Still (Quadrille)

This is another quadrille challenge from DVerse Poets, a 44-word poem including the word “Still.”

In the stillness, in the silence is

An eternity of words, the potential to be

Great things, the list exhaustive as the dictionary,

Poems, stories, speeches, but greater than these

Are words of release, words of love,

Saying “Peace; be still.”



A day or two ago, the WordPress prompt was “avid,” so I thought about what I am passionate about and what letting depression and anxiety back into my life does to that life. It may be hard to work on those and other issues, but I have to believe that it’s worth it and that hope is always alive.

The poem alluded to is “Let Love Go On” by Carl Sandburg, who is one of my favorite poets.

I am an avid

Poet and writer,

Singer and musician,

I am avid

And passionate as

Long as I am

Really living —

Really living — 

So as Carl Sandburg said

Let love (and living)

Go on; though time

Runs by with an axe

And a hammer

I run back with seeds,

To return to

A life of avidity,

Coming out of

A land of aridity.



Poems and Words

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write what is called a “double elevenie.” An elevenie is a poem of 5 lines, 11 words total. The lines contain, in order, a noun, two words describing what the noun does, 3 words describing where the noun is, 4 words of further explanation, and finally one word that describes the feeling or conclusion. A double elevenie, as the name suggests, has 2 stanzas.


Setting free

On the page

All the deepest emotions —




Setting out

On a journey

Between our two hearts —


Heaven in the Harmony

via Daily Prompt: Harmony

I was thinking about how much I miss being in the band for this Christian club on my campus. Last semester, I was able to play the keyboard for our group, but due to personal matters and a lot of busy-ness, I was not able to this semester. At least I got a poem out of the situation!

I miss the music that we used to play,

Me on keyboard, supporting voices as we pray

Songs of worship from our hearts and see,

A glimpse of heaven in the harmony.

Fear: A Haibun

This week, on DVerse Poets, one challenge was to write a haibun about fear. What has frightened you in the past or still frightens you? A quote about fear that I related to from the other blog post is “I will show you fear in a handful of dust” (T.S. Eliot). What I fear most may be impermanence, the way that things are always changing. Death does not scare me, but sometimes life does because I want to keep things as they are, even though, as they change, they have the potential to improve.

I fear being disconnected. I fear losing friendships, as tie goes by and people naturally drift apart. It is painful that people who were once an important part of my life barely talk with me anymore. Especially as some of my friends at college prepare to graduate, while I am staying behind, it is hard to accept that the same thing may happen with them. It’s no one’s fault. It just is. That is the most frightening part. I want these people to know how much they mean to me. I do not want to lose them. Please do not become a ghost, a mere memory, words on the once-blank pages of my journal.


Let our friendship not

Evaporate into air,

Like a brief spring rain.


I decided to respond to this prompt, from DVerse poets,  about writing a “postcard poem.” This is a poem that could fit on a postcard (a maximum of 12 lines) and is written as if it were a postcard to someone. Today, I spent some time in the arboretum and highly enjoyed the sun, flowers, butterflies, plants, and nature in general, so that experience inspired this poem.

The trees provide their gentle shade,

A respite from the heat of day,

Then, walking along the dirt path,

I drink up a lovely view:

Pink, orange, yellow flowers of every hue;

A small stream which brings

Life-giving water with its babblings;

And tall stalks of bamboo.

Through them I peer, imagining,

And wishing I could see you.


Sometimes I have to laugh

And smile at life, despite

Any hardships in my way.

Especially when the sky looks gray

I need to find a ray of light,

Thankfully they are not hard to find,

There is always a smile or laugh

Somewhere along my path.