Child’s Play

If you put your hands
In front of your face,
A baby will think you’ve
Disappeared —

And giggle innocently with
Delight when you remove
The hands from
In front of your eyes.

Grief is not child’s play.

Are you gone, simply
Because I cannot
See you?

I wrote this one back in May but am just sharing it now.

Event Horizon

DVerse is back from its summer vacation, so the quadrille has returned! This week’s word is “sun.” I am also sharing this with Fandango’s one-word challenge.

There is a point near a black hole
Where escape becomes impossible,
Where gravity has too strong a pull —
Not even light can run from its grip.

On the other side of this horizon
No stars shine, no suns burn
Point of no return.


This week, Chèvrefeuille invites us to write about friendship. Also, today happens to be the birthday of one of my dearest friends. 

Sprung from daisy chains
And friendship bracelets, spending
Girlhood together —
Becoming women beside
One another, love still strong.

Green Olive Tree

Shared with the Tuesday Platform.

“For I am like a growing olive tree,”
Declares the psalmist in his ancient words,
“I trust forever in God’s great mercy” —
Even today his poem of praise is heard
And echoes in the hearts of faith-filled ones,
With the same root, they too grow tall and strong,
Not as mere trees but as daughters and sons
Of the Most High, who shall not lead them wrong.
They may feel pressed like precious olive oil,
But with lamps lit there’s rest after the toil.