Morning Fuel

For FOWC: Aid. A Chaucerian stanza inspired by coffee (what else, this early in the morning?). 

To aid in waking up my coffee’s there,

Its caffeine is flowing through my veins.

Its warmth is comforting, and I’m aware

That it will help me through the day’s remains.

A slump at 3 PM — my spirit gains

More motivation, energy and verve:

‘Most anytime is good to coffee serve.


Prepare a Place for Hope

This week, Frank challenges us to write a 14-line poem. I was going to write a sonnet but decided to try two Chaucerian stanzas. My poem is inspired by today’s Gospel reading, which is John 14:1-6.

The Lord has said He will prepare a place
And that He will return to take us back,
So that we may live always face to face,
Realizing finally there is no lack
In love, and that there’s safety from attack.
We must wait patiently for His return,
The chaste heart of His bride He will not spurn.

His words were difficult to understand,
Even for His disciples to believe.
In times distressing we look to what’s planned
And know that there is someday a reprieve,
Pure paradise which we will never leave:
There are manifold places there to dwell,
I long for that day when all will be well.

Canine Companions

For NaPoWriMo day 21 (it is day 21, right?), I have written in response to DVerse’s prompt about animal companions. As my family has no pets, I was unsure what to write about, until inspiration walked right past my window. 😊

With no cute animal to cuddle here,

What joy it is, to look outside and see

Through open windows, sunlight welcome, clear:

Several owners of dogs, walking daily,

Brief but cute glimpses are a light to me.

Masked owners with their canines walk the street —

It’s too bad that we’ll likely never meet.


A Holy Week Without the Liturgy

Day 10. I  wasn’t going to post this but have not been able to write anything better for Frank’s prompt at DVerse about seven-line poems. 

The virus isolation breaks my heart,

Especially with no Eucharist received

Nor even seen in person — though apart

And with so many others, greatly grieved,

Faith lives in hope — she’s blessed who has believed.

I live-stream watching Mass and Tenebrae, *

Lamenting that they’ve taken Him away.


*Tenebrae is a liturgical service during Holy Week. If you want to know more, click here.


At DVerse, we are writing poems that conclude with a couplet. I wrote this Chaucerian stanza yesterday, thinking about the positive impact of creative expression of all sorts.

All artists have a favorite medium
To share their works creative with the world,
The tool through which their inspirations come —
But when the world is into chaos hurled,
All must brave a new sea with sails unfurled:
Let humans find a refuge in new arts
And old, to comfort many anxious hearts.

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Early-ish Bird

This was inspired by the Weekly Scribblings about early birds and/or night owls. I’m definitely a morning person, though the last few mornings have been difficult because of the time change.

By the time the birds tweet in the morning,
I prefer to open my eyes and climb
Out of my own nest of blankets, stretching,
Although the warmth of blankets feels sublime.
Otherwise, I feel like I’m wasting time.
I am not chipper at seven o’clock,
Yet always rise by then, to day unlock.

What Could Happen?

Inspired by FOWC: Century.

How many changes came this century!
How much has changed in even 20 years!
Even in 5 or 10, world’s gone crazy,
Has given rise to unexpected fears.
Yet I believe in hope amid the tears.
Remember what has happened that is good,
And with a little courage — find what could.


I am sharing this poem, written yesterday, with Writers’ Pantry #5. Also, though I enjoyed posting every day in January, that’s too demanding to keep up with. However, maybe I will post more often this year than the last. 

The month of love’s upon us now,

The month of chocolate, roses, hearts,

The weeks of red and pink : Allow

Amour, it comes in fits and starts,

It ages well amid life’s many parts.

Let it come through the creaky door,

Do not be lonely anymore.

white and red plastic heart balloon on sky during daytime
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This is in response to FOWC: Scarce and JusJoJan day 27 (I can’t believe that we are in the final week!).

I wake, and does it seem a normal day?
Yet dazzling moments need not be in lack.
Let gratitude and open eyes allay
All fears of scarcity which hide in back
Of mind; let little, happy moments stack:
Begin with sunlight streaming through this pane
Of glass, and greenery in stark terrain.


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