mirror cinquain for Abigail Gronway’s five-line poem challenge. This is actually a 10-line poem because it is a cinquain and then its mirror image. 


Light from darkness,

Each of the four seasons,

And dry land from the deep waters.

Do not


Human race arbitrarily:

We were all created

To live in love,

To live.



For Real Toads, where we are trying to write poems including homographs, which are words that are spelled the same yet have different meanings.

A feeling heavy as lead:
That I may have to lead a life
As though my soul were dead.

I need not look upon tomorrow
With such gray-coated dread:
Despite a rainy weather forecast read,
I don’t know whether sunshine is ahead.

A Walk

For Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, using the words sole/soul. I wrote a haibun.

I walk everywhere. The soles of my feet slap the pavement. I walk to the bus, which drives me elsewhere. I walk in the arboretum among the trees and dirt (“Remember, Man, that thou art dust”), and when I cannot get to church it feeds my soul. It is in the sun, in the shade, in the midst of the many, the infinite. The ponds and the turtles, plunging into the water.

Into the water —

Is Easter coming early?

Look at the turtles


This quick quadrille is for DVerse’s “spike up a poem” prompt.

She is a porcupine,
Hurt one too many times creating
A spiky personality —
Don’t come too close
She warns without words.

She is a thorny rose
With wilting petals, thirsty
A paradox: someone come close
Enough to touch, but
Be careful, she warns wordlessly.