Not Long Mine

I'm glad I loved you while I could,
Although you weren't long mine to hold,
Spring rain to sun to winter-cold
In May, with much more left to say. 

Although you will not hear it all
I'm glad to've loved you while I could, 
And tears do not mean bitterness 
Except unto myself, my dear.

To have inspired such poetry 
Is quite a feat, and much of it.
I'm glad I loved you while I could,
Even if you deserved it not. 

I thought you always would be there
Mon Cher, how foolish and naive 
I should have known. Although I grieve
I'm glad I loved you while I could. 

For DVerse, we are writing quaterns, a French poetry form. I am also linking to Thursday Inspiration, since the theme is hold. Comments are appreciated. I know I didn’t put a lot of imagery in this, but I’ve just got to write my feelings, or I might literally die. 

love free standing letters on top of cabinet
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Young Girl Writing…

I have a sijo on Monday for you this time! This week’s sijo theme is ART. I was inspired by the painting “Young Girl Writing a Love Letter” by Pietro Antonio Rotari, a print of which I have framed in my room. 


Look at her daydreaming  lovesick look on her pretty face,
Blush-pink cheek resting upon her left hand, feather-quill in her right --
I will not ruin her reverie, with a cynical ending

A Question

Fandango’s response to Jim Adams’s Thursday Inspiration prompt used the above picture, and it punched me in the gut. That inspired me to immediately post the following poem, which I did not write today but did write yesterday. I am much more than moderately sad but am actually doing better than the last few days. Sharing with DVerse OLN this week.

Did you truly love me,
Or did you just love
How I made you feel?

I found out through tears
That I truly love you, 
Irrespective of your answer.

I am a broken shell
Missing the sounds
Of the ocean


For this weekend’s Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday, which I’m writing on Sunday, the prompt is to use a word that starts with “over.”


When I see you again,
That face which I find so beautiful

As I warmly embrace
This lovely person who is precious

Of being together,
Even after only days apart

Tsunami Stuck Inside

Just some anxiety tonight… written for FOWC: Tsunami because I thought it would be better to post than not.


A tsunami of feelings
Is trapped inside of me,
Too big for this body.

It pushes against
The inside of my skin --
Pressure from the water within.

There is too much truth
Getting ready to show itself,
Even if no one wants to know.

Three Words

I love you
More than words can say;
I want to try reminding
You each day, each short phrase repeating
Has meaning.

Unexpectedly, I actually checked prompts today and read some blog posts from fellow writers. Sorry that I have been so remiss with that during the past month! They did inspire a poem, but I am still working on it, so here is a type of cinquain for now. Cinquains and other forms of syllabic poetry are prominent in my repertoire, and I write them in my notebook just about every day. 🙂


Kriti has given us another LiSb prompt this week, and it is about childhood. I was inspired by the swingset that used to be in my backyard when my brothers and I were growing up.


The swingset:
     back and forth
     back and forth
     flying high
     and jumping

The monkeybars:
     back and forth 
     back and forth
     blistered hands
     and happy

The slide:
     up and down
     up and down
     climbing up
     again sliding

And always delighted

Shapes and Colors

It’s time for my usual Tuesday night sijo for Ronovan Writes’s current prompt: this week, it is please. Also for NaPoWriMo day 25.

The shape or color of the flower’s petals does not matter,
It is not a competition between the plants in the garden,
For each variety is pleasing to the One who made it.

Ronovan Writes Sijo Challenge Image