couplet for the summer solstice, for DVerse

Before my eyes a giant butterfly,

As sun remains high in the summer sky.



Day 21 of 28 days of unreason:

“I see today that everyone on earth

wants the answer to the same question

but none has the language to ask it.”

— Jim Harrison

I was planning on

Writing poetry about

This, which speaks to me —

Evidently I do not

Have the words to express it

Constant Laundry

Because this week’s quadrille word is Cycle.

I do laundry every weekend and even more often,

Through the washer through the dryer folded and in drawers,

And then the clothes are worn, they get dirty again

The cycle begins again, clothes into the hamper again

Until they are threadbare, worn out.

It Surrounds You

Is all around you,
It shows itself
In little ways.
Like a child playing
Hide-and-seek, giggling —
Might be hiding but
It wants to be found.

And, sometimes honey
It’s just so close
That you can’t see it —
But you could touch it
If you reached out.

For this week’s Forgiving Fridays, Debbie is talking about making peace with her mind. I need that, too. I need this reminder that love is still close to me, closer than I am to myself, but I just can’t see it sometimes.

Water Is Dry

A wise Zen master murmurs an ancient riddle:

“What is the sound

Of one hand clapping?”

This mystery, I think it’s probably a slap

across the face.


“If you see the Buddha in the road —

kill him.”


I have another one:

Maybe it is brand-new

Maybe it has lasted for millennia

“What is dry water?”

I’d say, this dry water, is probably the ghosts

of the tears that jumped

out of the windows

of my soul.


Maybe this is brand-new.

Maybe it has lasted for millennia.

Shared with Real Toads’ “What the ?” prompt and DVerse OLN #222.


Frank J. Tassone’s latest haikai challenge is a real challenge for me, since it is about soccer and the FIFA world cup. I know next to nothing about most sports, so here is what came out of that ignorance.

It’s the World Cup, but I know nothing about soccer. All I know is there are goalies and kicking (the ball would probably fly past me), and I know not to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Maybe my next goal should be to learn a bit more.

Across the green field,

Everyone hopes to reach the goal,

Running and kicking