Repost: Ghazal

This is a re-post of a ghazal that I wrote a couple of years ago. I am sharing with DVerse for this month’s poetry form.

“Call Me Hagar”

I decided to write another ghazal today. I normally wouldn’t post twice in one day but was very happy with how this turned out! It was inspired by Agha Shahid Ali’s poem “Tonight”. I am not feeling this way currently but am very familiar with the struggles described in the following poem.

I feel alone, connection’s far tonight,

I see no smiling star tonight.


Even the moon has forgotten its light.

Shrouded, it makes the sky dark as tar tonight.


My mind sees a battlefield near:

What emotions will I need to spar tonight?


Depression, restlessness, fear, anxiety?

What demons come to wound and scar tonight?


Yet hope alone, even now, can fight

The darkness; complete despair I’ll bar tonight.


And in the midst of these anxieties God sees:

I sob in God’s arms. Call me Hagar tonight.

28 thoughts on “Repost: Ghazal

  1. A woman in bondage, for her I think life is a battlefield. For Hagar live in a man’s house and be instructed to take orders from his wife. How much faith one must have to hold on under those circumstances. This is the tale of wrong doing and the pain love can give. It is brilliant!

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  2. I didn’t comment on this when I first read it. It is so deep. I love the form, but I felt that I too was with you sobbing in God’s arms. I am crying now as I read it again. The Dark Night. And Hagar in her abandonment. So deeply moving. What a good job we have God’s arms to sob in. ❤️

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  3. Oh my goodness, this is not just BEAUTIFUL and heartfelt, it is a word from the Lord for me today, so I thank you truly! I’d not thought much about Hagar, though I consider myself fairly well-read in the Bible–I love God’s Word and read it faithfully; but now I want to go back and read her story with your poem in mind. May you be abundantly blessed in the coming weeks, God is SO Faithful ❤

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      1. I’m actually the same blogger as Jael Stevens (2 blogs, though one will probably be deleted in future)–so you’re getting a double thanks for this blessing you brought to me! And I’ll be following you<3


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