Not a Villain

This is a reflection on anger, written in villanelle form, inspired by a challenge from DVerse as well as by the difficulties that I have had in my life with expressing all types of emotions. Often I try to ignore or squash anger, thinking it is bad and frightening, but that only makes it stronger and scarier. Anger is like a fire: It can be scary when misused, but it can also be helpful.

For too long I’ve been loath to let it in:

I’d feared its heat, its size, its strength, this fire —

Yet anger has been framed. It is no villain.


Emotional health under construction:

The spectrum of emotions is entire;

For too long I’ve been loath to let it in.


The Scriptures say “Be angry; do not sin,”

To hide anger away makes God a liar,

For anger has been framed. It is no villain.


Engaging in a fight I’ll never win:

Anger is angry, and it does not tire

Until I open up to let it in.


It teaches and it gives motivation,

It will not burn up as a funeral pyre,

For anger has been framed. It is no villain.


Anger is a part of being human.

It wishes to be seen and be brought higher.

For too long I’ve been loath to let it in,

Yet anger has been framed. It is no villain.

“Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet”

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

— John 1:5

Words might be hurtful,

And rejection, might be mine,

But my God redeems it,

Et lux in tenebris lucet.

Will my friends abandon me,

In this Gethsemane?

But God gets me through it,

Et lux in tenebris lucet.

Amidst mean words,

I seek my Shepherd:

My lamp is lit,

Et lux in tenebris lucet.


Storm — Quadrille

A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words that includes a specific word. Today’s quadrille uses the word “storm.” The poem does not have to rhyme, but mine does because sometimes I like to challenge myself a little bit.

Rage on, fearsome storm, my Captain steers!

Howl, shout loudly, assail my ears,

For calling on my Captain frees from fears.


With Him as guide, what matter other voices?

On seas of life, He knows the ideal choices,

And so my stormy soul rejoices.


In honor of today’s feast of the Ascension….


All peoples shall come to you, O God,

Save all who call upon your name,

Choirs of angels your majesty applaud,

Enjoying peace and love eternally.

Now we small humans may enjoy the same,

Setting us and every captive free

In Christ, both victim and high priest,

Our savior and love, who takes away all shame:

Nearness to you makes greatness from the least.

Descend: A Sonnet

Holy Spirit of God, will you descend,

And with your love ignite this little life?

Will you consume all else which dares contend,

With devotion within this straying wife?

You dunamos divine, lend me your strength,

To do with joy and peace the Father’s will,

And fellowship with me th’entire length

Of life, with love helping my heart be still.

Inspire me with your caressing breath,

Fill me completely with your holy fire;

Grant all God’s people grace, save all from death,

That all may praise His name on harp and lyre.

O breath and pow’r of God animate me,

That I may share your love eternally!


via Daily Prompt: Descend

To Me: A Ghazal

I wrote this one about a week ago and am posting it now for DVerse’s open link night. This one was really fun to write, and I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.

How precious is your love to me,

Nothing exists which is above to me!


To your abode my spirit yearns to fly,

O sweetest bliss when you are nigh to me!


When you are far my breath comes as a sigh,

When I call out you swift reply to me.


How long until we once again can meet?

Reunion’s hope is sweet to me.


One day we can a heavenly feast eat,

Though your sole presence is complete to me.


I, purified, am clothed in righteousness,

And grace, which is kindness to me.


Though I’m imperfect you don’t love me less,

Yes, your life’s eternal happiness to me!

City of God — Sonnet

City of God, you are the place of life,

Inside your gates sweet songs of praise resound,

You’re beautif’lly adorned, a spotless wife,

For celebrations angels gather ’round,

And what is said of you is glorious,

For you, our mother, are a woman free,

The new Jerusalem, magnanimous,

Within which angels sing “Holy, holy.”

Above you there’s no need for sun nor moon,

For God Himself dwells there and is your light,

May we who journey here come to you soon,

But ’til you call us give us strength to fight.

We know that if we get up when we fall,

Our heavenly reward will be worth all.