This is a collaboration with Sarah for Jilly’s January challenge. Her words are in bold, and mine are in blue. Shared with DVerse’s latest open link night.

It seemed like we were always dancing,
though the music was sometimes too fast,
and sometimes a little too slow,
and sometimes we hardly heard it at all

Or maybe the music was perfect,
It was just not what I’d expected,
You heard the future that was to be born,
The future whose magic still calls.



I wrote this poem today, in honor of the feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates when the Magi, the three wise men, came to worship the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. They brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh, symbolizing Jesus’ kingship, divinity, and future burial.

When it had risen, Magi saw a star,
And knew that they must come to see their King,
They traveled across many lands afar,
With them several precious presents bringing.
And where was found the Lord of everything?
The Bread of Life, in humble manger laid,
Foreshadowing the path to God He made.


I am really loving the Chaucerian stanza form! Linked to DVerse OLN 209.

Give  me your yes and I shall give you mine,

Give me your heart and I will love like you,

May we both share in lovely life divine,

Let us experience a life that’s true.

Let me extend forgiveness as you do.

The way you show is all I need to know,

May my face with your radiance daily glow.

In the Mirror

What do I see when I look in the mirror?

A child that Christ created,

A girl that God gifted,

A soul whom the Holy Spirit heals.

Weeping will soon turn to drying tears,

Slavery for freedom traded,

A downcast countenance lifted,

A hopeful promise, which faith seals.

One thing that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving week. 

You Delight in the Peace of Your Servant

For DVerse’s OLN #207.

When huge waves threaten to overwhelm,

When I think evil is something You’ve sent,

Help me remember that You are at the helm,

And You delight in the Peace of Your servant.


When I am assailed by distrust and fear,

Help me to give my assent,

For the glory will be worth every tear,

And You delight in the peace of Your servant.


I do not know what will soon he revealed,

And though I don’t know what every trial’s meant,

I am a girl brought to life and a woman healed,

For You delight in the peace of Your servant.