday and wanted to post more than a meme today. The situation this poem is about is very complicated… Also, I realized belatedly that this poem fits with the theme of Brian’s prompt about insecurity, so I am linking up. However, I intend to share another one tomorrow, since this only coincidentally has to do with feeling insecure.

The time will never be just right
To make a necessary change:
It will always feel a bit strange,
Walking with only a dim light.

When fear arises, know life might
Get better on the other side,
Fear weakens when it is defied.
There is a sorely-needed leap
For one to take, and must not keep
Putting it off, so terrified.

Photo by Balram Swain on Pexels.com


The theme of this week’s sijo challenge, for which I am once again posting at the last minute, is regrets. I had a TON of ideas this morning and then didn’t finish any until after work. I’ve finished 4 as of this writing and am really hoping to finish at least 1 or 2 more. That would be conducive to a satisfying evening!

Is regretting wise? Careful not to redo too many ripples.
There is perhaps one situation, but if one were to erase it,
Where would be the wintertime, among cycle of seasons?

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image