Moving Away

Time's changes make me cry.

Loved ones moving away,
Friendship groups disbanded,
Even my hometown spreading out.
Sometimes what is happy
Only lives on in memories.

Time's changes make me cry,
Even with joy on the other side.

NaPoWriMo day 10. I skipped yesterday, in part because I was busy but mostly because every single thing I wrote was horrible. I didn’t want to skip another day. Linked with MVB: Disbanded.

Sijo: Time

There have been many prompts for NaPoWriMo, but none of them caught my fancy today. Even though it’s Thursday and not Tuesday, I have a new sijo to share.


Time moves impossibly, slowly yet quickly at the same time:
The space between our meetings drags, yet when we are together
It seems I blink, and your arms are no longer around me 
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What if, what if? The words echo, just as reverberations of choices make their voices heard in next steps, in decisions subsequent. There are so many possibilities that it is impossible to know in the moment which one will lead to happiness and which to regret. 

How many permutations exist in space, in time? I sit thousands of feet above the sea of Maybe, atop the mountain of Longing, slowly standing. 

There are no fences along the edges, so I approach the precipice and jump. 


For DVerse Prosery. Our given line is: “In space in time I sit thousands of feet above the sea” from May Sarton’s poem “Meditation in Sunlight.” 

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The Clocks, Destroyed

As much as I would have liked to share something brand-new with you, I didn’t write anything good today, so for Flashback Friday I have a poem from 3 years and 1 day ago. I called it “Imagine,” and it’s a bit of a stream-of-consciousness but I like it; I like bringing it into “the eternal now.”


Imagine, sweetheart
The clocks walking
Time halted
The clocks // destroyed
The eternal now


A typical day —
Filled with more of the same
Writing, reading, coffee-drinking
It’s boring after a while,
Yet the days leave, single-file
Without caring that you want them back.

Too many of them are wasted,
These typical days —
Indeed much is wasted, because unappreciated.

I don’t always appreciate “typical” days. I want time to speed up now, but by next year I’ll wish that it had slowed down. I appreciate the one-word prompts today (linked in the poem). This is a good reminder to myself. 🙂

Redeeming Lost Time

I don’t want to ignore the prompts for today (see what I did there 🙂 ), but I wrote this poem inspired by the idea of redeeming lost time, which I mentioned in yesterday’s gratitude post. I did write a quadrille for DVerse’s prompt, Bell, but I don’t like it very much, especially because this poem is more hopeful, anyway.

Redeem for me lost time, 
What sickness has hidden,
What fear has now effaced,
What despair has destroyed --
And I will live again.

And I will live again
To be a home of hope,
To laugh with liberty, *
Growing sweet fruits of peace
Beginning with today. 

            * I do laugh quite a bit anyway.
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I Am God’s Plaything…

Possibly the first time I have ever publicly responded to MLMM’s Saturday Mix: Same Same, but Different. We are given a list of 5 words and are asked to use synonyms. Follow the link for more info. This was one of my 11 poems written yesterday.


I am God's plaything, partnering
unwillingly with Loss, as Time
flies by, wearing fleet-footed Mercury's 
sandals -- yet the fire of Life
does not die quickly
               But I love so much. 
Don't ever hurry past the greenery,
Nor the moon, nor winged things of beauty.
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One Coin

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful, lest you let other people spend it for you.”

— Carl Sandburg

My addition to One-Liner Wednesday. This quote happens to remind me of the Gospel story of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Short story shorter, the man who received only one talent (a sum of money) hid it in the ground, whereas the others, who received more, invested the money that they got. The man who received only one was afraid that he would lose what he did have, but that was the wrong choice. Don’t waste your coin, but definitely don’t hide your coin, and spend it well. 🙂

New Moon

The moon is new, and so the sky is dark.
The stars are shining someplace but not here.
The difference ‘twixt Now and Then is stark,
For nighttime’s Guide is gone, and there’s the fear
Of what comes next, no, even what is Now —
Rewriting of the story not allowed.

Shared with DVerse OLN because I wanted to post a poem today, short though it is.