Above the Circus

At DVerse today, we are visiting the circus.

In one ring are the lions

And the lion-tamers,

The second ring is housing

The acrobats that

Contort themselves into pretzels,

And do tricks just to please

The crowd.

The third ring contains the

Elephants, with gentle and sad eyes.

And lastly, above all this,

Above the three-ring circus,

Is someone balancing expertly

On a tightrope, yet with a net

Capable of catching.


I am the tightrope-walker.




By Grace

This is another alphabet sestet, using the letters A through F. With gratitude to Dylan Thomas for the first line (and for the whole amazing poem).

“And death shall have no dominion” —
Beat, my heart, with profound love, and
Creak, the stairs as soul ascends
Despite the adversary’s arrows flaming:

Eternity extends for all who persevere, and
Free is grace for the taking.


For Abigail Gronway’s alphabet haiku challenge: letter K. I am not sure what’s going to happen with subsequent letters, since I had to read the dictionary for this one! 

Kindly koalas

Keep kitschy knickknacks, kicking



More musing on autumn and its meaning…Inspired by this prompt, even though it doesn’t really fit the prompt, since I did not read anything except the title before writing my response.

The leaves change color

They let go, knowing return

Is close : cycle goes