The Poeming Process

When I set out to bring to life a poem,
I do not know beforehand how it ends,
I have not seen the place that it calls home.
To quite a nice surprise this poeming tends,
As mind with mystery beautif’lly blends.
The flair is all its own, my hand does write
Till this poem’s resting place is in our sight.

For today’s FOWC.

The Flock

Shared with DVerse Open Link Night.

God leads his flock into a verdant land,
And they will graze where streams of water flow,
This is a promise from his loving hand,
Humanity need not fear to follow.
As ewes and rams with their good shepherd go
Because the way he guides they know is best,
They follow him to safety and to rest.

The Chain of Blame

For DVerse’s Poetics on blame and forgiveness and Fandango’s one-word challenge, chain. Also, I am sharing this with Debbie for Forgiving Fridays.

It is not right for people to cause hurt,
Nor to use words that they know will cause pain.
Immeasurably better is comfort,
However one’s reaction makes more rain:
The chatter in one’s head can drive insane.

Blame is a chain which binds in misery,
Forgiveness is the key to be set free.

Deep in the Woods

At Real Toads this week, we are doing some artistic interpretations. My poem was inspired by this painting.

“Deep Woods” by C. Grimes

When all seems blue, or maybe darkest green,
When light is lost, no one can see the sun,
In the deep forest, eyes can beauty glean,
The journey is not done but just begun,
Variety of life can truly stun —
And though eyes can’t yet see the sunlight shine,
It still exists above, redeemed design.


I wrote this poem today, in honor of the feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates when the Magi, the three wise men, came to worship the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. They brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh, symbolizing Jesus’ kingship, divinity, and future burial.

When it had risen, Magi saw a star,
And knew that they must come to see their King,
They traveled across many lands afar,
With them several precious presents bringing.
And where was found the Lord of everything?
The Bread of Life, in humble manger laid,
Foreshadowing the path to God He made.