Loving Heart

I’ve written some Halloween / scary-themed poems today, but the one I am sharing is much more light-hearted. 😊 It is a Septanelle for FOWC: Harmony and MVB: Delighted. Thanks to Paula Light for, through one of her blog posts, introducing me to the Septanelle form.


A loving heart,
Delight from the inside:
Love reminds that no one is far apart
And does not hide
But more it longs to give,
In harmony it helps us all to live,
Forgive, restart.

Saint Maria Goretti

So, I wrote this yesterday and wasn’t going to share, but then I just couldn’t handle how much this saint’s day triggered me yesterday (I had a hard time with it last year, too, and this day last year). Thankfully, today’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Yesterday was much worse. Thank God I could go to work and get out of my own head yesterday. A reverse cherita.

I love God and love my Church, and Maria did show a great example of forgiveness, but she bothers me. A lot.


Is safeguarding "purity" so important
That a woman should prefer to be 
Dead, rather than a rape victim?

God forgive my impiety I'm
Upset that that's considered saintly.

If Maria forgave Alessandro,* she'd forgive me.

       *her attacker

The Correct Time

This poem is one that I wrote today, inspired mostly by the 2 one-word challenges from yesterday (“Correct” and “Time,” as the title gives away). Sharing with the Friday Writings at PSU, which I haven’t linked up with in a long time. I usually don’t post 3 times in one day but wanted to share a poem that was actually written this day.

Is this the right day, the correct time?
Already so much gone, impossible to climb
The mountain ranges of pain and regret —
Too much of life long-spent, wrong-spent
In a highly-inhospitable climate.

Oh, so much lost, and at such a high cost —
But don’t let it extort, distort any more,
Now is the correct time to move for-
-Ward, poured into something new, as yet unheard.

Fun fact: Even as a little girl, I was extremely bothered by the passage of time. It’s evident even in entries from when I was 8 or 9 years old! No wonder I’m like this… XD

On Palm Sunday Morning

I normally don’t like to post more than twice in a day, but I remembered this poem, written this morning, and wanted to post it while it was still today. 🙂

This Lent I’ve learned
That I’m worse than Judas,
Would sell out Christ for much less
With no lasting satisfaction

Yet – I hope to finish strong,
May today’s hosannas stay
Even through Holy Saturday,
For no past wrong has traction.

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My heart has been disposed to stray from God;
May I ten times the more seek Him again,
What is it worth if certain ones applaud,
If I am sadly far from Him often?
My heart has been with arrows shot, broken
Yet how I needed it! For in that pain
I am reminded why He ought to reign.

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