Jill has challenged us to write a poem inspired by  “The Raven.” I actually wrote several, and below is my favorite. It is written in a form called a nocturna, a nine-line poem with the rhyme scheme abacbcdbd and a nighttime theme.

What am I doing up at midnight?

What is this haunting raven for?

I wish she’d raged against the dying of her light —

My maiden beautiful and fair,

My maiden lost too soon, Lenore,

Whose memory is ever there

In the bleakness of December snows,

Amidst my tomes of forgotten lore,

“Nevermore,” the raven croaks — he knows! he knows!



Sweetness is buried beneath this,

Overwhelming waves a salty, deadly kiss,

Reviving fears, and mirroring tears

Rolling down my cheeks, as if

Off a cliff, when I’m feeling

Weak — sweetness is buried beneath this, oh

Say Lazarus, Lazarus! Lazarus!


Linked to DVerse’s OLN 204. I am actually not sure what this poem is about, exactly. 


For this week’s poetics challenge of DVerse, we have been challenged to write a poem composed entirely of questions. I am not sure who has the answers, or if any of us has any answers.

Do dragons exist?

Is there, on his way,

A handsome prince?

Is it strong,

The monster guarding me?

Is it stronger,

My own willingness

To fight valiantly,

Even if Prince Charming

Is alarmingly late?

Is there such a thing

As fate?


This week’s Haibun Monday which I am responding to on a Tuesday, is about why we write the way we do. It’s a tough question and a challenging prompt but a fun one to complete! I was looking forward to seeing what I would come up with and what my fellow poets would write as well.

Sometimes it feels slow and painful to put pen to paper. Other times it’s like a heavenly muse inspires, and I am its scribe. Sometimes my poetry begins darkly, but I try to be careful around quicksand, and grab the hand of God, my hope, before any negativity sucks me under.


Why does spring return,

Fighting, dancing with seasons?

They are taking turns.



Retourne (collaboration)

This poem is a retourne written for Jilly’s September collaborative poetry challenge. Imelda wrote the first 2 stanzas, and I finished the poem with the second 2 stanzas. Each stanza is a quatrain with 8 syllables per line. There is also repetition of each line in the first stanza becoming the opening lines of the subsequent stanzas. Her words are in bold.

Words, once set free, blend in the wind
breathing a timeless existence;
Some grow wings to fly to heaven
They ask gifts for the gentle tongue

Breathing a timeless existence,
words illuminate our soul
Memories do falter in time
consequences of words live on.

Some grow wings to fly to heaven,

Rising upward, wearing halos.

Some trip, falling down to the depths,

And we feel aflame, filled with shame.


They ask gifts for the gentle tongue,

Unwrap me, uncage me, I need

Kindness, sweetness, don’t beat me with

Old words, older as I age, too.


My Shadow

This week’s Meeting the Bar at DVerse is about creative metaphors. Lately I’ve been struggling and have felt very confused, but I am determined to push through and not lose hope. I hope these metaphors are sufficiently creative!

You are my shadow.

You are always with me.

Even when I think you’re gone

You’re only sleeping.

You are a cobra,

Deadly, waiting to strike.

Even when I think you’re gone

You’re only biding time.

You are a hurricane,

Leaving destruction in your wake,

I will be aware, not

Fooled by a cute name.

You are locusts in my life,

My flowers cannot grow well,

Even when I think you’re gone

You’ve not returned to hell.


I am the season of spring,

Its persistence is with me.

Even when I think it’s gone,

The life is only sleeping.

Take the Reins

Time for another poem! This one was written in response to DVerse’s challenge,  Rein ’em in. The challenge is to use the words “rain/rein/reign” in a poem and to have a positive tone. Overachiever that I am, I did my best to use all three words. This is also inspired by WordPress’s daily prompt, which was the word “Disobey.”

Rain on a dark-gray day

Is a symbol of sadness,

Some say; I’d prefer

To disobey. The weather

Should not reign over

Anyone’s emotions. I’ll stay

Sane, be free,

And hold the reins.