A poem for DVerse. We are writing about shade today, and the poem must have the word “shade” in it. I decided to write two cinquains.

The shade,

Provides respite

From searing heat of day,

I hear it bid me welcome in

My need.


It weeps,

Willow’s branches

Cover me with caring:

It is okay to cry under

This tree.



I Have Found Works of Art

This poem was written in response to the weekly writing prompt #100 on The Secret Keeper. We were to use these 5 words in a poem or piece of short fiction: found, art, story, fire, and treat. Of course, I chose to write a poem. This poem is also in trimeter, as is the current challenge for DVerse. I love responding to all of these prompts, but I have so many ideas that it is beginning to get overwhelming!

I have found works of art in the fire:

For ashes to ashes still show

A great story and beauty in view;

Treat the past as the womb for the new.