One-Liner Wednesday

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Ernest Hemingway

I’m really relating to this quotation this week. You might have noticed, based on most of my recent posts.
Thanks to Linda G. Hill for hosting One-Liner Wednesday.

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Out of Air (plus SoCS!)

A tight space
With walls so close
Threatening to crush
I cannot breathe
I’m running
Out of

I aspire to post again today because there are plenty of other prompts, and this one is rather dark, kind of like yesterday’s. While writing it this morning and again when typing it up just now, I physically felt the constriction and some difficulty with breathing freely. I also aspire to allow the emotions to come through in my writing, and to write on subjects that do not expire but can stay relevant, no matter when the poem is read. With any luck, I will be inspired to write several more poems today or at least to finish the 4 that I have started. 🙂

SoCS: aspire/inspire/expire

A Shining Opportunity

Today I had the welcome opportunity to go to a café again and write poems. That brings my total for today to 9 poems so far, although their artistic merit is dubious. DVerse introduced me / everyone to a new poetry form: the Zéjel. It sounded like fun, and it was. This is just a beginning, though, because I think it needs at least 1 or 2 more quatrains. As an added challenge, I used Linda’s paint chips and her simile prompt to help me come up with a topic for my zéjel. The paint chips did not easily suggest a topic, but I figured, “When in doubt, write about Jesus.” LOL I’m glad to have gotten this opportunity to try a new form (and to smash together 4 prompts in one post).

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Squeezing an Idea

This is a poem. Using fragments. For Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip poetry prompt. The new one comes out tomorrow morning. So I am posting this just in time. 🙂

Journeying, searching,
Seeking a worthy muse.
Walking through desert’s
Endless dunes.

Will fresh-sqeezed
Brain juice yield an idea?
Are brain waves airy
As cotton candy,
And just as substantially
Void? See, a frown…

Look, the nose
Of a clown!


This is a décima for this week’s challenge from Ronovan Writes. We are supposed to use the word “oops” in one of the C rhyme lines. Since a new challenge will be posted tomorrow, it would definitely be an “oops” not to write and post one today. 🙂 I did almost forget about it. Also for FOWC: Poor and MVB: Fondness.

Despite fondness to post and write,
Feeling like writing is my core,
Of much time to write I feel poor
Sometimes, all spent, out of sight.

To use time well is oft a fight,
More often than not, I say “Oops!”
But quickly hawk-like my mind swoops
Upon right words, poem is my prey,
As I at last redeem today —
Before the clock flies through more loops.

brown and gray bird
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