Blue Flower Moon

Congratulatory blooms —
On a May evening

May’s full moon is traditionally known as the flower moon, due to all of the new flowers this month, and a blue moon is the second full moon in one month. This week, Saturday’s moon was a “blue flower moon.” See more at Frank J. Tassone’s page. My brother graduated from college on Saturday night, and I graduated on Friday evening, so this poem is influenced by that.



She has climbed many hills
And mountains, in quick
Succession, sinking soon to
Valleys — wishing for
Flat land, release:

But must everything be
Symbolic? The depth might
Be a bit myopic, for
Are not hills beautiful?
Is not flat land beautiful?
And even the valleys, are
They not verdant, when
One looks to see the whole?

Shared with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.









































Rich In Love

For DVerse’s quadrille, a poem of 44 words and containing a specific word. This week, we are all “rich.” Also shared with Forgiving Fridays because I think that forgiveness is being rich in love, for yourself and other people, and unforgiveness blocks love.

Material wealth can be true poverty,
Without in love becoming rich:
Possessions can a cage begin to be,
If someone clings to them, is selfish,
Believing he needs no one else.
To let another in, to share is sweet,
and it makes life complete.

Your Eyes


Your blue eyes pierce me,
Seeing into my soul —
What is the ultimate goal
Except to drown in your sea?

For decades I could keep
Searching, and never find
All treasures of your mind,
Nor what makes your eyes so deep.

Shared with DVerse OLN. The poem was not exactly following but still inspired by this prompt.

Fire Twin

For DVerse’s “in my element” , which is inspired by the elements and the zodiac. 

Born two months early,

Like I was willing to risk

Danger to see the world

A little sooner —


And my soul knew who

It really was: a twin,

Born under a fire sign,

Burning, burning —


Fascinated by the Ordinary

Based on a true story from a few days ago

Metal spoon claps against the glass
Bowl, and I’m fascinated, since
It makes a note of music — no mystery,
Something I knew before but
Had to hear again to see.

An ordinary morning: metal spoon
Claps against the glass bowl
and I’m fascinated, since it
Makes inherent music.