Are these the trees?

Another tanka for Frank’s  haikai challenge for this week, about or alluding to fall foliage. 

Reds and oranges, browns:

Are these of the leaves falling

From trees, to the ground?

It is the smoke in the air,

The dead brush and greedy flame.


Fall Foliage

This is written for Frank’s haikai challenge #3.  We are writing about fall foliage (hence the title of this post) and can either use those words or reference the image. I wrote a tanka based on one of my experiences several autumns ago, compared with today.

A sad September:

Broken heart, falling leaves, these

Barren trees aren’t dead,

This was years ago, and now,

I know beauty’s in the cold.


I was rather bewildered by the poetics prompt at DVerse this week, which is about either the inside or outside of our refrigerator. My family’s current refrigerator has no magnets on it, which is a contrast with how it was in my childhood. I think this could be extended as a metaphor for children being more open and honest and people “growing up” and assimilating, at the expense of their true self. Without any further ado, here is my poem, inspired unexpectedly by my refrigerator!

My fridge has a blank chrome face,

For magnets and papers there is no place,

In childhood it was different:

We had many magnets, and assent

To show our family’s personality.

My fridge looks perfect; I prefer verity.


For DVerse’s MTB this week. Our topic is sleep.

We had no constraints or guidelines as far as form or rhyme scheme, and I decided to write a haibun. 

My eyes, and your eyes, are windows through which we see souls. Connections. Hopes. Dreams. Lift the curtains of sleep. Make smaller the space between.


Blue as a clear sky,

Clean as springs from melting snows,

To see, to live dreams.


Play On

If, as Shakespeare says,

Music be the food of love,

May my fingers on ebony and ivory

Piano keys sprinkle salt and pepper,

May my voice offer a variety

Of spices, creating flavor with the skill

Of a professional chef,

Blending two hearts together.


This week’s quadrille word was spice.

Take the Reins

Time for another poem! This one was written in response to DVerse’s challenge,  Rein ’em in. The challenge is to use the words “rain/rein/reign” in a poem and to have a positive tone. Overachiever that I am, I did my best to use all three words. This is also inspired by WordPress’s daily prompt, which was the word “Disobey.”

Rain on a dark-gray day

Is a symbol of sadness,

Some say; I’d prefer

To disobey. The weather

Should not reign over

Anyone’s emotions. I’ll stay

Sane, be free,

And hold the reins.