Young Girl Writing…

I have a sijo on Monday for you this time! This week’s sijo theme is ART. I was inspired by the painting “Young Girl Writing a Love Letter” by Pietro Antonio Rotari, a print of which I have framed in my room. 


Look at her daydreaming  lovesick look on her pretty face,
Blush-pink cheek resting upon her left hand, feather-quill in her right --
I will not ruin her reverie, with a cynical ending

April Recap and an Acrostic

This is my first post for 3 days and my first poem of this month. In April, I only posted 26 or so poems, instead of 30, and reading of other bloggers’ posts fell by the wayside as well, even as the A-to-Z and NaPoWriMo challenges were going on, and people were writing more posts. I hope to get better at reading other people’s posts this month, although nothing has changed so far. :/

Changing formations:
Let them flow and go,
Overhead floating
Until they are blown away,
Down the river of blue

Photo is my own

Clouds 3_20

I Want To Write…

This cherita is not for any prompts but is what I’m sharing for NaPoWriMo day 3. ❤ I almost don’t want to share this one yet really like it.


I want to write you so much poetry.

The words come, but they go quickly
As a river, swept away in love's ecstasy.

All that remains is to create poetry
Of our bodies, as my hands grasp for symbolism
In your skin, and my mute lips meet yours.

Apathy in 40 Words

Nothing sounds fun. 
Music, reading, even writing
Fill me with apathy:

So much nothing
It has a weight
In my chest and belly,
On my shoulders --

Yet still I live,
Getting older, 
Getting through drudgery,
Until life smiles on me. 

This depressing poem is brought to you by 3 prompts: FOWC: Drudgery, MVB: Fun, and Sammi Scribbles’ weekend writing prompt. One thing I’m grateful for: even though nothing sounds fun, I still can write stuff. I also sat down at the piano for 5 or 10 minutes earlier this morning. 


Never Giving Up

I will never throw in the towel when it comes to writing. I may not blog every day (despite wanting to participate daily in JusJoJan), but I write every day, both poetry and in a journal. Also, at this point, I will never throw in the towel when it comes to praying the rosary, as I have done so every day for probably 6 years (thanks be to God). It seems more likely that I will throw in the towel on all of life before stopping those 2 things! Nevermind that giving up on life does sometimes seem likely….but that is a whole other topic!

I am never giving up:
Standing in the storm,
Underneath is solid rock,
Something keeps me warm.

Throwing in the towel is no
Option now for me,
I’ll use it to dry my tears
When sun comes to me.

(Just realized I rhymed “me” with “me” — that’s stream-of-consciousness writing for you)

A Description

Today’s word for JusJoJan is “seasonal.” That reminds me of Christmas, and I was wondering what to write for it. This morning I gave a late Christmas card to an acquaintance at church. I had written it weeks ago but hadn’t seen her.

Truth be told, I didn’t write much today. Yesterday’s FOWC was “description,” so I tried to use extra imagery in a poem. I wrote this this morning.

At this rectangular wooden table,
Covered with a dark-green tablecloth,
Atop this circular palm-leaf-colored placemat,
I sit writing. Writing in my Irish green notebook,
Hoping that some poems will grow.

Alas, not much germinated, let alone blossomed.

Tired but Still Writing

I feel so tired, but I have to go to work in an hour. In addition, I can’t seem to write anything even vaguely poetic. 

I can be thankful that I get to go to work (especially since lately there haven’t been as many hours because we haven’t been busy, so they haven’t needed me as much). I am also thankful for the women’s group at my church, which just happened. It is better to go than not to go. 

Even with food and coffee, I’m still so tired. 


Sitting here trying to write, I can be thankful for words,
For the coffee and the gentle breeze, on this sunny weekday -- 
And the warmth of friends who are like family, in sweet memories. 

A sijo for Ronovan Writes’s prompt. 


This time, for the Friday Writings at Poets and Storytellers United, we are using the ordinary as inspiration. Today I really wanted to post a poem, so maybe this prompt will help.

Today was an ordinary day —
Except, we got my mom a coffee
For her birthday,
And I found that my online shopping
Order was on its way,
And I saw a beautiful bird
Briefly, before it flew away.

These are just ordinary words
And I, an ordinary person clacking
On the other side of the keyboard,
Hoping I would have done
Something extraordinary by now —
Wondering what is meant
By “ordinary” anyway.


Hello, I am back from my weekend retreat and wanted to share a post today! However, it’s very peculiar because, although I wrote quite a bit over the weekend, it’s all very personal and / or really Jesus-y, and sometimes it’s just not a good poem, so I don’t necessarily want to put it on the blog. As for today, I am not feeling very inspired at all. Well,days of writing 8 poems and of writing 2 poems average out to 5 per day, so that’s not too bad. 🙂

The Cosmic Photo Challenge for this week was “lest we forget,” since this past weekend included Veterans’ Day. However, no disrespect to our veterans but I have other pictures because I went on retreat.

… lest we forget to stop and smell the roses

…lest we forget the lights in the darkness
… lest we forget that everything will eventually be okay

The Bible verse on the mint says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” Romans 8:28
I found that mint on my pillow the very first evening and was quite amused that even the mint was telling me to relax.