Inspired by this weekend’s prompt at  Real Toads, I wrote a “puente” poem. Puente means bridge in Spanish because of the middle line, and I wanted to incorporate the idea of a bridge in my poem. Yesterday, my mom and I decorated our Christmas tree, and the ornaments were bridges between the past and the present. 

My mother and me,

Adorning the Christmas tree

With ornaments, including

A white and blue ball


~ bringing it close, inhaling its scent ~


It still smells like

Grandma’s house

Over a decade ago,

Echoes of smoke

To Stay

At DVerse, we are working with repetitive forms. Jilly suggests 5 different forms to choose from, and I chose to try a triolet.

Fond memories are here to stay,
A consolation in the loss
Destined to come to all one day.
Fond memories are here to stay,
But to stop grief? What can you say?
Still joyful moments are embossed :
Fond memories are here to stay,
A consolation in the loss.


My Peace

I wrote this poem a few days ago, in the arboretum by my university. It is inspired by Psalm 23 and shared with DVerse’s latest open link night. come visit us and read more poems!

Here are green pastures in which I sit,
Here are quiet waters, flowing —
Here is a slice of soul’s refreshment,
Here is Jesus, guiding wherever I’m going.

Now is a table, richly arrayed,
Even here, in a dark valley —
Now God is with me, shall I be afraid?
Even here, I can taste eternity.


At Real Toads, we are invited to write about wistful sadness, or in Japanese, mono no aware.

I will let you pass through the checkpoint.

This is your flight, not mine.
Only those with a boarding pass may enter.

I have no pass; it is not my time.
But one day it will be my flight.
One day I will leave behind unknown others.