Reflection on Epiphany

This is for JusJoJan day 5. I had the intention of writing to the prompt, but this is what I want to share today instead.


I wonder, when the wise men saw the star,
Did they have shreds of doubt? They travelled far,
Through deserts, mountains, terrain of all kinds —
In their hearts, the infant Lord great faith finds.
Their gifts prophetic lauded in advance
This royal God to die, pierced by a lance.
Their journey arduous yet worth the wait:
Behold the most-high God in low estate!

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A Wish For Joy

It is JusJoJan day 2! We are prompted to write about a photo taken in the past week. This was taken the afternoon of December 31st, when I went to Starbucks to write and read. It was quite a productive time, since I wrote several poems and finished reading a book! In the photo, you can see my poetry notebook and a glimpse of what I have been writing.


I might as well share the poem with you!


Water to wine on a wedding day,

Jesus cares for their celebration.

When joy is fleeting forget not to pray,

For the Lord cares for His creation. 

Cana cradled a miracle, bringing joy

To the heart of every attendee;

May Jesus His power mercifully employ,

To bring joy to man, and reminders to me. 



Rex Gentium

The King of all the people’s has come near,
Rex Gentium — this is the name we laud,
The name belonging only to our God,
Who tells us that we never need to fear
When His great scepter our life wholly guides.
To Him belong all power and control,
Authority and means to make us whole
And love, even when consolation hides.

The One come near can live inside of all
Who will to take upon themselves His yoke:
His yoke is easy and His burden light.

He comes to everyone who deigns to call,
To stoke the flame of love, and in grace soak:
Regard the precious infant born this night.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Walk By

This poem is partly inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge, which is “daily.” I am also sharing with Poets United pantry. 

Her shopping cart is filled, not with new gifts,

But with necessities, all that she has.

She shuffles down the sidewalk without home,

And passersby won’t look her in the eye.


I wonder if she shivers in the cold

And cry that she can’t find room in an inn.

Daily we walk by images of God

In people’s faces, without taking note. .

Christmas List

A sevenling inspired by Fandango’s one-word challenge: “task.”

Tasks to tackle before Christmas:
Finish gift purchases, and wrap
The presents, placing them under the tree.

Before that must unbox the tree
(Artificial but beautiful), decorate
The boughs with baubles, light candles…

It is necessary too, to savor rest.

unlighted red advent candles on table beside green gift boxes
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A Great Discovery

I have written  a lot about Advent lately. It has taken me a long time to decide on a poem to share. Here is one of my recent poems, shared with the Poets United “pantry” for this week.

A great discovery, calling to me
From behind a stained-glass door, once more:
The Eucharist in a monstrance
Leads to thanksgiving in each circumstance,
At first I knew not what it was: just because
I could, I went and visited, vivid
Memory rises now, that God would allow
Such grace for me, beckoning irrevocably.