Humpback Whale Songs

This was inspired by Linda Krusheke’s paint-chip poetry #2, and I also drew from my experience (link to JusJoJan day 16) learning about humpback whales at an aquarium when I was in Hawaii this summer.

Lost afloat in the ocean,
One hears the mournful
Humpbacks’ whale song —
Is the pod nearby?
The music reaches, bittersweet,
All the way to the salmon, sockeye,
Who sing the blues because
They can’t make their way home.


Words Sent Out

Prompt words today are publish and press

My words sent out into the world,
Previously had doubts around them curled,
Set free upon the blog’s platform,
My unique self begins to have a form.

A form that’s well-received by others,
Even if the outside world smothers,
Connecting by pressing Publish with the cursor,
I wish to touch souls, and writers spur.


Magical Garden

This poem was written in response to this prompt on MLMM, and I am also sharing it with JusJoJan day 13. I subscribe to Linda’s blog and am enjoying all of January’s prompts. 🙂

Planting words I hope for growth,
What wonderful blooms might bloom soon?
What vibrant colors could vivify,
With even the weeds becoming pretty?

Making friends with poetry creates an Eden,
However tiny, that need never end.


Don’t Forget To…

Don’t forget to do the laundry,

Fold the shirts and hang the pants,

Make sure everything is washed,

Take an extra second glance

To ensure that there’s no stain:

Embarrassment is such a pain!

I apologize for this SoCS / JusJoJan day 11 post. My first 3 words were “don’t forget to,” and that can go in a multitude of directions, but all I could think of was laundry (which I have to finish later)! 


Butterfly Effect

This is for JusJoJan day 10, even though I did not write about dogs. Inspired by the Writing Wednesday prompt by Angie Trafford.

Chance happenings

Befalling people every day —

Chance happenings?

Monumental frivolities

Holding unknown, powerful sway,

How quickly will change come this way?

Chance happenings?