Freedom’s Actions

On this Poetics Tuesday, Kim is challenging us to “flex our verbs.” We are to write a poem about a landscape using unexpected and powerful verbs. I did not completely follow the prompt, writing about freedom rather than a landscape, but I tried to “flex my verbs” and use plenty of natural imagery.

Freedom runs barefoot in a green field.

It’s hair flies behind it.

Freedom touches the sun

And breathes the cool breeze

Freedom, like water erodes barriers

And smooths a rocky cliff face

With persistence Freedom, like water

Extends arms to its oasis.

Freedom plays joyfully with destiny

And steps into it’s oceans deep.



This was written in response to DVerse’s haibun free for all. The topic was pretty much anything that actually happened to you.

It was a waterfall: the clove-spiced oil streaming down my face, from just above my head, through my long hair, even into my mouth as it journeyed down my chin, on to the waiting white towel around my shoulders. It was wonderful, this ceremony, being sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, and my whole family celebrating. Family, friends, and even strangers commenorating this step: I have decided to follow Jesus, even to a new place.


Arid summer day,

Living water courses through

Souls, brought together.

Confirmation Oil

Moving Water

This is my response to day 7 of Jill’s “Songs of Unreason” series. The inspiration comes from this quote:

“The only answer I’ve found is the moving water whose music is without a single lyric” ~ Jim Harrison


Moving water’s music is without a single lyric,

Yet it speaks eloquently in babbling,

It speaks of all humanity’s searching

For our source, and our perseverance, sticking

To the goal while stumbling over little pebbles —

Yes, there is moving water in all people.


Today at DVerse, we are writing minute poems.

It is a form that was unfamiliar to me and sounded a little challenging but fun. Each minute poem contains 60 syllables, in three 20-syllable stanzas. Each stanza has 4 lines, with 8 syllables in the first line of each stanza and 4 syllables in the others. Ideally, minute poems are also written in iambic meter, with a rhyme scheme of “aabb ccdd eeff.” This one was enjoyable to write!

I hear the healing notes rise in

A wave, begin

To sing their song,

Here all along.


They have lain dormant in my soul,

I’ve played a role

In my own pain,

But let the rain


Seep into my aridity,

Helping me be

Somebody new,

Somebody true.

Break Down the Barriers

Here is another poem inspired by Jill’s “Songs of Unreason” quotes challenge. Today’s was about how “human wildness…finds all barriers brutishly unbearable.” That got me thinking about how people, in general, want to be their true selves but build metaphorical walls out of fear of being rejected. This turned out better than expected!

Everyone I know



Connection — so

Why do barriers

Still preside, looming

Over our lives?


Hearts yearn to reside

In a special place,

Where barriers break,

So let us take

Risks, and time,

And shine our lights

Above and far beyond

The dark,

And tall,

And gloomy,



May our words be

Nourishing trees of life.

May the broken barriers

Begin with mine.

Outside My Window

Today’s poem is inspired by DVerse’s Looking Out / Looking In poetics challenge. I took a photo this morning from inside my room, looking out the window and this quadrille is what came out of it. I think that this prompt might inspire many other poems as well, as many poems as there are windows!

Outside my window I see morning light,

And colors of the soft sunrise,

With clouds floating by like a greeting;

This day I need to decide to fight

For happiness, for peace, for presence

For each passing moment of

This lovely gift called Life.


Quadrille: Flicker

Today, DVerse returns from summer break! I am delighted that the weekly challenges and sense of community will return. Today’s prompt is to write a quadrille using the word “flicker.”

There is a flicker of light in the darkness:

A star, millions of miles away — its wavelengths

Reach out like cosmic arms. No harms

Will come this way if eyes stay looking up

At the friendly star whose eyes

Kindly look down to earth.