6-Word Sad Stories

Hindsight is 20/20:
2020 was tragic.

So much squandered time,
livelihoods, lives.

6-Word Story prompt: Tragic. Linked with MVB: Hindsight and FOWC: Squander. Soon I’m going to write something that’s not sad. It’s not good to be stuck in the past, but it’s hard not to be.

Help me to be grateful

For Brian’s prompt about blessings, and I might as well link this with MVB: Thankful, too. 🙂

Help me to be grateful for the wind,
Although it blows with force all the day,
Let gratitude’s spirit not rescind.
Looking, and truly seeing, to find
A brighter point; soon eyes are opened.

Help me to be grateful for the ways
Days unfold, which I would not have penned
If I could write it: I have a say
In how I see it, with heart softened.


Thanksgiving Day — Sometimes It’s More Difficult

The strong Santa Ana winds were blowing today. Those winds really annoy me, especially because my back yard has wind chimes, so I constantly hear the chimes. However, today being Thanksgiving, I asked God, “Help me to find a way to be grateful for this.”

I suppose one way that turned to not-so-bad-ness is that I was inspired to write a poem. Another good part is that the winds didn’t blow the entire time.

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A Quiet Kind of Mayhem

The real mayhem isn’t that I’m always acting “crazy.” This insidious darkness is craftier than that. Sometimes I feel perfectly fine; much of the time it “merely” saps my day to day energy, like a leech that no one can see, or a leak that no one ascertains. It most often manifests as what looks like laziness to those around me. Part of me believes I really am that lazy, pathetic person, that I’m just blaming the depression for a problem it’s not causing. If they could see my thoughts, though… maybe they would understand. I’ve tried to speak, have also taken actions but they’ve come to nothing. I’ve tried to fight thoughts but it’s like a war which I win if I just don’t surrender, but when you’ve been at it day after day for half your life, with no end in sight, all you want to do is raise that white flag.

Sat down at my computer keyboard and this is what came up. I’m fine as far as actions are concerned (the bar is set REALLY low), but the thoughts are loud tonight.

woman behind the plastic
Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com