More Star-Stuff

Might as well share with you what was supposed to be the last poem on this blog, written and originally shared on September 2, 2021. I had forgotten about this one and was shocked that I could write something even remotely hopeful when I was feeling swallowed by the black hole. I intentionally wrote 31 words and responded to 2 other challenges with this poem, originally.

To thwart everything
That evil plans —
Is it possible?
Even if we can’t,
Don’t let that black hole
Pull all the star-stuff,
But let it twinkle,
Dance and keep on shining.

Embracing a Wealth of Words

Many thanks to DVerse Poetics for the fun prompt. Follow the link to discover a bunch of beautiful words. ❤ 🙂 I was going to wait until tomorrow to write for this, let alone post, but the words just needed to put themselves together into something resembling a poem. Let’s consider this a work in progress. 🙂 The prompt was to use at least 3 of the words featured in the prompt, but I embraced the challenge, or rather, multiple words embraced me and begged to be included.

This is a Danish word — I didn’t know that English had borrowed it! Since I’m currently learning Danish, I had to include it!

Not sure what to write,
Words burble out of my brain: 
Several speak to me directly,
Like a susurrus in a dream,
Wanting only to find the right space,
Their home, their ikigai --
I feel forelsket with these.
Again, don't know where they're going,
Only that I am aliferous 
And novaturient, finding 
New wings with which to fly.

Inspiration Everywhere

Welcome to Tuesday evening on my blog. Regular readers may be able to predict that I have a Sijo to share tonight. This week’s theme is Inspiration.

Whether it’s the adorable birds outside, or the scorching heat,
Whether moments of peace and gratitude, or deep depression,
If a poem comes out of it, no experience is wasted.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge ImageI’ve been trying to embrace whatever happens for quite a while. Sometimes I am successful and other times… not so much! However, you’ll often hear me say, “At least I got a poem out of it!”

Another prompt today that I want to embrace is the phrase tuna salad. No idea how to put that into a poem, but I do like tuna salad sandwiches, especially on Fridays. 🙂

Much To Do

There’s a lot that I want to do before I go to sleep tonight (here in California, it’s about 5:30). I was writing in my journal about how I am “happy, just busy in my head.” That is, I guess, one way to define being anxious — “busy in my head.”

busy in my head
so much stuff I want to do
before tomorrow —
including posting a poem
way better than this one here

Looks like that’s not going to happen! 🙂

Seas, Islands, and Sharks

Even when I have difficulty, or when it’s been a long day, responding to prompts and posting to my blog is a hobby of mine (as you know), so here is a little poem.

Of trial —
Words are the islands
On which I find safe shelter


For FOWC: Sea and partially inspired by DVerse’s Habun Monday because I used the idea of “shelter,” but I’m not linking up because this isn’t a haibun.

Here is FFFC: #182. The picture reminded me of my ex and me because we would do jigsaw puzzles in the park together (that’s another of my hobbies — puzzles). Before we were dating, we would use that as an excuse to sit really close to each other or “accidentally” brush our hands together. It was one of those cute but ridiculous things. One puzzle had a bunch of different sharks on it, so that is what this cherita is inspired by.


I thought the pieces fit together, didn't you?

A couple dozen sharks with so much ocean between them,
Several times we tried to finish the picture

We never did finish that thousand-piece puzzle.
Now it's too late, for time flows forward.
There are plenty of other "sharks" in the sea.

Intentions and Agitation

The topic for Brian’s prompt this week is STILLNESS, and I especially wanted to write for it because it’s the last one for the foreseeable future. After 2 years (!!), Brian will be focusing on other things. 

Unfortunately, it was difficult to write a “stillness” poem, especially because I thought the theme was “intention,” so I wrote for that instead (I wrote a sijo that went with last week’s sijo challenge)! 😅

My intention was to write for "stillness."
It still is. 

teardrop on paper
smudges words written in ink --
ripples in a pond

Fun fact: I was trying to nap away my pain but got out of bed to post this. 

Dive, Swim, or Waddle?

For the 3 Things Challenge today, the theme is still “ducks,” and the words are DIVE, SWIM, and WADDLE. My self-imposed challenge was to use all these words and not write about ducks. 🙂

This is barely a poem, but here is what I came up with:

Life is like a swimming pool
And I, an alleged swimmer:
Unable to dive, I am thrown into depths
Probably able to keep from completely
But my swimming is equivalent to waddling.

Yeah, I’m not good at this whole “life” thing. The good news is, I’ve been peaceful recently, and writing makes me feel alive in a good way. 

Fun fact: This poem does describe my actual swimming ability (or lack thereof).


I surprised myself by writing for MLMM’s “Sunday Confessionals: Secrets.” I wasn’t going to because (if you read the prompt) even I have things I don’t want to write about. However, a book I was reading reminded me of this prompt and inspired me to try. This poem, a cherita, is a response to the poem that I wrote in response to the prompt, so it is tangentially related. 


I was glad to get to use this image of a painting by Magritte, called “Double Secrets.”
I wrote my poem; it took up a whole page. 

There are some things so sacred I won't 
Name them, blasting them on my blog.

You won't be witness to this catharsis
Even I don't know how deep the sea 
Of double-secrets, but the waves whisper it.

FPQ #176

Each week, Fandango posts a provocative question and invites us to answer it. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a response, but I couldn’t help it with this one. this week’s question is:

What will your last day on Earth be like?

So, without getting too dark, regular readers of this blog will understand that I’ve thought about this question quite a bit.

Photo by cottonbro on

“Without getting too dark,” she writes immediately before inserting a very Memento Mori picture.

If I’m lucky, I won’t know that it’s my last day, but I am hoping that it would include not necessarily much that is different from what I usually do: writing, some reading, the rosary…. Ideally, I would also get to go to Mass and sit outside in the sun for a little while. One thing I used to do quite often was go to a coffee shop and sit outside. I enjoyed watching all the little birds. Sometimes they were derpy, and they were always cute and entertaining. I would want to watch the derpy little birds and drink some really good coffee.

P.S. There are little red squiggles under the word “derpy.” “Squiggles” is a fun word. It rhymes with “giggles.” Maybe I’ll write a limerick.