There is water which corresponds to your thirst.
There exists some food to satisfy your hunger.
There is some happiness to fill that glass
But it’s not found here.
There is a voice speaking to your subconscious,
Leading you to this place of fulfillment.

We are using our poetic voices for the DVerse quadrille this week.


can I say with faith

“Let the waves come?”

I’d hope Yes,

but how


do they

Beat? how deep

the seas’ waters?

How deep mutual love?

I am sharing this for Forgiving Fridays, since sometimes I get upset with myself for not having a “strong enough” faith. I need to let it be what it is and not try to pretend like the life of faith isn’t difficult. Sometimes it is difficult to know that God is in control, even though I have seen God do amazing things before. Nevertheless, I think, “This time God has pushed me past my limits.” How this relates to forgiveness is that it is important to forgive myself for those times when I feel weak in faith and weak in general. 

Response Often Unknown

Shared with the Tuesday Platform, on a Wednesday. I tried to find something to share that wasn’t too depressing, not sure I succeeded. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

Sometimes I feel alone,
Though needed help is near,
Response often unknown,
So help me then to hear —
I call with all my heart.

I call with all my heart,
So Savior, fast reply,
I will to do Your will,
So Savior, hear my sigh,
My heart is breaking — still.

Green Olive Tree

Shared with the Tuesday Platform.

“For I am like a growing olive tree,”
Declares the psalmist in his ancient words,
“I trust forever in God’s great mercy” —
Even today his poem of praise is heard
And echoes in the hearts of faith-filled ones,
With the same root, they too grow tall and strong,
Not as mere trees but as daughters and sons
Of the Most High, who shall not lead them wrong.
They may feel pressed like precious olive oil,
But with lamps lit there’s rest after the toil.


I wrote this poem today and am sharing it with DVerse’s open-link night. Special thanks to Abigail Gronway for directions about how to use the form. I had never heard of the Rhyming Wave before, but it’s a fun one. 

Lord Jesus looks with tender love,
With tender, tender, tender love,
You are His fair one and His dove,
You are loved into life.

Today may be with suff’rings rife,
With suff’rings, suff’rings, suff’rings rife,
But He will comfort in the strife,
But He will come anew!

Perhaps you think you’re always blue,
Are always, always, always, blue.
Outside of time, He shares His view,
Outside of fear’s quicksand.

He will hold you in helping hands,
In helping, helping, helping hands,
You need not go to other lands,
You need not run away.

Lord Jesus looks with tender love —
You need not run away.

Exploring This Life

“I’m just sitting here existing” someone might say,
But is existing itself not something to amaze?
Is existing not exciting, this time to explore
The world God’s created, and find out what for?
Is existence not a gift of love’s labor,
So many moments to seek and savor?