Coming Home

Brian’s prompt this week is about coming home. He posts a new topic every week; come check it out and participate!

Into me,
Turning my heart,
Softening its scars,
Tuning its melody —
Though it’s a little off-key
“Come home,” the Spirit is singing,
To love now and for eternity. Continue reading


My heart has been disposed to stray from God;
May I ten times the more seek Him again,
What is it worth if certain ones applaud,
If I am sadly far from Him often?
My heart has been with arrows shot, broken
Yet how I needed it! For in that pain
I am reminded why He ought to reign.

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Inspired in part by FOWC: Sold. These didn’t feel complete on their own. They seem to be part 1 and part 2 of one poem.


There is a vise-like grip
on my intestines,
Grabbing and twisting, soul
from body ripping.


How Judas is hated for having
sold Jesus
For silver — thirty pieces —
but I — I
Have betrayed Him for much

Holding a Grudge

For DVerse Poetics: “Halloweeny Humans,” we are challenged to write about an irritating human attribute (including one found in one’s own self) and make it have a Halloween theme. I wrote an acrostic about holding a grudge. Today at my women’s group, we talked about Divine Mercy and being merciful and forgiving to others, so that was already in my mind. The picture was found on the DVerse Poetics prompt page, and I just thought it was amusing.

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