Ode to Those Who Keep Fighting

An ode for DVerse’s MTB. I wrote it as a Chaucerian stanza, 7 lines in iambic pentameter with the rhyme scheme ababbcc. 


Courageous one who gets up every day,

To fight again the monsters of the mind

Puts on armor, and lifts a sword to slay

Indwelling demons, every day unkind,

I laid you, for you always courage find.

I lift you up, for when your mood is low,

The way to daily persevere you show.


Ode to Coffee: A Rhyme Royal

Today at DVerse, Frank is challenging us to write a rhyme royal, also known as a Chaucerian stanza. It is written usually in iambic pentameter, with a rhyme scheme of abababcc. I am really enjoying this form!

I stand in line awaiting morning brew,

It’s overpriced but its aroma calls,

Anticipating dark roast, my go-to,

Especially in the morning air of fall.

Yes, coffee is the greatest drink of all,

It greets me every morning with the sun.

I hope that I can sleep when day is done!